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MyKidKissTrees: what does grapefruit do? Do you mean you're starting it on CD 14? Does it lengthen LP? My O is always pretty late in my cycle, around CD 20, so I'm pretty sure I have a short LP too.


AFM, man you ladies make me want to be TTCing RIGHT NOW!!! Lol! But, I have my plan, and I'm sticking to it. And I'm keeping busy with lots of projects which my mind tells me will be SO MUCH harder to do preggos or with 3 kids. Anything to stay sane, right?? Breathe...calm the baby fever....namaste.gif

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AF arrived this morning for me :(  we'll I knew she was on her way so I can be moved to waiting to ovulate.  On to the next cycle.....

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Hi everyone!  I just wanted to join in with you all.  I'm still b'feeding my 13 month old.  Although I've had two cycles, I'm not sure that I'm ovulating yet.  Please add me to Waiting to be Ready.  Tnx!

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So sorry to the ladies who got AF after positive tests last week!!
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I am on my 6th PPAF, nursing my 18 month old, and have been TTC for 3 months now.  The past 2 months I've had 33 day cycles but O'ing on CD 24/25.  Two months ago I started taking B6, and this month I O'd on CD16 and am currently on CD30 with no sign of AF. 


Would B6 have moved UP my ovulation date rather than kept it the same and made my LP longer?  I've been taking 300 mg/day.  I tested at 12 DPO and got BFN.  Today would be 14 DPO and I got BFN on an IC with FMU. 


Help!  Should I stop B6?!

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If anyone is interested here is a good link with the ttc abbreviations
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RunAddict: Generally, B6 is not considered something that would move your ovulation date up, it would just lengthen your LP. But, ovulation date is pretty flexible, and a lot of different things can impact it forward or backwards. Mine moved up when I started taking a better quality prenatal. So, it's certainly not impossible the the B6 could move yours to sooner! Do you have a chart we can look at? Hopefully you're just going to get a late BFP!
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SO sorry J&J thats really upsetting :(  November must be our month! You have been moved.

Lida!  I dont know what grapefruit juice does, but I read it on another forum as helping with short LP... who knows.

Im taking heaping spoonfuls of MACA everyday.  Hopefully that will help my miserable 9 day LP.  Plus Im really trying to not nurse on demand so much.  Im learning to say, "no, not right now, lets wait until later."  The crazy part is that he totally does well.  I mean, very rarely will he melt down.  AND we got him to sleep in his sisters room (he was on his own mattress next to our bed before and perma-nursing all night).  So thats my plan for this upcoming month!!!

Welcome.gif BeautifulCanvas and RunAddict :))  You have been added!!!

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