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Hi mamas, can I join you all?  I'm just heading into a 2WW after officially beginning to TTC this month.  DD2 is 18 months old and still nursing around the clock.  PPAF arrived at 17 months (it arrived at 14 months PP after DD1 so I've been waiting patiently!) and I've had 2PPAF so far.  Even though we've decided to actively TTC, I'm still struggling with the guilt of knowing that a new pregnancy will cause my milk to nearly disappear and that I'll need to wean my baby mid-pregnancy since I struggle with preterm contractions and an irritable uterus (DD1 was a 33 week preemie; now a happy and healthy 4 year old :-).  Congrats to all of you who have already got your BFP and wishing everyone else all the best as they wait!

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Welcome, Angelkissedkids! I don't have any advice for you, but I sympathize that any weaning is difficult if both people aren't ready. I gently weaned my DD1 when I was 3 months pregnant with DD2, because I was feeling very touched out from nursing her so much, and mentally I felt like I needed to regroup before another little one came along. But, I'm sure you will find new ways to keep the bond that BFing has given you with your LO.
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 Can i be added to Trying To Catch 1st PP Egg . Here's my chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SoCaliMommy    Just ignore it saying i'm on cd16. it makes you split a long cycle  kinda annoying. I'm actually on cd 327.

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AngelKissedKids Goodluck on the TWW!!!  

SoCaliMommy!!  Keep us posted!!  I know it can be a tough wait for that first PP egg!!!  Mine didnt come until 21 months.. and we missed it!

AFM: still dont think I O'd... negative OPKs the last two days CD 14 and 15 and now 16.... will test again later... DH is sick anyways so there hasnt been any activity.  this month might be a bust for us.  

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OMG!  I am being driven crazy here!  I have been getting signs of returning fertitlity since June but for the last month my body is trying to ovulate every week but never does. I get all bloated, O pain, EWCM and darker OPKs but never pos. then for a few days I go back to no fertile and it starts all over again.  I wish there was some way to give my body a push so I am not sitting in ovulation limbo.  My ovaries are killing me and I wouldn't think it would be good for them to be developing eggs but not actually O so many times in a row.

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RosieL hi! Good to see you here even if you're not ready to start yet smile.gif

SoCaliMommy and AngelKissedKids: Welcome!

AFM: Nothing new here, just Waiting to O. I think I'm at CD8 now, give or take. Will start BDing this weekend until I O, since O date has been all voer the place the last two months. I'm on Vitex and Maca this month, and boy, the Maca sure does do what it claims - increases libido! I don't know if it will actually help me with TTC but it's sure making things more fun again! LOL
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aw!  Jen waiting for fertility was totally driving me crazy!!  My son still nurses like every hour.  Im shocked I got mine back this soon!  My friend has a three year old and still hasnt!  I thought that would be me for sure!!  I hope you will catch that first egg :)  I know two mamas right now who are pregnant and both caught the first egg :))

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AH!  Had to post!!  Just went to the bathroom and got a lovely bit of EWCF!  And DH walked in the door and almost jumped on top of me...  still no + on the OPK... but maybe tomorrow?? FINGER CROSSED I'm going to O soon :))jumpers.gif

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Hello Mamas! I had to join this group! I don't know anyone in the same situation and I need someone to talk to! I am 24, my Husband and I have two beautiful littles, DS is three and DD is one. My cycles have not returned yet, DD still nurses like crazy all day and night, so its no surprise that I haven't gotten my first PPAF!  I am feeling frustrated, impatient, and a bit discouraged as I wonder how much longer I will be waiting... could you please add me to Trying to catch 1st PP egg.  Thank you!  I should also add that I have been taking Vitex for about a week now, in hopes that it might get me ovulating! I have also just started charting again to see if I can get any more info on what my body is up to. I have had several patches of fertile CM over the past couple of months so hopefully that means I am getting closer!  

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AH!!  Far right one is SOOO almost positive!!!  Right?  Others are from this past week... but this one is the only one I did today (like at 930pm tonight) I have been out all day!!  We DTD yesterday morning... Is the egg there NOW?  Or will it be there tomorrow... I just cant remember the rules in all my excitement!!  

P.S.  WELCOME boobamama!!!  waiting is SO HARD when you already know you are ready.  I didnt get PPAF until 21 months :)

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I think ovulation comes 24-48 hours after LH surge.  I would take another ovulation test in a few hours to check and see if the LH surge is coming or going...


Also DTD again just to make sure to catch that egg!  


I always stalk this board since it was so helpful to have other ladies in the same boat.


Still nursing DD2 and just over 23 weeks pregnant!  Hope all of you can join the June or July DDC soon!



Good luck mamas

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welcome boobamama-  It is different for everyone.  I am 22mo PP and finally had a LH surge this weekend.  my body has been tryingtot come back to fertility since June so hopefully this really was O. I haven't tried the vitex but I have heard that it helps.


mykidskisstrees-  That looks almost there.  I bet it will be pos. by morning :) yay!


AFM:  I can be moved to 2ww since I am pretty sure I o'd finally.  We DTD this morning since I was trying to do 0+12 to sway girl. so now for the long wait to test.  

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ChloesMama! Thank you!!  I thought that was the rile 24-48, glad to know it!!

Fingers are crossed for you Jen&James :))

AFM: SO!  The levels SEEM to be going back down a little on this mornings sticks, but only slightly.  they have been up for over 24 hours. So we DTD this morning!  Hopefully this will be successful!biggrinbounce.gif

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So, I just got my BFP this morning. My due date would be the very end of June, so I'm just going to say I'm due in July. :) Hopefully, some others will be joining me in the July DDC soon.

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Thinking of joining you ladies on here... I'm coming up to only 5 months PP, but I'm ever watchful for my returning fertility (with DS, PPAF came at 5.5 months, even though I was nursing exclusively and he used me as a pacifier like crazy).  I hope this one doesn't take too long to arrive-- I know it's like pregnancy though, it can be different each time.  I'm starting to get excited, antsy, impatient, etc. about it coming... If I didn't want one more baby, I would be wanting AF to stay away as long as possible and enjoying the reprieve!  So far, I have had several patches of EWCM, the past two weeks it's been happening on and off every few days-- and the last couple of months I've had days where I have pimple breakouts, which is what usually happens to me consistently during my a certain time in my cycle.  I guess it's for the better, because it gives me more time to rest my body, plus, DS is rather 'high needs' or 'spirited'-- so I'm pretty tired much of the time.  I'm thinking I may go on Vitamin B6-- or is that only helpful if your cycles have already returned, and you want to lengthen your luteal phase?  Oh, I hope it doesn't take months and months to get AF back... I am an 'older' mama and I feel the time ticking away!


Congrats, MyName on your bfp!  And to everyone else who has recently gotten one, too!  Did you say already, MyName, how many months PP you are?  (Sorry, I don't want to scroll back up, because I will lose what I have typed).

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Congrats MyName! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

AFM: We're into BDing time! Had EWCM yesterday, will probably O this week sometime. We had awful timing last month so hoping we can get together (literally!) more this month!
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MyName, congratulations!  Were you TTC very long?


I'm feeling very positive about our chances this month even though it's only our first month TTC (3rd PP egg).  But wow, I kind of forgot how tough the 2WW can be!  I plan to test on Oct 25th, although that's a bit early since AF isn't due to arrive until Oct 28th.


jen&james, did you sway for any of your other kids?  We ever so slightly prefer a girl (first two kids are also girls) but didn't sway at all.


Welcome TenzinsMama.  Hoping AF returns soon for you, and everyone else waiting patiently (or NOT do patiently :-).  Our biological clock sure can tick loudly!!!

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Hi please could i join this thread?
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oooh all this possible ovulating is exciting! hope everyone gets wonderful timing!  I realized after reading my last post that my lack of patience is a bit silly  shy.gif   I will continue taking Vitex, but my DD is just so nursie nursie that I don't see us cutting back anytime soon....Its strange, I am having EWCM almost everyday but no O yet! 

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AngelKissedKids, I love the quote you have as your siggy!

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