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Oh, Cactusita, I find myself preparing for "the worst" (not that it would be so terrible).  I figure on principle our kid will be blind as a bat (my eyesight is perfect, but DH and my father have the WORST), have ADHD (both DH and I have it), acne, migraines, colic, etc., etc.  Not that I am looking for problems that aren't there, but I figure, that way, if our kid doesn't have one of our many afflictions, it will just be a bonus.


I'm also very squeamish about the "hybrid vigor" stuff we've been getting for years-- you know, "Your kids will be so cute/smart/whatever," "Mixed kids are so blah blah blah."  I got that a lot as a kid and so did my brother and cousins (we're all multi-ethnic/multi-racial) and it made us all very uncomfortable...  Speaking for myself, it felt sort of fetishizing and like a lot of pressure. Of course, I figure my kid will be beautiful because my DH is so beautiful (and okay, I'm not so bad), but not because he/she is "mixed."  Then there's the white-enough-looking mom and Asian baby thing-- I figure I'll get a lot of adoption questions, but I can handle that.  I saw my aunts deal with that my whole life.  What would be odd for us is if our kid ends up being able to pass for white and people don't think he/she belongs to DH...  Odd, just because I have no experience with that.  But my Filipino/white nieces look straight up Filipina, and their mom is waaaay lighter and "less ethnic" than I am, and DH much darker than his brother.  So it doesn't seem likely... Though you truly never know!


Anyway!  This veered into a whole multi-racial family tangent, LOL...  I was an African American Studies major in college, so I could go on and on... 

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I'm pretty sure I'm having a girl. It's probably a combination of the fact that I want a girl and my DS (who is 3.5) is constantly talking about his baby sister. My midwife said that in her experience, the older sibling is almost always right. I wasn't even planning on having a 20 week ultrasound, but now that I've spent so much time thinking of this baby as a girl, I HAVE TO KNOW. Also, I really want to start buying girl things. :)

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Other than that, we just joke about our kid either having his perfect eyesight and my straight teeth, or my terrible eyesight and his need for braces as an adolescent.  One of those combos would be like winning the lottery.  

Ha! ha!  That is exactly our issue also!!!!!

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I had a crazy dream last night - crazy mostly because it was a lot more realistic than most of my dreams, especially when I was pregnant with DD and dreamed when she came out she was a kitten - anyway, I dreamed that I had the baby 3 weeks early but he was over 8 lbs (and a boy), and he was super-cute and looked a lot like DH, but not as he did as a baby. (Buko my DH looked not dissimilar to yours as a baby - but he's half Chinese, not Filipino)  And he nursed really well.  Then things DID go weird because I somehow had some sort of nipple shield thing going that showed all the milk going in. ROTFLMAO.gif


The whole mixed-race thing does get a bit tiring, but I can understand people's interest.  Mixing up two people of very similar phenotypes isn't that interesting, but it's more fun to see what comes out when you mix two people with vastly different backgrounds.  I'm whitey white white, pure British Isles ancestry, but DH's dad is Chinese from Singapore and his mom is Australian, probably Irish criminal descent (lol).  DH is tall, slender, and looks very Asian with black hair and dark brown eyes, and I am short and round and hazel-eyed and fair (although my hair is darkish).  DD is a lovely mix of us - slender with golden brown skin, golden brown eyes and golden brown hair.  It will be interesting to see what this baby looks like!  I am hoping for the thick black hair (DD was nearly bald, I didn't cut her hair until she was 2) but who knows?


Edit to add: Buko my DD definitely looks like she's a bit Asian, but I was never asked if she was adopted... I did get a few cautious "So... what is her dad?" type remarks that invariably came out wrong though, LOL.  My MIL did though, as she's obviously white and all 3 of her kids looked pretty non-white (but DH is the only who *looks* Chinese, his older brother looks Japanese and his younger sister was often mistaken for First Nations.)  She was also put in the Chinese ward due to her last name - back in the day when they stuffed 5 or 6 post-partum women in one recovery room - and while she didn't mind that, she wished she could have talked more to the other women as many of them didn't speak English.  So, you know, it could be worse, right?

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I was positive it was a girl. Dh was positive it was a boy. He was right!
He's been right about all the boys, lol. I thought dd was a boy, but I was wrong, lol.
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We're mostly hoping for the red headed lottery.  I'm a red head and I REALLY want to pass on the dying gene!  My DD may turn out red when she gets older but it's doubtful given how blonde she is now.  Both DPs's children are dark haired and little darker skinned - still 100% white but more diluted Native American white than mine and DD's Scottish uber white.  (Goodness I hope that doesn't sound too funny.)  However, we played around with some Punnett Squares and we've got a 25-50% chance that baby unicorn will come out with red hair but we're not sure on eyes.  We're not certain which color (hazel or blue) is dominant.  Yes, we're a little nerdy and got quite bored.

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A good friend of mine who is caucasian with dark hair is married to a Japanese man.their daughter looks just like her daddy, and so does their new little boy, except he has a head full of blond hair and bright blue eyes. It's a shock to see that hair on a face that looks just like his daddy.


I think it would be fun to have a redhead, but unlikely. One of my grandma's sisters has red hair, and so do some of cousins that are 2nd cousins once removed or something like that. I have less than a month until we find out, and I am so excited! I want to start shopping  . . .

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EVERYONE (me included) thinks this baby is a girl. We find out in less than a week!


This pregnancy has been so different- I've been sicker, I've felt less 'glowing', feeling more hormonal, I feel like I'm carrying higher, I'm feeling less movement than this time last pregnancy. I think everyone's thinking (hoping) it's a girl for those reasons. I say 'hoping' because of the statistics- there are no girls in my husband's family. He has 3 brothers, no sisters; we have 4 nephews, no nieces, and we have a son. The extended family, while not ALL boys, leans heavily male. Boys, boys, everywhere.


I always said I'd never want a girl- I've seen the drama girls bring, and, as a tomboy, have no idea how I'd handle it. But, after having our son, the idea has grown on me.... I'm just trying not to get MY hopes up, so I won't be disappointed. I'm glad we're (fingers crossed no legs are crossed!) finding out to have time to prepare.

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I've been feeling the girl vibe really strongly for a few weeks now. Our u/s is next Thursday, and although we were going to wait to find out, I think both DH & I are wavering. DH is thinking boy... I guess we will see. With DS, both DH & I were talking about it being a girl, but I had a feeling it was a boy. So, I wasn't too surprised when the tech announced that our she was a he. I think DH was more shocked. It took us the rest of the pregnancy to come up with boy names and stuff. But as I said, deep down I knew DS was a he. We'll see if my hunch is right again.


As for looks -- first with DS I was so off. I was expecting a chubby baby with dark curly hair (from DH). Instead I got a skinny little man with blonde hair and blue eyes (like mine). He's two now, and he really does look like a nice combo of both DH & me. He has my coloring and a lot of people say that he looks just like me, but as many people (even my own siblings) really think that he looks like DH. For this one, I still secretly hoping for a little girl with dark curly hair and blue eyes. 


For the mixed race topic, My BIL is black, and it's amazing to me to see the differences in their 4 kids. Each has a different skin tone and their features really vary. Her oldest son does have a lot of her features, but I think of people don't see it because they automatically look at the color of the kids' skin. She's never been asked if they were adopted, but often hears comments of how they must favor their father. I also have a cousin who is married to a woman who is Chinese, and their 3 kids all have very strong asian features. I've never asked my cousin about the reaction that he gets from others.

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Well, I have been trying persuade myself not to think about it. In the beginning, I felt like this baby is a girl, which is weird for me because with my two boys, I never had any sort feeling one way or the other. Nothing! But I don't want to be disappointed if it's another boy, so I've been pushing all feelings and thoughts away. But last night I had a girl dream. You know, one of those real-feeling ones...I was hugging a sweet little blonde haired girl, about two years old, and kissing her sweaty head. In the dream I was so glad I already "had" a girl and didn't need to have any more children. It was a happy dream, but then I woke up and realized that all could be very far from the truth and I am no closer to knowing anything. sigh.

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I've had two girl dreams so far, but my daughter thinks it's a boy, and statistically, it's ever so slightly more likely, because more boys are born than girls... We shall see!



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I keep thinking that I'm having a girl, but maybe it's just wishful thinking? I would really love a sister for DD and my DH and I have always had a preference for girls. I feel bad saying that though, because I know some really wonderful little boys and we would definitely be happy with either. When I was at my OB apt this morning, I had a strong feeling that it was a boy, so who knows? Also, my ovulation dates are a bit weird and I'm pretty sure we must have caught the egg after I ovulated, so aren't boys more likely in that instance? Ah, I'm just rambling now I think. :)

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Both kids are now referring to the baby as she......  interesting.........

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HopefulJo, I feel exactly the same as you! Feeling girl from the start of this pregnancy and though we hadn't planned on finding out baby's gender, I now really want to know. Not that I'll be anything other than delighted with a healthy child of either sex, but I might require a little mental tweaking.
Boys are great! Girls scare me a little but they're incredibly cute (when small).
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I had really strong girl vibes with my daughter and I'm having really strong boy vibes with this one, though we shall see.


Regarding the genetic lottery: my daughter came out with black hair (like me) that eventually lightened to a super platinum blonde, without ever falling out. I'm still trying to puzzle over how that one worked out. People look at my husband and I and ask which of us had blonde hair when we were kids (my husband) since we both have naturally dark brown hair. Her hair is darkening now, though, and I'm curious to see how it turns out. Feature-wise, I look at my little girl and I never see my own face looking back; I always see my little brother mixed with my husband's features.

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