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Attached twin bed?

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I'm pregnant with twins and I'd really like to cosleep with them but the set up is giving me a headache. We were thinking a twin bed attached to our queen size bed would give us the best variety of options. Has anyone done this? It seems like it'd be perfect because i'm small enough to fit on the twin with them when needed, it's big enough that they can sleep apart or together and it's easily detached for a montessori style bed for them later on. I know a bed rail on the short open side will be needed but is there anything i'm missing about setting this up? How would you deal with linens? We have a waterproof cover on the queen bed covered by a sheet. I figured the same for the twin bed but what about the gap? 

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I have a few questions before answering...


Will there be you and two babies in the bed or will there be another adult in the bed as well? 


Will the mattresses be on the floor or are you talking about a raised beds? 


Are you planning on having two sides of the bed pushed up against the wall (the head and one side)? 

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It'll be my husband and i on the queen and the babies on the twin. Right now the mattress is just sitting on a box spring but my husband would prefer to put both beds on frames so they can be attached more securely. They will definitely be pushed up against the wall so that the only open side goes to the queen.

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We had our twins in a crib sidecarred to our queen (though they slept perpendicular to us). It was awesome. I think a twin would work similarly well.

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Eventually we put them on a full sized floor bed. (that way I can sleep between them when necessary/useful)

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Yes, that sounds like a fine set-up. I do wonder if a side-carred crib wouldn't be preferable for those early months, just because the side-car crib had the rails on three sides. We have the cheapest Ikea crib and have been happy with it. But, I totally get not wanting to buy/acquire two things and the twin bed would give our LO's more space as they get older. A bed rail on the foot would be very handy. I guess you would frequently want to check the gaps between the twin side head and wall to be sure they can't slip down there. 


Another option -- we did have a queen/twin right on the floor for DC #1 and loved that set-up. No rails or anything. By the time DC was old enough to scoot to the edge, she was old enough to fall the 8" to the ground without being scared or hurt. 

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We have a similar set up, but I sleep between the boys because of the age/weight difference.

We use regular mattress covers and sheets and the beds are simply pushed together. I have had a baby pee down the crack once before but we just pulled them apart to wash and dry.

I have considered putting a rope or ratchet strap around the beds to keep them tight together, but gravity seems to be adequate.
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we used bungee cords. And keep an eye on rollers...my girls could roll off the bed before they were clever enough to climb down. And while eight inches is unlikely to cause injury, it can cause an unpleasant sudden jolt.

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Thank you for the input! We may end up doing a crib after all simply because there are just too many expenses at once and the crib would be considerably cheaper or free from family. It's good to know the twin bed set up would work if we are able to swing that. 

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