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congestion and hard breathing for my newborn

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 my daughter is now 1 month old and ever since she was 2 weeks old around there, she started getting congrstion is her nose, now it seems like its getting worst and starting to have a cough with it. she is having trouble breathing as well. so her 1 month appt. was today and all they said was that she was colic and the formual is getting into her nasel paasway....but her breathing is getting me really scared that there might actually be something wrong.  should i bring her to the ER? what should i do?

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Poor little girl!! I`m surprised your doctor didn`t check her nose or throat.

Always listen to your heart in that matter. If you think she needs to be seen by a doctor or she has difficulty breathing you need to take her to the doctor. At 1 month my baby was also congested and it lasted for a couple of weeks too. What helped us was making the air moist in her room. Run a humidifier in her room and stand in the shower room with her after a nice, steamy shower. This should help the mucous get loose and then suction her nose gently.

Also, if she has trouble breathing at night, try elevating her head a little. There are special, hard pillows that keep baby`s head slightly elevated. or you can just put a small blanket under her mattress.

Also, lots of snuggling :)

Hope she feels better soon.

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Mine is congested too and  it is scary. Dr. has checked and doesn't find anything specific, he said keep breastfeeding, use nose bulb, and can use saline drops too. 


You said your baby is starting to cough though, which mine is not. Since it is whooping cough season that would concern me, especially if she is struggling to breath. I would at the very least put in a call to your doctors nurse line or on-call doc. And remain alertto changes, worsening.And of course if you feel the er is warrented, don't hesitate.

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Maybe it's something as simple as dust? check the ceiling fan, the furnace filter, etc...(yeah, I'm writing from experience....had a great idea to finally vacuum dust the blinds and fan in my ds room and bingo....he's been coughing and sneezing up a storm...and the special air filter didn't help at all.........just be mindful of RSV....I want to say that when the dr thought ds had it years ago, kept saying something about if bubbles were coming out of his nose....(not really sure what that was all about)

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You can also use breastmilk to loosen up the congestion in the nose, just as you would saline drops. Take your baby in to the doctor if you are worried. 

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