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So.. since i was about 2 weeks pregnant my boobs have been literally hurting ALL the time. I already have polycystic boobs and i guess every single one of those cysts and then some have swollen up with this pregnancy, and OW!!  Ha.. so this is my first pregnancy that hasnt ended (so far) in miscarriage.. therefore i am having to tackle the deal with the boobs now, and i'm a little unsure on what we are supposed to do.

Before Pregnancy i was a 28/30 dd, now i am a definate 30 dd getting closer to an e cup, but what bra's are we sposed to wear .. how does sizing work, and do they have to be non underwired? i am definately in need of some support right now to help with the pain, but getting non wired bra's in any size seems a tad challenging, but getting them in my size seems nearly impossible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (also i am in the uk.. which i realise is in the minority here but still general advice will do me fine) .

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timesway have you tried Bravissimo. You can purchase online AND they have stores scattered around the country too where you can go and be properly fitted by an expert in large cup sizes. I recommend a visit to a store if you can get to one near you.


I'm currently a 34J so I totally get the large boob issue. I wear underwire all the way through pregnancy, as nothing else even comes close to enought support. I switch to a non-wired nursing bra for the first couple of months and then go back to a properly fitting underwire.


When you are big boobed there is no such thing as a supportive non-wired nursing bra, some are just better than others. They will all give you a certain amount of mono-boob and I've been known to resort to putting a cloth nursing pad between my boobs to cut down on the sweat, but never found one that has actually separated and properly supported each individual boob. I also find that by about 3-4 months in to nursing that the non-wired nursing bras start to put too much strain on my shoulders (34J full of milk is HEAVY) and then I know its time to switch back to a wire.


For those here in the USA that have the same issue Nordstroms is fabulous. They stock all the unusual large cup sizes and they will convert any bra into a nursing bra for $10.


This is my 3rd go around on this issue so I've pretty much tried everything up to this point. When you are very large boobed nothing will compare to a properly fitting wired bra for comfort and support, BUT it has to be PROPERLY FITTING.

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I'm in the same boat as you both. Right now, I'm a 30 or 32 G or H. Postpartum, I was a 32K. I order my bras from England fairly regularly. Figleaves is my favorite place. The Royce Jasmine bra is reasonably inexpensive and, although not terribly supportive, really good postpartum. It has no underwire and it's comfy.

My current favorite is my underwire Anita. Really good support and comfy, too. I found it on eBay for about $20!
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I was ordering online from both Bravissimo & Figleaves until I discovered that Nordstrom had the larger cup sizes. There is nothing quite like trying one before buying to ensure a great fit. It might cost $50+ a bra, but I definitely think its worth it for proper support.


I do think the royce jasmine is one of the better nursing bras available, but I still hate the mono-boob. If only wires didn't cause plugged ducts in the early days. I'd never go wireless otherwise.

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Originally Posted by Lynann View Post


I do think the royce jasmine is one of the better nursing bras available, but I still hate the mono-boob. If only wires didn't cause plugged ducts in the early days. I'd never go wireless otherwise.



is this why we are supposed to go non wired? and if so whaat exactly are plugged ducts? is this likely to cause more cysts? be interested to know, thankyou for your input ladies :) i am lucky that i am not quite so big boobed as you guys.. but the problem is getting the 28/30 backs in anything more then an a or b in the uk!! its a blloody nightmare!! m&s do a range of 28 and 30 dd's but when im closer to an e they are toooo small damn them!! it never made much sense to me really.. u can get tonnes and tonnes of size 4 and 6 in the shops (i think size 4 is a us size 0?) yet you cant get  smaller then a 34 as standard and 32 if your lucky most of the time in a bra.. its always perplexed me massively..

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plugged ducts are painful and can lead to mastitus (sp?) which is really not good news when you are nursing. You are most sensitive to these during that first few months. Once you switch back to underwires it is important that they fit properly and are not compressing any milk ducts (which can be as far back as under your arm) or it can still cause those issues.


timesway did you check out Bravissimo? I just did a search on their website for 28E and it came up with 73 results, so plenty of choice there. Even if you can only afford 2 it will definitely be worth the extra cost instead of wearing one that doesn't fit and causes you more pain. And they always have stuff on sale too.

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