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Ovulation Migraines - Suggestions for relief?

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I'm not sure this post belongs here, but I want to discuss with the Mothering crowd, not my physician, who will likely prescribe birth control pills. shake.gif


My menstrual cycle has returned only about five months ago - about the time my DD turned one. It was irregular at first, and has now become fairly predictable, within a few days. For the past three months, I've gotten really terrible migraines exactly two weeks into the cycle - around ovulation. I used to get migraines when I was a teenager, but I never thought, back then, to track my cycle to see if they were hormonal. They went away for years, with only an occasional appearance. So to have three months in a row of excruciating, two-day headaches accompanied by nausea and, ultimately, vomiting, seems like it must be hormonally instigated. Tylenol won't touch the pain, and my DD is still BFing, so I'm hesitant to take anything else. I'm trying to avoid sugar and caffeine, although I do drink a cup of coffee every day.   Does anyone have experience with a hormonal headache? Know anything that may help? Thanks so much!

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I used to get horrid mirgraines from the time I got my period til after I had DS.  So we are talking 10+years.   After I had him, I was good for years but after my youngest, they are back.  And migraines with 3 kids is no fun.   I do not have time to be "down".  

The only thing that has helped me is water.   I can feel them coming.   And with all my joint pain, I never take meds for pain.  But when I feel it coming on, I will pop a couple ibu. and drink water till I feel like I'm floating.  lol   And a can of mountain dew at some point if it gets bad.   For me that generally keeps it at bay enough to function.   And I take every moment I can to lie down and rest.   I also am not on the pill, so those seem to help me. 

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I have heard that magnesium can help migraines. 

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