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I thought we could start a "milestones" thread, posting when our babies meet different milestones: rolling over, smiling...one day even crawling, eating and talking!

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This is great VV!  I feel like our little baby is hitting things rather early.... a little too early if you ask me.  I don't want her to become one of those babies who is crawling by 5 months, but we'll see.  To date, this little one started smiling around 4 weeks.  Now that she's 8 weeks old she smiles all the time. It really is the sweetest thing.  She began rolling (tummy to back) around 6 weeks and now rolls over a couple of times a day during tummy time.  Lastly, she's just begun to coo, which is so cute.  She watches us as we talk to her and her little mouth begins to move and then she lets out a soft high pitched little sound that makes our hearts melt.  All these things are  so darling that it makes the growing up part nearly bareable 

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Here is Quinn rolling over at 3 weeks. I've gotten her to do it 5 or 6 times. She might do it more, but I haven't really been putting her on her tummy much. She can also sometimes roll from her back to her side, but not on a regular basis.  I can't believe that I already have to worry about putting her on things and turning around.So I may be  there with you in having an early mover.



We've gotten a couple of smiles, but I'm not sure they were actual smiles.  It is more likely they were "I'm trying to poo and I make a lot of faces to help me poo," faces. My girl is so serious all the time, I'm really looking forward to the smiles.

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So cute! 


Piper had a few big milestones recently.  She's been sleeping through the night (with two feedings stuck in after about a six hour stretch from 11pm to 5am) and started smiling at 5 weeks.  I can't even handle those smiles, they break my heart with happiness.  So sweet. 


The biggest milestone for me has been that I had my first real bittersweet moment as a parent.  We've been co-sleeping since she came home from the hospital and finally for the first time this week we've put her in the bassinet overnight.  She still stayed in bed with me after her 7am feeding (until around 10am), but last night when I put her back to bed after her 5am feeding, I felt this tug of sadness at putting her in there when I miss having her so close to me.  But it's better for both of us if she learns to sleep on her own early, particularly because she completely refuses to go down for naps during the day and I'm hoping if she learns to be a little more independent at night it will help the napping situation.  Still, so sad.  I can't believe how fast they are growing!  I looked at pictures of my little baby newborn today and barely recognize this little fat baby who took her place.  redface.gif

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Baby M was smiling around 3 weeks and rolled over at 6 weeks from belly to back. She's also starting to coo at six weeks. My son started crawling at 4 1/2 months and Baby M seems to be on the same path (but I'm really hoping that she waits - I don't want to worry about her getting into things that early).

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Smiling when I lift my shirt up. Nothing sweeter.  He'll be fussing and whining and the moment my shirt goes up cooing and smiling.


I can't believe you have babies rolling over.  Crosby seems so tiny. 

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I'm jealous of all the smiling, cooing babies.  Quinn is so serious looking, the only time we get a hint of a smile is when she is sleeping. I'm looking forward to getting some sweet smiles.

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We have smiles here now.  And dimples!  He's cooing and gurgling up a storm too.  It's just so much easier when they start to become little people as opposed to tiny screaming/pooping/eating machines.

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I got a smile after I made that post.  Q woke up from her morning/early afternoon sleep and was all smiley while I was getting ready to change her.  She has dimples too!

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Atticus smiles a lot, but I don't think he really knows what he's doing.  It's adorable, though!  It usually happens while he's eating or sleeping - always when his eyes are closed.  Sometimes he chuckles at the same time and it KILLS me!

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Originally Posted by pennywhistle View Post

Atticus smiles a lot, but I don't think he really knows what he's doing.  It's adorable, though!  It usually happens while he's eating or sleeping - always when his eyes are closed.  Sometimes he chuckles at the same time and it KILLS me!


Omg, I would die from cuteness.

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Oh how those smiles melt my heart!  Even during a 3am feeding, it can turn everything around for me!  We got our first smile from William at 3wks old, and they're now deliberate and voluntary.  Around last week (6 wks) he started cooing and squealing - how nice it is to know that not every peep coming from him translates to an imminent meltdown anymore!  


For the last couple of weeks he's had his clenched hands up in this funny "guard" pose - one fist by the top of his head and the other right on front of his nose - it seems like he's really trying to get control of his hands.  He loves to bat at dangling toys above him....


We don't really get much tummy time in during the day - maybe 5 mins at best before he fusses - so I don't expect William to be rolling over anytime soon.  (I am thoroughly appreciating these early days before he has to be chased around and watched like a hawk!)

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I am going to go ahead and call the LOLs, because our friends came over and were like "Is he laughing?" I thought I was nuts. :)

His social development is definitely the fastest so far, which is amazing because his parents are hermits. Gross motor is not too advanced, which is not amazing because his parents are klutzy. (not a lot of tummy time here either, <5 mins, not even every day. He hates it, has reflux, I don't want to push it)

He can also hold his head up well when held in a seated or burp position, but I would call it flawless, as when he gets tired he tends to faceplant against our chests and make himself cry. ;)

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Piper had some sort of crazy developmental spurt around week 8.  She's much more "organized", as the lingo goes, in the sense that I can put her down for short periods and she's started taking naps in the morning and afternoon.  She's also a total flirt, smiling and cooing at people.  If I smile at her enough, her whole body erupts in this hilarious giggle/kick/punch routine that makes me laugh hysterically. It's like she's so excited that every part of her body needs to spastically move while she chortles.  It's great. 


I'm really hoping the napping continues and isn't just an artifact of her shots last week.  It was so nice today to nurse her down and then have 45 minutes of sling-less time where I can do all the stuff that's difficult when babywearing (like emptying the dishwasher or really anything bending over).  


I second everyone else on the tummy time.  We're being super lazy about it, but she has great head control and she can push herself up into a cobra position, so I'm not that worried about her rolling over.  I think it'll come when she's ready.  Also, I hate that tummy time makes her fussy if she hasn't been fed recently and pukey if she has.  There's no good time, it seems.

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William's spending more time on his play mat each day, and really loves to grab at the dangling toys.  His aim is greatly improving and he's now trying to use open hands instead of batting w/his fists which is really fun to watch.  He recognizes certain songs that DH or I sing every day which sometimes can instantly turn his fussing into giggles.  :))


And we're starting to get some hands-free sleep, in very small increments as well!  He's fallen asleep nursing on a few occasions where I've been able to set him down for 10-30 mins "untethered".  It only works if he's laying on his stomach though, which is the trade-off.  Previously I could only get him to sleep (and stay asleep) in the sling....So for now I'm aiming to get at least one of these little "naps in the pack'n'play each day.

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I'm so glad other babies hate tummy time too!  Atticus can sometimes handle it for a minute or two, but then just starts wailing.  But he likes to lie on my chest, and he's getting good head control in that position, so I think it's okay.


We got real smiles today!  He's been smiling since birth in a reflex sort of way, but today he really looked us right in the face and was clearly smiling and laughing in response to us.  It's awesome!  He's suddenly like a whole new baby - wide-eyed and alert and responsive.  7 weeks yesterday!

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I so wish I got more smiles from Quinn. We very occasionally get a smile, but never a big one and it isn't long lived. She is sooo serious all the time, like she has to catalog everything that is happening g around her. She is starting to interact more with her environment, batting at the turtles on her bouncer so.betimes. But mostly she is just watching everything. She is also reacting to us when we talk to her. When I get the briefest smile because I was looking at ber or talking tonher I just melt.

Interestingly, my mom cast her Natal chart and it says a lot abouther being fact drivenover emotion driven, and that she is determined, self motivated mayhave trouble communicatingon an emotional level, butno problems communicating on a professional level..andthese things all seem tofit her personality even at seven weeks. So it looks like we may neednto push her to have fun, as opposednto doing homework or something.

Otherwise, she seemsto have a pretty predictable schedule for the most part, which makes things easy on me.

Sorry about typing...Nam on a tablet..
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VV, that's so funny. I ran Lyle's chart and he has a sun conjunct mercury like me which means lots of mental energy. All he wants to do is look in the mirror and talk and be talked to. I love your little serious girl, it's so cute.

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Finally caught it on camera!






Atticus, 7 weeks old

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Oh my gosh, he is SO adorable!!
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