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Penny, he's SO cute!!  I just love his hair!!!

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Penny, that is sooo cute!


Q is smiling more, and occasionally even does a sort of laugh like action.  She also seems to sometimes punctuate conversations, adding in her own little opinion.  She also moves a LOT.  She absolutely loves to go on walks and see what is going on as well.  She just has to take in everything.

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Lyle is definitely grabbing at things now. He does well grabbing the rings in his play gym. We're still working on not freaking out during tummy time so rolling and pushing up into cobra are going to be a tough ones.  Although several moms have told me at about 4 months their babies that just hated it started tolerating it and pushing up and rolling. So here's hoping.

Also, just went through a major growth spurt and he's outgrown some of his 0-3 month clothes and is in 3-6 (the sizing is so inconsistent it drives me nuts, he has Gerber 12 months that fit him and are the same size as Carters 3 month!) and (non-crunchy confession time) he's in size 2 sposies now. :)

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Gilbert has been grabbing at things now too, and if e catches something he does that clutch it to his chest thing or pull it right to his mouth. He also started to figure out the music/toy connection on his bouncy chair, the toy are meant for his feet but if he slouches down he bats at them with his hands.
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Piper has been batting things and just rolled over for the first time today!  It was pretty surprising since she dislikes tummy time and we haven't really been doing it lately.  I put her on her stomach today on a whim, turned my back and heard my sister say, "Nice roll!"  Turned back around and she was laying on her back looking annoyed.  I got her to do it again on film, which is awesome.  Yay!

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Gilbert is super close to rolling over, mostly when he's gnawing on his hands.  I don't know if the cloth diaper assists or inhibits this progress :)

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My girl started roling over this week too, at 8 weeks. And the very begining of batting things.  It's funny--with my first I was just super excited for milestones, but with my second(and almost certainly last), I'm feeling a bit sad about it too--babyhood already feels like it's going by so fast.

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Gilbert is super close to rolling over, mostly when he's gnawing on his hands.  I don't know if the cloth diaper assists or inhibits this progress :)

If you put him down naked, you'll be surprised at how mobile he is. I took Baby M's cloth diaper off and she started inching forward like a freaking worm. I think they definitely inhibit movement!!

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Okay, he's officially a front to back roller as of this morning! ROTFLMAO.gif

Back to front *almost* happened a couple times yesterday, it seems like he gets propped up on the bulky diaper and then flips over from there lol



The novelty of these milestones just never wears off love.gif

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We've been having a ton if fun with William this week, he's picked up so many new "tricks" since we've arrived to my inlaws a few days ago: tons of new smiles and giggles, conversational cooing and facial expressions.... When DH gets up close and puts his head down, William immediately grabs at his hair and tries to pull him to his face, it's hilarious! I think all the new interaction with family (besides just mama all day) has been great for him.

William has also been kicking nonstop in bed, which makes cosleeping a bit more challenging - oh and he's rolling over from back to belly, so no more leaving him unattended!
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Quinn has discovered her hands and she is so determined to try and grab things, and then gets frustrated when she doesn't have the proper control over them, so far she can just move her arms, she hasn't figured out how  to use her hands.  She can also roll from her back to her side now.


Joy, so great about William's achievements. Doesn't the smile and cooing just melt you?

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We got like actually haha laughs last night, not just little giggles and excited squeals. It was the coolest thing ever. I was holding his legs up and then letting them go and making explosion noises, and I did it like five times in a row and he laughed. Now it's no longer funny, we've tried and we need new material. :)

I am so mad we didn't get it on video, my husband was like "I thought about it but the light was bad" but the camera was right there and it was the audio we wanted!

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Piper has done a couple cool things recently...  if only I could remember....  The one major thing I noticed is that she will actually grab the toy I have dangling from the car seat, hold onto it, and move it around, following it with her eyes.  It's much more deliberate than her previous batting attempts, which appeared to be almost random. 


We've gotten a few real laughs, but nothing consistent.  I think we need new material too, Boots.  Piper is definitely babbling now though.  It's really really cute.  She'll have entire conversations now, but it's especially funny when she's mad or upset because she yells and angrily talks instead of crying.  Pretty funny stuff.

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Quinn can now mostly control her hands. She likes to suck on her fist and fingers/thumb and she can bring objects to her mouth. She is also grabbing the linky letters hanging from her car seat handle and the pull ring on the musical frog on her bouncer.  She's been trying to get that ring for a while and the first time she got it, her dad and I were both at our desks and heard the little song coming from the frog, when we turned around she had a huge smile on her face.  She has also discovered her feet and likes to look at them, and tries to reach for them.  She is not a super talkative baby (but neither are her parents) but she will have a little 'conversation' with us.

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We have a super talkative and mobile baby here! Baby M is constantly experimenting with different sounds and she's rolling all over the place. I left her in the middle of the playmat on her back and came back to her still on her back, but about a foot away from the playmat at a completely different angle. I wish I would have put a camera on her. :) She has also entered the teething stage. She wants to chew on my hands constantly and I've been giving her the Hyland's teething tablets once a day or so.


Sorry I haven't been contributing more on here - I guess I've been following on facebook more lately. It's great to read about how everyone is doing, though!

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Lyle had discovered his feet and put one in his mouth today. He's rolling from back to belly and then getting stuck and crying as he is not good at moving on his belly. He grabs all things all the time and is a drool monster and chews on his hands/everything but I don't see other signs of teething.
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Hrm, when are babies 'SUPPOSED' to roll over?  Kenzie hasn't yet but she's super chatty and loves 'standing' on us and will cry if she has to sit, haha.  I could do without the happy pterodactyl screeching sounds she makes while playing on her baby gym mat (I have no idea what they are called).  She's a pro at grabbing at the toys above her and starting to take the soother out of her mouth and puts it back in... if she'd only would pick it up when it falls! ;-)


Love the fact she's been a great sleeper since about a month old, sleeps through the night no problem (goes down between 7-8pm and gets up between 630 and 8am). I probably would be very twitchy if I didn't get my sleep.


I so LOVE the age she is at now, so fun :-) 

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Piper is "standing" a ton, grabbing things, talking all the time (she talks herself down to sleep sometimes and I just die laughing at her), rolling (front to back), and she sits in the Bumbo for a good length of time.  She's at a super fun age, especially now that she can soothe herself a little better. 


mtngirl, I think we have gestational twins since they were born on the same day!  Piper loves her sleep too.  She just started sleeping 8 hour stretches without a feeding this week and I'm not sure she's supposed to be doing that really.  Can they go that long without eating at this stage?  She seems to though.  But she's been a great sleeper almost since birth.  All business.  Wakes up, eats, and falls right back asleep.  I'm with you.  I would not be functional without my 8 hours. 

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Lilytiger - Kenzie has been fine with sleeping through the night for 12 hours without food so I think it's okay??  I wasn't about to wake up a baby that's sleeping. She was 24 inches long and 13lbs 7oz at her check up last week so she's gaining just fine without night feedings... 

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Atticus has started rolling onto his side, but that's as far as he gets.  He hit 14 weeks today - just turned 3 months last week.  I think this is normal?  I don't put him on the floor much since he seems to hate it - but I try to play with him on the bed at night to get him more mobile.

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