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Kenzie's now 15 weeks and still hasn't 'really' attempted rolling over yet.  She goes nuts flapping around when she's on her back and her tummy but hasn't quite figured out the 'swing of the leg' to roll. I've been helping her do it so she realizes that she can... No dice yet. Oh well. I probably will regret encouraging her to roll as I love her not being so mobile yet, haha. 

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Gil has been rolling both ways for awhile and now wiggles and shifts around in a circle on his tummy or pushes against things and gets his knees under himself to skootch forward. He's past the screeching phase and is back to gurgling and cooing and saying ba ba ba. He chews on his hands a LOT and is drooling a lot from time to time He can also sit independently, but I still need to keep pillows around him just in case :)

Biggest thing is that when he's in the walker he purposely pushes himself backwards across the kitchen, then we roll him forward so he can do it all over again. thumb.gif

Mothering › Groups › August 2012 Birth Club › Discussions › Milestones