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Singapore math

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Anybody know about Singapore math at Sunnybrook School? I am looking for one for my three year child. Alternative suggestions are also invited. 

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You're looking for one what? Someone with experience with this program at this school, or just a school that uses Singapore Math, or just some Singapore Math materials?


I've been using Singapore Math with my kids for 12 years. It's been very popular in homeschooling circles and it was great for us. It's not magic, but it's cleverly designed by people who have a deep understanding of the pedagogy behind conceptual math learning, particularly in the primary years. For some children it can provide a great combination of features and advantages that are difficult to find in other programs. There are a number of Singaporean primary and secondary curricula now available. They're mostly based on the same pedagogy, but the presentation varies a bit. 



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I have to be honest and say that none of my kids have been anywhere near ready for any formal maths work at three. We are very Waldorf inspired and avoid formal work til age 7 but even if we weren't, I think I'd have been just doing simple counting, perhaps montessori style stuff at this age rather than sit down stuff. 


One thing, my kids have all been on the late side of reading fluently (my son at around 7/8 my daughter around 6 1/2) and one thing I noticed about Singapore was that its not a very fun set of books for kids who are not reading completely fluently. Once they start reading they tend to love it! The beauty of Singapore for my kids is that the explanations are good enough to allow them a bit more independence than, say, miquon. OTOH I also found that they started the transition to abstract, worked maths of the kind singapore seems to do, over the more concrete, manipulative stuff Miquon  is good with (I am generalising hugely, there is a lot of overlap) at around the age they started reading.


I think I'm really trying to say, for a 3 year old if I had to choose a workbook it would be something more hands on and Miquon is good for that! (its getting late where I am!)

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yeahthat.gif Oh yeah, three is way too young for Primary Maths. My very gifted youngest started at age 4.5. She was already multiplying, and adding to 100 with regrouping before we started. 



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