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And now I have a cold

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blah.  This happened last time I was pregnant too. Two weeks before my due date and I have a cold.  While I really want this little one OUT... I hope she waits on mama to feel better.


I would be so sad to not be able to smell her those first few precious days of newborn cuddles.

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I thought I had a cold leading up to DS's birth.  I remember being in the hospital asking the nurses to bring me boxes of tissues because I had such a drippy nose and I was just miserable.    By about half way through labor the cold symptoms disappeared and I  was fine.  By the time DS was born the cold was just gone.  Talking to my midwife this time around we think it's part of what my body does at the end of pregnancy and just means that the baby's on it's way!


Anyways, I hope you feel better soon, and maybe it's a sign that your baby's almost ready to meet you!

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I hope you feel better soon! My DD has a cough and has so generously passed it on to me. I feel like I can feel baby's head hit my cervix when I cough. It's delightful. 



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our family just got hit with a round of colds too!  my mw says its pretty common for families and mamas to get sick right before birth.  she thought maybe it helps get the immune system primed for passing on immunity to baby...  i hope so, because otherwise it just makes me impatient that there's another thing that i have to wait to pass or get done with before i can relax and go into labor.

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Same boat here too! The while family came down with the flu this week:( fevers and.body aches and chills.. Extreme fatigue.. The works! Wrist time ever to be sick! I Hope you are week before baby arrives!!!!
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oh man I hope everyone feels better soon!


In the past 3 weeks both boys have had a fever, and my oldest had a weird whole body rash that the DR couldn't explain.


Now DH has a horrible cough and runny nose. . . on top of having to work 12+ hours a day until he is out on paternity leave 

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on the upswing here!  just a bit of a runny nose on DS...wishing the same to everyone else

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