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Question on odor smell when it seems to be only me

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My son and I have a cat also a guinea pig. His Grandma don't complain of any animal smell on him . She can hug and wrestle with him without any throat issues,sniffling of the nose.


My son holds the pets more than me and for some reason to my son's Grandma (my mom) that there is more animal smell on me and she's always doing the allergy hacking sounds as in clearing throat,blowing her nose,saying this odor is too much for her that she can't stand to be around me.


I even ask other people if I stink including my son they all say No. My son will even tell me if I wear a bad smelling soap,or body spray etc.


He will even know when I said Hi to one of our neighbors because her apartment is full of smoke smell. He will go you smell like smoke.


I can even smell the smoke myself after I leave my neighbor apartment and we can both smell when our cat makes a very stinky poo.


So the question is why doesn't my son have more of the animal smell than I do after all he's the one that holds them more and it should be having more of an effect on his Grandma especially when she wrestles and gives him hugs especially when she gets so bugged by it as soon as I get into the car.


She goes I know it is you because your son been in the car and I didn't smell anything until you got in.


So can someone make an increase of allergy reaction just by knowing and assuming I'm the only one holding the pets a lot ?


Is she trying to make herself in so much pain since she dislikes us having pets especially two of them that she wants to make me feel bad in hopes that I will reduce her suffering by getting rid of our pets so there is no more animal smell on us ?


Which we will never get rid of our pets as they live with us and his Grandma doesn't.


I'm tired of hearing I stink every time I get into grandma's car that she has to say automatically I stink or wave her hand in front of her nose saying ugh.


So if I only stink around her and no one else ? Why is that and What can I do about that ?

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Probably a mental thing. I have severe reactions to some smells (not allergies just rejecting toxins mostly - tobacco smoke, fragrance oils, rotten stuff) but it's worst when I psyche myself up about it first and expect it to be bad. Mind-body connection stuff. I'll bet one could set off a full blown allergic reaction on a hypnotized person with just spoken suggestion.

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Thanks for your response and why would my mom have some mental thing with me ?  Does it mean she feels like she not comfortable with herself so she wants one of the family member to feel as bad as her even though I do the opposite by trying to make her feel good about herself ?

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Might be as simple as you did smell of cat badly one time and that made the connection for her. Smell is strongly and subconciously linked to memory.

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I did ask Mom if she smelled any cat smell on my son she told me No. I asked Why me and not Brendan ? She goes your shoes/sandals are in the house surrounded by animal odor and I say Brendan shoes/sandals are in the same spot too. She goes it probably because you hold the cat more than Brendan and I go less. She goes it's probably by sitting on furniture that the cat sleeps on and I go Brendan sits on the same furniture that the cat touches as he lives here too.


Then she goes it probably don't bug me because I interact with Brendan in open air and I go we are both in your car which you seem to only smell the cat smell on me. We also end up at the restaurants and you say you suffering from the allergies at restaurants claiming it's the cat smell coming from me.


So question when she admits she don't smell the smell on Brendan why suppospedly claim it's me ?

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