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We just had an amazing home birth, and I am so grateful it was a home birth because there is no way we could have made it to the hospital. 11 minutes after calling the midwife to come, our daughter was born.  Good thing she lives close! The hospital is further so we wouldn't have made it.

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sp, amazing! Congrats!

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We also had an amazing homebirth. And thank god for it because if I was in the hospital I would have wound up with a csection. Gbs+, water broken for 4 days and had contractions on and off for two days. Thank god I was home with a skilled midwife. My body needed to do its own thing and she recognized that. I pushed for 7-10 hours! Never would they have let me do that in a hospital.
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We had our unassisted home water birth last Thursday. I actually started laboring on Tuesday about lunch time with some back labor, then a few contractions later in the afternoon. It fizzled out by bedtime, but then I woke up about 2:30am (now Wed) with a slow leak in my amniotic sack. I had a slow meandering labor all day, never really picking up and never having to pay it much attention. I even managed 3 naps during this labor. Then 1am (Thu) I finally reached active labor and from there it was very intense. Baby was born after only 3 pushes, the first 2 being crowning and then with the 3rd push the whole baby plopped out into the pool.


Megan Sarah was born at 2:33am Thursday 9th May.


I did have one complication which was despite lots of contractions my placenta wasn't delivering. After 90 min we decided we needed help and I transferred to the hospital for the placenta delivery. We ended up both being admitted for 2 days as per hospital policy, but we got home Saturday afternoon. We are now enjoying bonding as a family of 5.

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Congrats, Lynann!

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Congrats Jane & Lynn! So happy for you ladies!

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We also had our amazing homebirth. My daughter was born in the water at 5:01pm May 9th. 

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Congrats Steele!
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It's encouraging to check back and see it's working out for folks!  


We are ready for ours, but playing the waiting game.  Due in another 15 days, but of course baby will come when he's ready :)

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We did it by the hair of our chinny chin chin! Baby Todd born this morning at home at 5:06. We were going to head to the hospital for induction around nine. Took two doses of castor oil and had a rip roaring two hour labor. 41 + 4, 8 lb 12 oz, 20 inches. So happy to be snuggled up in my own bed with him!
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Yay! Congrats pastor! Enjoy your little boy!

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Our homebirth went well also. I was all counting down to having to go to the hospital since I was 41 2/7 gestation. I did some things to get labor going and out she came in about 10hours. So happy I got the homebirth I wanted but I must say I joked abt an epidural the entire time. Boy had I forgotten how much labor can hurt! Good luck ladies!
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Oh man same here!! Two hours of active labor was brutal. I begged for hospital and drugs but it was too late! My induction with no pain medication was less painful than the birth this morning.
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I had 7-10 of pushing if that makes anyone feel better :P
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We had homebirth #3, waterbirth #2. All went well except my midwife was catching a breech baby 90 miles away at the time. I loved the backup midwife though. Oh, and my dear daughter had her hand on her face and cord wrapped around her like a beauty contestant. Other than that, we had a great (if long for me) birth.

Congrats to everyone!

Oh, and my older daughter wanted no part in cutting the cord! :-)
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Congratulations beaglemommy.  Our 3-year old also decided that she didn't want to cut the cord either. The midwife was great because she redirected our daughter away from some of the bloodier parts like delivering the placenta.  I was holding my daughter while having contractions up to 1/2 before the birth.  I've wondered if holding her helped things progress.

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Congrats everyone!!  


I'm so encouraged to hear of the older siblings' behaviors (even the range of participation and not).  I can't wait to experience birth with my toddler around, if he's awake, and see how he does.  I expect he may need space from the noise if I'm loud, but also he's very concerned and empathetic (e.g., if I say my back hurts he offers to rub it and says, "It's okay, Mommy, I'll take care of you" which positively makes me melt!).  

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So I just found out a few hours ago that my water has been leaking for almost two days. I thought I was just extra juicy but the midwives weren;t sure so they sent me home with a swab and it turned blue :( I was a little disapointed because I have tried so hard to strengthen my waters with vit c, zinc, and alfalfa since I was afraid of labor not starting naturally after broken waters and now it looks like I have created it. But after talking to the midwife and realizing I will meet my baby very soon now I'm excited and happy. They want me to go to sleep soon and if things don;t start tonight they want me to begin with an enema(has anyone done this, what was your experience?) then nipple stimulation with blue and black cohosh and finally if nothing happens by the evening it will be the castor oil.

So wish me luck.

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