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how accurate are measurements (MW prodding and ultrasound) before 3rd trimester?

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I just got back from a MW appointment.  She had some preliminary results from my NT ultrasound, which indicated that the baby was measuring 8 days "larger" than my dates (of which I am 100% sure) indicated.  Then she did a poke-n-prod and said I was measuring big, more like 20 weeks than the 15 I actually am.


Both my mom and my MIL had second babies much larger than the first - I was 6 lb 12 and my younger sister was 8 lb something and MILs first kid was about the size of my DD (8 something) while her second (my DH) was nearly 10 lbs.  So there's family precedent.


OTOH, I'm only 15 weeks.  I pigged out in my first trimester because I could only stomach starchy things, which I have a massive tendency to overeat.  I think I put on about 15 lbs, but in the past month I haven't gained any weight at all and I wouldn't be surprised if I put on less than 5 lbs over the rest of my pregnancy.  I'm tiny - barely 5' tall - and a bit pudgy but not "plus sized" by any stretch.


So how much credence should I give this "measuring big" bit?  Am I likely to have a 10-lb baby? (DD was 8 lb 14 oz, probably a little bloated from the epidural).  Or do people frequently "measure big" and then have normal-sized babies? 


FWIW now I am over my first-trimester nausea I am eating a mostly paleo diet, plus dairy, but I am not 100% strict about it - if, like yesterday, I'm getting on the ferry and we miss it and the only options are sushi and burritos, I'm having that.  But at home, I'm a meat-and-veg kinda girl with very little sugar.  So diet from here on out isn't really an issue.

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considering your first was just shy of 9 lbs, you may just be having another bigger baby. I've had 2 9 lb babies (and I am also small, 5'1" and 120 lbs pre-pregnant) that measured correctly for their dates (at my 20 week scans) but with both of them my MW was able to tell at the END of pregnancy that they were going to be right around 9 lbs.. they didn't really try to guess at all before that. This baby measured 5 days ahead on my 20 week scan (and i am 100% sure on my date) but really I'm not worried. Both my babes were also "late" so I am hoping this one just comes on time! haha.


As long as you are eating normal/healthy once you are feeling better, and you don't have GD, I would not be too worried. But having an 8 lb 13 oz first baby, you will likely have a 9+ lb second baby.

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At 13 weeks with this baby I was measuring 18-19 weeks. I'm almost 20 now, and my uterus hasn't grown much since then, I think to allow baby to catch up. This is my fifth baby, so measuring ahead is normal because the uterus often pops out faster and my m/w didn't give it much thought. With my last baby I was measuring 25 weeks at 20 and my little guy was a whopping 6lbs 5oz. I recently looked over all my charts for my other babies and at some points in all their pregnancies I measured big. My biggest baby was 7lbs 11oz. I have read so. many. stories. of ultrasounds being totally inaccurate in terms of the baby's size, that I wouldn't worry too much. You're only 15 weeks, I don't see what the big deal is with your m/w? Is she concerned?

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I didn't get the sense my MW was overly concerned, no - the only thing she mentioned was that DD had gotten a bit stuck in the birth canal for a bit (but it still only took me a little over an hour to push her out, and she had her arm over her head...) but I think that was in the context of a quick discussion of hospital vs home rather than the measuring bit.  She didn't seem worried about it, I think it engendered more comment than usual because she had a medical student observing and she had him poke and prod for practice.  (And how great is it that med students here get placed with midwives as well as OBs???)


FWIW I'm leaning towards a hospital birth, which unless there are massive complications would be just my MW and me and the occasional nurse so it's not like I'm asking for interventions or anything.  But I DID have a big ol' hemorrhage after DD and if this one is going to be bigger and more difficult I don't feel very sanguine about being at home - the route from our house to the hospital is a single-point-of-failure kind of route, last time we nearly got stuck behind the Santa Claus parade and while that's unlikely to happen in March, one accident could shut off our quick route to the hospital and it would take well over a half hour to get there.

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