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7 month old baby girl would MUCH rather have mama's milk than solids

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 That's all good, right?


I just need some words of reassurance from some wise women ...


she's healthy, bonny and lovely.  She'll chomp on a stick of celery or whatever as a teething aid, and she enjoys playing with purees or playing with her spoons, but she really isn't into food.  She's interested in her dad, older sister & I when we eat/drink, but just not into any of that for her self. 


She's exclusively breastfed and I have no worries nursing her.  Happy to do it.


But I'd love to hear someone say it out loud: "it's fine.  Relax.  She's cool".  or some such.


thank you



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I think there's a wide range of when babies start solids. Most between 6-12 months, but not necessarily right at 6. Every baby is different and it could change quickly. My 7 month old when from completely uninterested to gobbling down as much squash, sweet potatoes, etc as he could all within 2 weeks time. She'll figure it out eventually. smile.gif

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My almost 9 month old is also not very interested in solids. She'll eat about 1/4 of an egg yolk a day (lol!), so I still consider her 99% EBF. She's happy, healthy and super active (she's almost walking!). She's even fairly slender (around 15, 15.5 lbs) and neither I nor my pediatrician are concerned. 


So.. its fine! Relax. Remember, food before one is all just for fun! 

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My daughter didn't take more than about 1% of her calories from anything besides breastmilk until she was about 13 months old.  She did have anemia, but she was a preemie and it wasn't surprising or hard to correct.  She's 3.5 now, and eats everything under the sun.

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It's fine. Relax. She's cool.
She's interested in the act of eating, likes watching you guys, plays with food and gnaws on stuff for fun. She's doing exactly what she needs to do to learn about food for now.
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Thank you.


Y'all are delicious and perfect ... I feel really lucky to be able to find community just like that.


She's super cool.  And your babies are lucky to have you!



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My DD was totally into breast milk. I think it was well over a year before she did more than taste things. My DS though just gobbled food from the start. They were so different!

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Same. None of  my babies ate much at that age. My 8mth old will nibble on our table foods, but breastmilk is definitely her main source of food. Shes only 8mths!!!

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I have an incredibly healthy 2 1/2 year old.  I went back to work a couple of months ago after being a SAHM.


On weekends and at night, he would STILL rather nurse than eat solids.  No kidding.  On weeknight dinners, he'll play along with eating a couple of bites and sit reasonably well (sometimes not, of course) while he finish...then he wants to nurse.


At 7 months, he had been only introduced to solids  for two weeks and still was entirely uninterested.  He was easily 18 months before he got 20% of his calories from solids.


My guy has been consistently healthier than his same-age peers who were weaned at 2 months or 6 months or whatever.  Also healthier than his much-older brother, who I weaned at 4 months.


No worries, mama.  Nurse away!

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I wouldn't worry about it - neither of my kids were very interested in food until they had the pincer grip and could totally self-feed - BUT my IBCLC did tell me that babies need a source of iron in the second half of the first year. I mostly let them self-feed solids (broccoli spears, chunks of banana, sweet potato or avocado) but I did spoon or hand feed an iron-rich food. My second baby really liked organic beef cooked until really soft in the slow cooker and pureed or shredded.
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