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how to not feel antsy?

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how do you deal with feeling antsy for the baby to arrive?? i'm not due until sometimes between the 21st and 27th of october and gave myself the later due date so i would not feel antsy for baby to arrive... but i'm already having issues with waiting. what do i do? craft? i feel like by 38-39 weeks i'm going to be a crazy lady.. O.o

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I am having the same problem!  I am due 10/28 and from the beginning I have told myself she probably will not be born until November.  But in the last week or so I have gotten so impatient!!  if you find out how to bring back my calm, collected patience let me know!

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Lol I'm glad I'm not alone!!! I was really expecting to see a bunch of October babies be bitten on here already.. I'm surprised there has only been a few! I'm sure once they start coming in a whole bunch at a time we'll be even more antsy though..... Bah.. Just one more month... We can do this!
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I've thought about burning the calendar!  LOL  


38weeks 5 days here now.  DS1 was born at 40 weeks with an induction, and DS2 was born right at 41 weeks.... *sigh* So I'm expecting to be pregnant at least until 41 weeks.


My niece who was due the day after I am, had her baby last night.... so so not fair!

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I'm feeling anxious about when labor will start - like "am I about to go through this super intense thing right after dinner tonight"? Not so much that I am in this huge rush for her to come, I just don't like the not knowing when it will begin. My first came at 38 weeks on the dot and I am 39 weeks 1 day - so I have no idea what to expect.  I thought this one would have come already. Now I'm trying to prepare myself for going late. Also, since my first was early and I totally did not expect her to be early, I never had the anticipation of "ooo is labor going to start tonight?!". It just started and bam - didn't have all the braxton hicks and contractions that time, like I do now.


My friend taught me a few crochet stitches a couple weeks ago. I've been watching youtube videos to learn more and practicing stitches. And I actually made a pair of pants and pair of wool shorties! I'm almost done with a matching hat. I'm not generally one that can sit still without something to do, but I don't have the energy to not sit a lot these days. So having a craft to focus on has been fantastic for me!!! I also find it a nice way to let my mind wander to different thoughts about baby and birth and to get some nice quiet time in my own head before I have a newborn and life is chaotic again.



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Cindy- crochet is a good idea!!! And I'm sorry about the time bomb feeling!! I know what it's like to go over after you've gone early. My first came at 36.6 my second was 38.3 my third was 38 even and my forth decided to stay in until 40.3 I pretty much thought she would never come out.... Lol babies are just unpredictable!! :P
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