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Born Sept. 27th!!-- **UPDATED W/ BIRTH STORY**

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Levi was born at 40 +5 at 8:40pm on September 27th, after a really intense 3.5 hour labour and birth at home. He weighed in at 10 lbs 14 oz and is 21.5 inches long!!! Midwife told me to take bragging rights for an 11 pounder since he had a poop right before she weighed him. HAHAH! Will try to figure out how to upload a pic, and birth story to follow! I'm so happy he's on the outside!! He is such a love!!! A total snuggle muffin.


He is my second child. DD is 2.5 and not feeling so sure about having a little bro quite yet......


***UPDATED WITH Birth Story of Levi***





Shoulder Dystocia

40w + 5

10 lbs 14 oz


Levi was only 5 days overdue, but because his older sister was a few days early and my baby belly with Levi was quite big, we totally expected him to be early too, which made the overdue waiting days that much more excruciating. I had due dates of September 17, September 20, September 22 and 23, so basically we started expecting him a week before September 17. He arrived on the 27th.

On that fine Thursday afternoon, I took a gravol as per midwifes request to get in a good nap as i had insomnia all week, and part of the week before. I took DD up for her nap and thought the gravol would put me to sleep with her. It didn't, and i was ever so uncomfortable, so i got up. A couple of hours later, at 5 pm, my DH was about to leave for work, and my girlfriend/sister in law was outside parking her car, on her way in with her kids for a visit with DD and i. I had actually convinced myself that I would never go into labour despite the fact that i was 3 cm dilated, cervix soft and thinned, mucus plug lost, bloody show, bulging waters, the whole deal meaning my body was gearing up. So, i invited them over thinking the company would be nice and that DD could really use some cousin time. But right then, while sitting in the window with DH about to kiss me good-bye for the evening, no word of a lie, i had my first real contraction. Somebody was looking out for me! I asked DH to wait because I thought it might be the real thing. Then i had another just 10 minutes later, and then another, and then more started coming very soon after that at 4 minutes apart. Now i had a house full of kids running around having some screaming good fun, and my friend/sil, and what timing of that first contraction because DH was able to know, and call in to work, and most importantly, STAY.

You might think having all these people in my home while having these quick and intense contractions would be horribly distracting, but i was loving it. I was LOVING it. I kept marveling to myself just how much i loved my labour so far, how perfectly wonderful it was, despite the pain. My contractions were hard and fast, but i had breaks in between them (I had back labour with DD and no breaks in between contractions, so this was luxury to me!) and i was managing them well with deep breathing/humming and leaning over the couch or the pilates ball. Once after a contraction, i looked up and found my 8 year old nephew hovering over me, watching with such interest. He declared he must see his baby cousin "come out". I was like, ohhhh, hiiii. I thought it was cute. My DH was busying himself getting the birth pool filled as my midwifes arrived. Did i mention we had planned our second home birth?

Eventually DH decided for everyone that it was best that the kid entourage must go for play time at my friends/sil's place, and DD would spend the night, her first ever sleepover. I could hear my 8 year old nephew almost in tears that he would not be able to see the baby come out. Poor guy. I think he would thank his lucky stars that he was whisked away at just the right time, because boy did things get intense fast. And boy did I vocalize! Thank God my DH made this decision because I was almost ready to let everyone stick around!

I got into the birthing pool soon after my midwives arrived and everyone but DH had left. The lights were dim and peaceful and the water felt great. One of my midwives checked me then and I was 5cm. Contractions were getting more and more painful, but I was still managing them relatively well. I was getting a taste though, of the fury that was about to envelop me. At 7cm, they asked me if I would like them to break my water, that contractions would probably become faster and more painful but that I would also get to 10cm quickly. I decided to go for it despite the fact that I was seriously frightened. I just wanted my baby OUT.

One thing that hadn't occurred to me was if there was meconium in my waters, I would have to be transported to hospital while having crazy contractions, and man, I don't think I could have handled that. Can you imagine? Being strapped down on a stretcher in a moving vehicle while in transition? I was lucky. No meconium.

Things started getting WAY more intense and painful. I also had an anterior lip on my cervix blocking baby's head so one of my midwives had to push it back, making the contractions even more painful and I was screaming bloody murder by this point. I also couldn't deal with my positioning anymore (mostly hands and knees or on knees while leaning over the sides of the pool) but couldn't imagine any other position I could handle, which was really disheartening and actually made me cry briefly. I felt so helpless. And did I mention the zero sleep in over a week and the fact that the gravol i had taken earlier that day had started making me drowsy just as labour was starting?

My midwives then asked me how important it was to me to birth the baby in the water. We needed to be in place to start pushing the baby out. I then just suddenly and overwhelmingly knew that I must be on dry land but at the same time, I couldn't imagine walking to the bedroom. They helped me out of the pool and to the bed, (I'm sure I felt like dead weight) stopping for contractions along the way that compelled me to push, which I did. At some point soon thereafter there came a point where I was on hands and knees on the floor by the bed and one of my midwives started to sound a mixture of panic and meaning business because the baby's heart rate was going down. She said, YOU MUST GET ON THE BED AND PUSH, NOW!!! It took 3 midwives and DH to get me on that bed. I was lost in the intensity of the pain alternating with drowsy/half deliriously asleep and shaking and i could feel my pores expelling copious amounts of sweat, soaking my hair so suddenly as though someone had dumped a pail of hot, murky water over my head.

Then I pushed his head out in several stages rather than in just one go. Levi's head was purple and his body wasn't budging. After 2 minutes the midwives started to get nervous and one of them had to get her hand in there to help Levi's shoulders through. He had shoulder dystocia. Then finally, his body came out and they placed him on my chest. One midwife I am told picked him up to run and resucitate him, but he cried and pinked up right then so she quickly placed him back on me.

Levi Thomas was born at 8:40 pm on Thursday September 27, 2012, after a 3.5 hour labour from start to finish (2.5 hours active labour/10 minutes pushing). He weighed 10 lbs 14 oz and midwife said to take bragging rights for an 11 pounder because he had a huge poop as he was coming out, before he was weighed (most likely because he had probably been in distress-- poor little guy). He was 21.5" long.


Levi immediately started inching his way over to my right breast and then latched himself on. Babies are smart, man!

Turns out I had the biggest placenta my midwives have ever seen and the longest cord. Pretty crazy!

Levi is the sweetest, easiest baby thus far. We are all so in love with him. And at a week old, he already looks me in the eyes, smiles at me and holds his head up on his own. I basically gave birth to a two month old!


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Congrats, Mittens! And welcome to the 11 pounder club! LOL

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Yeah Mittens! Welcome Levi joy.gif

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Holy cow mittens...wow...congratulations. welcome levi.
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Wow!  Another BIIIG BOY!  Crazy that we had 2 11lbers in here.  CONGRATULATIONS MAMA!  And welcome to the world Levi :)

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Congrats! And brag away smile.gif Levi is an awesome name, too!
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Congrats mittens!!
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Congratulations to you on your very big boy! Rest up and enjoy your babymoon!

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Congratulations Mittens!!
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Wow, that sounds amazing! Congratulations.

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Congratulations Mama- Welcome baby Levi- wow great job on the big baby, enjoy your baby moon!!!

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Congratulations Mittens! joy.gif

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Thank you all so much! Haven't been able to write birth story yet, but hopefully soon. Levi is a dream......

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Awesome story! Thanks for sharing. I did NOT have the guts to let them break my water when I was at that point. Kudos to you, mama for birthing such a big baby!

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Wow, Mittens! Thanks for sharing the story- I was sucked right into the excitement! Congratulations. :) Hope you and Levi are doing well.

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