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Question for those who've had two or more....

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I know, I know....it totally depends...but I am interested in hearing if your first baby and second were similar in "baking time" and labor time. smile.gif

My first was 12 days past his "guess date" (I hate the word "due" as though he was a library book or something..olol) and my labor was 22 hours from start to finish. My midwives keep telling me the second will come earlier and faster.

Frankly I would love it if he waited until his guess date to arrive, since I still have a bit to do- but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to shortening the 22 hour labor. wink1.gif

Would love to hear your stories!!!!
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Cool topic- there is one thing i know...we love talking about our births!! My first and 2nd babies were both about 8 hours labor. But, my 1st was an epi with pit later.... So who knows how long it would have been. He was born with meconium, which i am sure was due to the pit :/ my 2nd was all natural. My 1st was 3 days early and my 2nd was born at 39 weeks. My periods are short cycles...so I think I generally will have shorter pregnancies... We'll see!!!!
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My first came at 36w6d with ruptured membranes to start he was born 21 hours later.. But I had pit for a good 12+ hours.

My second was completely induced at 38w 2d start to finish 8 hours with pit.

My third was completely natural and was born at 38 Weeks even after 13 hours of labor!

My fourth didn't come until 40w3d and had my longest labor 26 hours.. Fun fun! I will say she was my first girl though.. So maybe she just needed more time who knows!

Here is hoping baby number five isn't quite as suspenseful as her big sissy! Lol
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First was born on her EDD, 16ish hours of labor.. Got an epidural (that didn't work and they messed up on) and she was born 2 hours later so most of the labor was done unmedicated. She was sunny side up with a hand by her head.

Second was born at 39+6. 1 1/2 hours of labor. She was my only "correctly" positioned baby. Unplanned UC.. My most "interesting" birth
Third was around 3 hours of labor, born at 40+1. He was sunny side up and not pushing directly down (he was pushing into my hip bone for most of the labor, hurt like heck) but when he finally got into the almost right position (he was born sunny side up) he came out in 2 pushes.


This one Im joking will come on Monday the 8th. so 40+2..We will see if my prediction is right (doubt it will be, Ive only been right with 2 of the 3)

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I am following this- expecting number two... probably not till 41 weeks and after 25 hours of labour lol. But I'm hoping to at least cut down on how many hours of pushing I had winky.gif

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Love the replies Mammas...interesting idea about shorter cycles: earlier babies. My cycles are rather long so I'm not surprised that I went to 41w 5d with my first. smile.gif

I should have added that my 22 hour labor was med free and natural. I can't imagine how long I would have went with an epi....that probably would have slowed me down to 40 hours!!! Lolol

I accept whatever my birthing time has to offer...but again, it would be awesome if he didnt show up too early, and we could trim off a few hours (or at least not push for 2 hours again....lolol).

Keep on sharing, it's so fun to see the differences!!!!
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first, 40 w, 1 d--13 hrs, 45 min pushing

second 40 w, 3, d--5.5 hrs, 3 pushes trying not to flying down the interstate, lol--born 5 min from fsbc on an off ramp of the interstate (in our truck--dumb cmn kept putting me off!)

third 39 w, 6 d--4.5 hrs, 3 pushes

fourth 38 wks even-water broke first instead of when pushing at 2.45 pm; active labor began around ten, baby born5 hrs later, 3 pushes

fifth-I seem to be back to the regular scheme of things as I am due next week and no pumpkin yet.  So we'll see...I am interested to see if my water breaks initially, or if I am back to the original pattern and my last was just an anomoly.

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My first decided to come at like 36 weeks. 45 hours of labor (born at home). My second decided to come at 40 +4, labor was 15-16 hours at home. Totally different!! And here I am at 39 weeks with number three, super curious how this one will happen :) 

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clair- oh my goodness what a huge difference between 1 and 2!!!!!!! were you going crazy by your edd last time?

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I've had a little bit of everything.

DD1 arrived on her due date. My water broke early in the morning but contractions didn't start until about 4 hours later. I would say active labour was about 14 hours. I pushed for 2.5 hours.

DS was 8 days late and I was induced. Labour with him was about 8 hours, pushed for 15 minutes.

DD2 was two weeks early! Never thought that would happen. Again, my water broke and contractions started 4 hours later. From the time contractions started to the time I pushed her out was 10 hours. Pushed for 14 minutes. smile.gif
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What a fascinating thread!  I have nothing to add, as I am on my second, and my 'baked to perfection' date is tomorrow with no baby in sight (but lots of exciting prelabor, yee-hooo!).  DS was born at 37w4d.  


From reading all of the accounts here, it seems very silly that people say that second babies are usually earlier than first babies.  I am curious if anyone else has felt misled by that expectation?

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My first was a hospital induction, on (or the day after?) my due date.  It took 2 days and was hellish.


My next 3 all came sometime around 41 weeks, or a few days shy, at home, and were super fast, <3 hours. 

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