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uti advice? :(

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hello! i am five and a half weeks pregnant (first pregnancy!) and i was just diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (i had no symptoms that i noticed or thought to ascribe to a uti, but it showed up on the urine test my doctor did on my first prenatal visit with her). my doctor prescribed me a five-day course of 500 mg zinnat (cefuroxime) tablets. i'm supposed to take one tablet two times a day, for a total of 1000 mg a day. this seems excessive to me, especially considering that the insert for the medication recommends 125 mg twice daily when taking cefuroxime for a urinary tract infection, and that i'm in the first trimester of pregnancy. i asked my doctor about this and she assured me that the medication is absolutely safe for baby, but i'm skeptical. would it be safe to reduce the amount (for example, take one 500 mg tablet daily instead of two, or split the tablet and take one half two times per day), or would that reduce the effectiveness? (i'm also in a part of the world where cranberry juice is unavailable...i've sent my husband all over the city looking for it and no luck) thank you for any and all advice!

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It's definitely not a good idea to mess with the dose.


Personally, I wouldn't take it at all. I'd take a cranberry supplement instead. 

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you may be able to order cranberry supplement and/or juice over the internet (supplement will probably be cheaper to ship).  Also, there is a great website called safefetus.com that gives the ratings for medication safety during pregnancy.  Maybe it will give you an indication of safety?  Good luck figuring it out. 

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