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Confused, Any insight helps

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Hi Ladies.


I've commented a few times, and have been obsessing with getting a BFP for some time and finally this month I have "just let it happen" and stopped worrying, until yesterday.

here is my story.


We've been TTC for #1 for around 8 months. Where we live, we get IVF paid for by the gov, so all the pre-tests like mock transfer, sonohysterogram, and baseline ultra sound are covered by our private insurance. I've been told by many that the sonohysterogram seems to help in getting BFP since it "cleans" you out. Anyways.


I had my sonohysterogram at the beginning of Sept.

This month has been lackluster in the bedroom as my Husband has had a cold.

I'm pretty sure we did it the day that I O'd (CM looked good) but i'm not 100%. We only had time for it 3 times all month.


So usually I get really sore BBs the week before my AF and 2 days prior to AF it goes away. Cramps are horrible the day of AF then go away.

This month, it has been REALLY strange.  


I was certain we weren't going to get a + this month as I went through all the test with IVF and Husband was sick (plus lack of trying).  But here are my symptoms.


No sore BBs at all (until last night - woke me up it hurt so bad today marks 16DPO)

Cramps similar to AF since 13 DPO

And No AF

I tested this am and got a BFN, but I had also gone to the washroom around 5 times last night/this AM since I drank so much water last night.


Basically, I'm just really confused and last night I was sure that I was pregnant, and now... I just don't know.


Any insight helps. 

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You may have O'd later than you thought and it could still be early to tell. Ive never experienced any pregnancy symptoms before week 6 before with my two prior babies.  the tests are all I have to go on.  the second one was so light still at three days past my missed period!  i bet if i tested on the day i wouldnt have seen anything!

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Thank you.  It certainly helps. My schedule seems to vary from 28-32 days so maybe i'm on a 32 cycle meaning my "af due date" wouldn't technically be until wednesday.  I'm going to re-test (with AF hasn't showed up) on Wednesday.


Thanks for your support.

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