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Carseat in the heat

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  I'm torn on whether or not to use our infant seat that we used for our son for our new baby, or get a new one.  It does not expire for over a year and is in very good observable condition.  My hesitation is that for the last year we've kept it in our porch storage closet, and living in Phoenix, it gets very hot.  I'm just worried that the heat maybe was not good for it?  On the other hand, cars heat up just as much as outdoor closets, and obviously carseats are kept in cars!


  It's a Chico Key Fit 30, and if I replace it will definitely get another Key Fit.


  What would you do?  Thanks!

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if it's not expired then i would  use it.  they have expiration dates on carseats for that reason

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A bit of warming actually helps the car seat outgas some of the flame retardants in the cover.  High heat may damage the plastic, which starts to outgas some other nasties.  You might want to inspect the car seat for tiny cracks caused by the heat on your porch.

By the same token, park your car in the shade:  it too is full of plastic. Especially if you live in Phoenix!

Of course, avoid buying a new car for the arrival of your new baby: the  "new car smell" is a warning sign.

(Sorry to be the bringer of bad news).

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Car seats should be able to withstand some pretty significant temperatures. You're right, cars get very hot, too!


I would take the cover off and inspect the seat very closely. If you can see any signs of warping or cracking or other indication that the heat has caused any damage, get a new seat. Even if the sign of damage is something that doesn't appear important to the safety of the seat, just to be safe I would still replace it. I would worry that something else might be compromised that I couldn't see.


If you can't find any indication that the seat has suffered from being stored in a hot closet, I don't think I'd replace it. I'd strictly adhere to the car seat's expiration date, though. 

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Thank you for the input, ladies!  It helps a lot.  :)

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