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David Joel's birth story

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I am a little loose on the times after labor actually started...


Friday morning - I was having ctx but nothing to sing about I really had to concentrate to even notice them and I couldn't imagine trying to time them, so I just went about my day, a little while later I had some bloody mucus so I called the MW and since I wasn't having strong ctx she just told me to keep her updated but she was thinking it would be today. A few hours (I think?) later I had some more bloody show and maybe 3 strong ctx but then they went back to the puttering around kind. Called MW again and she was on her way but was 2 hours away visiting her Mennonite clients.


Afternoon - DH cam home from work around 1 in case hings got crazy intense crazy fast and the MW arrived at about 2:30, checked me and told me I was at 7cm... She had a newborn screening about 30 min away so she went to do that since we knew she would have to break my water in order for things to really get moving, this  gave me some time to get things picked up and semi clean.


Evening - MW came back about 6:30 (she got stuck in some crazy traffic) She broke my water at 7 pm and it still took a few ctx before anything started getting serious. DH and I went for a short walk and by the time we started the walk I was having to lean on him during them. After we walked a bit I came in and sat in the rocker and was able to relax really well. At about 8pm They started hurting like hell but I kept relaxing and decided I wanted to go upstairs and lay down. That worked for a few ctx but then I got on my hands and knees because MW wanted to check me and wanted me in the position to birth in case baby was close to coming out. I was at 9cm but had a bit of a lip in the way so MW held the lip out of the way while I pushed to get his head past the lip. I laid down on my side to start bringing him down. When he started crowning I really started screaming because it burned so much (i'm guessing that was me tearing but idk) It took me a few more pushes to get him out. He slid out into DH's hands and DH handed him to me. About 20 min later I delivered the placenta which kinda felt like giving birth to a jellyfish :/ lol


I think my dates were way off because he was covered in white goop. He has such pretty red hair, which was a huge surprise! 8lb4oz, 20in long , HC 14in, APGAR 9


I will upload a pic when I get a chance! Thanks everyone for being understanding and encouraging through out this pg!joy.gif

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Congrats jules! Can't wait to see his picture. I love redheaded babies!

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Lovely story, mama. Can't wait to see his red hair!

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Great story jules. Congratulations and welcome to this world david.
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A beautiful story! Congratulations to you!!
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Congratulations! I was just thinking about you today and whether you had had the baby, I cant wait to see pictures!

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Congratulations, mama & welcome, baby! I looove redheads and was hoping for another one, but so far my new one is blonde. Post a pic so I can be jealous!
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Congrats, mama! Welcome, baby David!
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Awesome news!! Welcome to the world, David! :)

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He has pretty much been attatched to my boob this whole time so I haven't gotten too many but this one was taken on my phone


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