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joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifPokey!!!!!!! Congratulations! I am so happy for you!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

mrsandmrs, I'm so sorry about your grandmother. Big hugs to you. I hope that your one follicle is the lucky ticket. FWIW, I went from not getting pregnant on cycles with five follies to getting twins on the one cycle with only two. So, anything is possible.


Everyone else, fingers crossed for more good news soon!

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Also, mrsandmrs, I just found a message from you in my "other messages" folder on Facebook from a month ago! Sorry - I wasn't trying to ignore you!

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POKEY -- YAY!!!!! I still don't know what's up with my access to this site --- it won't let me post any emoticons either, or I would be doing a big parade of storks for you!!!!!! Thinking of you with best wishes for your beta. ------------------JENNY and CORDELIA --- Thank you for the well wishes. I am 5 DPO, test date Oct. 17. Cordelia, have fun over at QP&P, and Jenny, FX for you! -------------TO EVERYONE I MISSED -- BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR NEXT STEP!
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mrsandmrs - I'm so sorry about your grandmother.  What a terrible day you had.  I'm also sorry that the follies stopped growing.  I would be disappointed and confused too.  It doesn't help either that follistim is a lot more expensive and invasive than a few pills.  Your expectations are higher when you put in all that effort.  I hope that one follie is fabulous and does the trick.


Everyone -  Thank you for the wonderful congratulations!  I will keep you posted when I have more information.

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mrsandmrs -- I don't know how I missed that news about your grandmother. I'm so sorry. Thinking of you.
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First beta = 62 at 13dpo!  Next one on Wednesday.

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Perfect median score from the betabase! Go Pokey!!!!

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Yay, Pokey!!! And congrats to the other BFPs, and welcome to the new arrivals!


Hi all, I'm finally logging back in after a couple months of avoiding thinking too hard about baby-makin'... Am glad to be back!


This is it, the cycle we've been waiting for: I took clomiphene on CD3-8, and am now on CD12. easttowest, could I please be moved to Waiting To O?


I'm going in to the fertility clinic for an ultrasound on Wednesday to see what my ovaries are up to, and if all looks well, we'll be doing the insem as soon as the OPK indicates... Usually CD21 for me, but maybe sooner because the clomiphene may have sped things up. I've never felt anything near ovulation before in my whole life, but this time I've got a definite sensation of... fullness, I guess! On the left side. That's the side that the HSG indicated is blocked, which is a tiny bit troubling. However, my RE and my acupuncturist and my optimistic nature all agree it was likely a false positive due to uterine cramping so let's go with that orngtongue.gif

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Just popped in to update nd congratulate! I'm away for a day nd we get a BFP! CONGRATS POKEY!!! Best of luck! I'm still waiting d am at 5DPIUI.not too much going on but a lot of sleeping on mye end.

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pokey- YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! broc1.gifjoy.gifCongrats on your BFP!! Sticky bean vibes coming your way!!


e2w- How is the tww treating you? We are definitely cycle buddies!! 8DPO here and trucking along...any funny symptoms for you guys?


Cordelia- Glad you have graduated, but also glad you are keeping us updated!! GL on the 15th!


mrsandmrs- Shots are the worst, but at least you have a willing volunteer. My DP would not be able to do that! Very sorry to hear about

your grandmother. I agree with Cordelia that it just takes one good egg! Hang in there for your sanity!


scorpioma- Sorry about the BFN. Yay for KD's!!!


JustAnotherJenny- Good luck on the insemination today! This is the one!


outdoorsy- How is your tww?


fmorris28- Good luck!




Sphinxy- WELCOME!!! GL on the tww! I take vegan prenatals that are big and yucky!


AFU- I am hanging out at 8DPO. I have been testing the past 2 days with BFN's but early I know. I am really anxious this go-round for some reason.

Lots of new symptoms that are all in my head I am sure: cramping, twinges, backache, UTI symptoms, bowel issues, fatigue, sore nipples. Like I said,

all in my head I am sure, but still puzzling. I have been scavenging the twoweekwait.com page like a freak though bigeyes.gif ANYwho, there is my life in a

nutshell for the past week.

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granite, welcome (back)!  Good luck with the ultrasound!


pokey, awesome numbers!  Hope they keep jumping.


erin, well hey there, cycle buddy.  You are a braver soul than I.  After the first round of stark white tests in August, we decided never again, and we're waiting until the day after her missed period to test.  Which means we'll either greet AF on Saturday, or we'll be testing Sunday morning.  No symptom spotting, no temping.  She either hasn't had any symptoms or isn't telling me, but she's been emotional and hungry - both of which are PMS-y (and... DW-y ;) ).  Hang in there!  Are you testing everyday until either a BFP or AF?  Good luck!  Hope this is it.


Turns out 8 DPO is The Day of Crazy-making.  I'm starting to feel sick over having to know soon, and as much as I hope it's happy news, I have to face the reality that it might not be.  We might be here for the long haul, and it's getting harder.

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invitn - thanks, & good luck this month for you too!


easttowest, outdoorsy, erin, fmorris - good luck to you all in the tww! hope it flies by


pokey - looking fwd to your Wed. numbers, sooo exciting!


good luck to everyone...


afm - our cd10 u/s is in one hour...so anxious! will have more to report later on tonight...

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mrsandmrs - sending you healing thoughts and wishing you the best for your insem tomorrow. 


afm - 4 dpiui and i've felt like i could cry all day, over nothing and everything all t once. back to work tomorrow and hoping that will be a good distraction. i'm determined not to test before 10/18, but those sticks are staring at me everything i go to the bathroom...

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pokey! I missed seeing your BFP! Congratulations!!! joy.gif

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Easttowest --- I totally hear your worry about being here for the long haul. I hope you're not! I know that once you've seen a few BFNs, you wonder how long this is going to go on. --------------Thanks to EVERYONE who asked about my TWW. Today is 6 DPO, and I feel un-pregnant. Zero symptoms. And since I've had almost every fake symptom in the book in previous cycles, I have zero faith that I would know if I were pregnant. I've resigned myself to the fact that statistically, the odds of me getting a BFN are greater than the odds of me being pregnant. I am bracing myself for another disappointment. I'm still not having alcohol or caffeine, but otherwise I'm pretty much trying to ignore the whole thing.
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Outdoorsy, thank you for your kind words! I hope the same for you. I have only been here a few months, but it seems like the no symptom months are the ones you want. Best of luck in the remainder of your TWW.
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Thanks everyone for your kind words and support about my grandma's passing. She was a real character. 



Today is the day we on-board the goods. My wife can't go. I have one great follicle and a new donor. I danced around the house while picking out my lucky insemination dress. Now, that is a sentence I never expected to write. 


Hope you're all doing well. Who is testing next? 

Congrats on the beta, pokey! 

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sphinxy. . I had to hide the sticks so I could not get to them easily, otherwise I think I would have tested all the time!  try to hold out if you can!!!  


outdoorsy.. hope no symptoms is the way to go. . as you know,, 6 days is so early it would be a shock to have legit symptoms anyway. . FXFXFXFXXFXXF


easttowest. . the 2WW is almost over. . really hope you won't see that blank stick or AF! 


erintn. . hope all those symptoms are a sign of good things


sandiego. . good luck with the U/S


fmmorris. . 2ww nearing an end? 

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mrs - I had a lucky insemination dress too!   lol.gif  When we do the ones at home I wear a dress or skirt because it's easier.  This last time I wore a different dress than I had for all the other ones.  I hope your lucky dress is the lucky charm you need!  Good luck today.

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