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mrsandmrs - good luck today!


afm - yesterday we had our cd10 u/s and the follies are progressing well...sizes were 20, 17, 16, 11.... they had us do one more night of injectables, and we're headed back today for another u/s...hopefully tonight is our trigger & tomorrow iui.  my wife is SO sick of these shots! poor baby....& I am secretly (well not too secret) very anxious! wish us luck.

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pokey - i do try to wear a different dress every time ! superstitious, but whatever. i'm, uh, pretty femme and i don't wear pants ever, only skirts and dresses. but i can see how a dress would be easier than wearing pants for insemination.



san diego - hope today's your trigger day ! good luck with the check-in.



afm can i be moved to the tww? the deed is done.


seriously, who's testing next? pokey is trying to kick off the next wave of bfps. 

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I'm testing 10/17. Don't know if anyone is ahead of me.
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mrsandmrs, good luck in the wait! I like the lucky dress idea.

cordelia, ha! Is that taunting to say that 9 DPO is almost through the TWW? wink1.gif Sure doesn't feel very close...

I think erin and I are next, step in step on 9 DPO. Hope the streak continues! Looks like there were FIVE pregnancies in October last year! Let's beat the record.
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Oh, I want a lucky insemination dress!!! So awesome! Good luck, mrsandmrs!


FX for outdoorsy and easttowest and erin... I can't believe there were 5 BFPs last October, and am thinking it's a good sign.

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I am really not trying to enable anyone (and I hate seeing BFNs), but I will say that with both of my pregnancies I got BFPs on 9 DPO...

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mrsandmrs- Yes e2w and I are next on the list. I was going to test for real on Sunday, but I have been testing like crazy

the past few days...


e2w- 5 BFP's last October?!?!? Awesome news!


KnittingTigers- I wish you were right about my cycle! I had BFN this morning on 9DPO.


granite- Thanks!!


So as I said above, I have been testing like crazy to no avail. My DP found my white sticks in the trash and text me about it.

I am just trying to prepare myself for the worst, ya know. I could not wait...

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Tigers, you scoundrel!  (That can't be normal, right?  It seems like the average pregnancy would not produce enough hGC until at least 12 DPO to pick up on a test that is only sensitive to 25 units.)


erin, I hope those sticks turn pink soon enough!

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Some of the tests are anecdotally sensitive down to something like 4...(there's a website that lists--pee on a stick, don't remember the url) but the negatives of testing early include the risk of picking up the trigger shot (it's usually out by 10 days after the shot but some people process it a bit slower) and getting a false negative and spending several days bummed out or a true negative and not being sure.  With 3 of our pregnancies, (not including the current in which DW waited to test until day 14), we found out by day 9/10 p/o--but two of those pregnancies were early m/c.  

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KnittingTigers -- This is the first time I saw that you were having twins! Excellent! Congratulations!twins.gif


(btw everyone -- suddenly I can do formatting again. let's hope this sticks!)

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Just in case you want to check out hcg levels in tests...


The internet cheapies are even MORE sensitive. With my chemical, it picked up a hcg level of less than 10...
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The MDC Queer forums: a community of enablers.



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Originally Posted by outdoorsy View Post

KnittingTigers -- This is the first time I saw that you were having twins! Excellent! Congratulations!twins.gif

(btw everyone -- suddenly I can do formatting again. let's hope this sticks!)

Thanks! We're 95% incredibly excited, and 5% terrified! Let's see if Pokey revives the multiples streak!
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Erin, Thanks so much! Love all the support!!!


Sandiego, I sure am hoping the same thing. Its not speeding by, but its not crawling either! And those are some nice sized follies! Best of luck to you tomorrow!!


Sphinxy, Yesterday was 5DPIUI nd i was watching Selena (one of mye favs) nd all of a sudden got teary eyed like I was about to cry!! It wasn't even a sad part! lol I'm trying mye best to hold off too. Its hard!!


Outdoorsy, I've been in your shoes, but you've gotta keep the faith. You never know what those little beans are up to! Keep your head up cycle buddy!


Mrs, Good luck! Hope the dress helps do the trick and welcome to the wait!


Cordelia, Boy i sure wish the TWW was nearing and end...well technically it is. lol. I'm about half way there @ 6DPIUI. Still just waiting!


Knitting, Good to know! If i can hold out i will , but 9DPO not tooo bad for a pretty BFP. Nice to *see* you back. Hope all is going well!


Lise, thanks for the link, i'm going to check it out now.


AFM. 6DPIUI and its been alright. Little cramps here and there, and lots of sleeping. I've found a way to pass the time a bit quicker in becoming completely wrapped up in Once Upon a Time on ABC.  I caught the end of S1 last sunday and the beginning of S2 nd i'm hooked! Nd i just realised I've got all of S1 on Netflix! Oh, i'll be watching for the next 9 days! lol FX for all of us. I'm trying to hold off until AF is late, but shes not due till around the 20th! If I can make it that long, great...if not...18 or 19 Oct testing!

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Pokey: Good luck with your 2nd beta tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for some fabulous doubling!


mrsandmrs: I'm so sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing.  Sounds like a very difficult time -- one beautiful follie is all you need.  Though, I'm sure I would feel so frustrated with all of the extra effort/time/money etc. with using injectibles and expecting a larger ::ahem:: return on investment.  So, I'm so sorry for your disappointment.  I hope that you find a fancy lucky insem dress and that this follicle turns into your one perfect little baby.


morris: Glad you found a great distraction.  I find that I am usually okay the first week, but then I grow more and more frustrated from 7/8dpo on.  My first IUI, I tested daily form 2dpo on.  I wanted to watch my trigger shot leave my system.  Now I know that it takes me 7 days post trigger for it to leave my system.


cordelia:  I'm out of FSA funds, so I'm not sure how I'm going to support my "habit" this time around.  I may have to wait like a normal person for my beta.... sh!t. Hope you're feeling well.


outdoorsy: I've been thinking of you often.  Sending lots of baby dust and love your way!


lise: How are you faring?


erin: I am a testing fiend.  I hear where you are and I'm sorry if its making you crazy.  I had to have someone hide my tests on me.  I'm embarrassed to even stay how much I've spent on tests.  Let's just say when I came up short for my IUI/sperm prep cycle this month, I was kicking myself for all of the wasted money.  My health insurance covers the betas with no copay.  I'm an impatient idiot.  :-)


e2w: How are things going for you?



Oh, I hope I'm not missing anyone.  My inbox blew up today with posts and normally I catch up at work, but I'm working on an audit and haven't had time.  :-) 


AFM: Can you please move me to waiting to know?    I don't have a lucky insemination dress, but I do have a pair of lucky socks.  I don't know how I forgot about them, but I wear these when there are layoffs at work. So far so good -- they have kept me employed.  Yesterday, I happened upon them in the sock drawer, just in time to wear them to my IUI!  So funny that the lucky dress topic came up.  I have here, for you a photo of me at the doctor, just prior to my IUI -- showcasing my lucky socks.  :-)  My sister and mother were hysterical about the socks and snapped several photos of them.


Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain...

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So I clearly didn't learn anything from DARE in 5th grade, because I gave into peer pressure.  But... someone tell me this is a positive?  Is 9 dpo way too early to count it?  I'm more confused AFTER testing than before.  So many things could go wrong!  Won't believe it until after the missed period, but cautiously hopeful, I think.


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Did you take that picture at 4 minutes after?  I think if you let it sit longer you can get an evap line, but that looks positive to me!

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e2w: That sure looks positive to me!

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Omg that totes looks positive to me!!! I wanna test now!!!

A cautious Congrats!
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Pokey, the package said five minutes. We set an alarm and looked after four and a half. There was definitely something there when we looked, but it did progressively get darker until we took the picture, maybe at around seven minutes.

She will poas again tomorrow. Hope hope hope it's still positive, I don't know what I would do if it's not.
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