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Outdoorsy!!!! Threadcrashing to say CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thumbsup.gif


And you're only a month behind me, so we can still be due date buddies!!!!  



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Outdoorsy... YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA. I really thought this was it for you and am soooooooooooo happy!! Glad glad glad thus is happening for you! Stick baby/babies stickkkkkkkkkk! joy.gif: joy.gif:joy:joy:joy:joy
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firstly, i haven't been here long but i'd just like to say how inspirational it is to see so many people who've been at this for a while keeping the faith, getting their bfps, and cheering others on.


i'm nervous about getting too excited, but after posting my question about some mild spotting this morning, it just stopped. there was just two little bits over the course of 2-3 hours. i've had some moderate cramping on and off all day, with no more bleeding. that is not normal for my cycle. usually as soon as i start cramping i'm pretty heavy right away. i would have been more freaked out by that if hadn't seen all this positive feedback about outdoorsy's cramps being a sign of pregnancy. so... i'm trying not to get my hopes up, but i may be sleeping with my fingers crossed tonight that af stays away tomorrow.


fmorris - we're all waiting for the results of that test when you're ready!

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Sphinxy, could be another BFP on the way!  :)

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Invitin, Thanks. Its been pretty peaceful thank you very much for the encouragement. I'm hoping for a BFP as soon as i test..whenever that might be seeing as i'm holding out so long lol! I'm wishing, hoping, and praying the best for you and the well deserved LO coming your way. Good luck!!


Outdoorsy, Well well well!!! Congrats!!!! broc1.gifbroc1.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbanana.gifbanana.gif There's no denying the digital PREGNANT. I bet that was a beautiful sight for sleepy eyes, huh?? I've been a little crampy and was a bit worried about AF..she's due in a couple days..maybe i can hold out that long. You have inspired meeh because today is mye test date too! Hope i have your kind of luck. H & H 9 months!!


Jenny, don't worry 9DPO is still early, you've got plenty of time!!


Cannanny, VERY INSPIRING STORY! Good luck with the 3!


Sphinxy, remember you're not out until your completely out. The fat lady has not sung yet so keep the faith! That might be some IB you never know!!! I sure am hoping for you!! I don't know what to do..I'm trying to wait because mye TWW is over! Im kinda nervous!!! Mye boobs have been sooo sore, ive just been hoping its nothing to do with AF!


Hallerm, Welcome.gif There's a lot of great useful information on here! As far as insurance i'm in AR and we got no coverage so OOP for meeh! Except the pay about $40 on mye follicle scans..which they could keep lol. Search the thread i'm sure there are some ladies in your area.



AFM, Well mye TWW ends today @ 14DPIUI. The girls have been super sore and i'm kinda crampy a little bit. I'm trying to hold off for a couple of days to actually be LATE lol. I've always wanted to say...Hunny...I'm LAAATTTEEEE lol. Walgreens does constantly stare at meeh across the street from mye house so we'll see how it goes. FX like crazy!

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fmorris, I can't believe you made it all two weeks!  Congrats!  When will you test?  We all can't wait to share in the joy of your BFP.  :)

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Jenny - Sorry about the BFN, but there's still time -- still some hope this cycle! I hope you get your BFP!



THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH to everyone for the congratulations on my BFP. Sphinxy, I love the "round of applause," and I also really appreciate the people who thread-crashed from QP&P --- I hope to join you soon! Tandy, I'm glad we're due date buddies! And SunandEr, I live *very* close to you. Are you members of the South Shore LGBT parents' group that started on Meetup.com and recently moved to Facebook?

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well, my tww is officially over - af arrived today. to all our deserving october graduates, thanks for your support and i hope to be joining you on the other side soon. and good luck to everyone still waiting.

i certainly learned a lot this time around which will hopefully benefit me next month. if everything stays on my usual schedule then it actually looks like my next insem might be on my 31st birthday.

easttowest, please move me to "waiting to o"
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Sphinxy: So sorry this wasn't your month.  :-(  I hope your stay here will be short.  hug2.gif



Morris:  I'm so impressed with your restraint!  Will you test soon?



afm:  Still early here at 10dpo.  BFN this morning, though.  Today, I've had some pressure/crampyish feeling like AF may come early.  I don't normally get cramps or pressure when I'm not on medication. However, I have had this feeling every medicated cycle so far.  I'm not totally ruling myself out, but I had similar feelings beginning 11dpo last month and I think I am headed in the same direction this month.  Money is tight, so if this cycle isn't successful, I'm going to be on a break until my FSA account renews in the new year.  With that, I will also be figuring out my next source of sperm and what not.  I have a possible known donor in mind, but am also still considering frozen. 

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Outdoorsy: on iPhone so sorry no flashy dancing smilies just yet- I will be back with that. I would like to say though I'm so so so excited for you. You are pregnant- does it still feel surreal? It sounds like all the crazy doctor office experiences you had were part what was supposed to happen to bring u to here. I've appreciated all ur thoughts and wisdom u provided here. Although u so deserve to move to the Graduate list I will be sad to see u go. It's like all my friends I've known in the past year have moved on to the next grade level without me. I will be right behind u soon enough.

Pokey: thanks for ur special thought about having too much hope and not enough faith. I totally got it on a visceral level when I read it....what I've been experiencing over the past two years was put so aptly into no finer words. Thanks for all ur input too over the past year. Perhaps some day when u come home for a visit we can get together for a play date with our babies smile.gif

Shpinxy: I'm so sorry about ur AF. It never feels right. I hope u can indulge in some real tlc this weekend.

Jenny and fmorris: fx for u two still to be next lucky winners this month.

Thanks so much for channeling ur energy and good vibes to getting me off the island. Pokey was right I do need to examine my faith and get grounded in my inner truth. Last night laid in bed reading inspirational quotes from pema chodren - Buddhist monk. Amazing. Goddess bless each and everyone of u - I don't know where I'd be without u.
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Sphinxy: Blah, so sorry.  :(  Your month is just around the corner, I am sure.


Jenny and fmorris: So much hope for you two.  


erin: I don't want to graduate you without your permission, but I think you're ready.  ;)

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY OUTDOORSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What a (couple of) week(s).


Invitn, I loved what you wrote about your campaign: I'm a full believer, and am indeed sending out messages for that little soul to come home to you and your DP.


And E2W is right: Erin, with a beta like that, it really is looking like graduation day!


Hi, everyone else! wave.gif


AFM: My blood work still shows me no where close to O'ing, and I'm feeling pretty okay with that: Impatient, but trying to just accept the amazing strangeness that is my body and this whole baby-making project. The alternative is insomniacal googling, and that way, my friends, lays madness!

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easttowest: Yes I can graduate! But I'm still being cautious wink1.gif

DPO 18/19 today and no period which is really awesome and weird!
I'm telling my family this weekend and we are so nervous bc my sister
is also pregnant (7 months). My other sister is getting married Saturday,
so I don't want to steal the thunder but I can't wait much longer!
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jenny - thanks. keep the faith - it's still early. fx for you.


granite - well, that's a great attitude. sending you patient thoughts.


fmorris - fx fx fx... how are you feeling this morning??


afm - i work from home, which today means working from bed. rain today matches my mood. weather looks great this weekend, planning on spending some time in nyc sunday with some friends which should help. our next step is to start planning for our november iui. thinking we might interview a traveling midwife who does iui at home so that we don't have to go to my midwife's office next time. also considering two insems a day or so apart. it's a hard choice, because it feels like potentially wasting all that money on sperm if it doesn't work. anyone else have thoughts on multiple insems per cycle?

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sphyinxy - I'm so sorry to hear about your BFN.  hug2.gif Lying in bed in the rain sounds perfect.  We used a midwife who came to our home, and it was really great.  She also advised us on timing the IUI's.  We did 2 IUI's each cycle.  Since a lot of folks have gotten pregnant doing only 1, I can't say for sure which is best, but doing 2 increases your odds of having the sperm there at the right time, especially if you aren't doing a trigger shot or you can't pinpoint your O time precisely.  We tried to do them 12 hours apart, but it didn't always work out that way.  The 2 times I got pregnant we did not do them exactly 12 hours apart, it was more and that worked out fine.  One way the midwife helped was she could tell by looking at my cervix if I had ovulated yet.  That may help you determine your timing along with your other signs.

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Hi everyone!


I think I'm 8dpo ( we inseminated last Thursday) and don't feel any symptoms but who knows. Should I be? I'm pretty easy going since this our first try. YAY for everyone with those BFP's !!! So who's on the same cycle? When are you testing and what test do you prefer? I have a really big party to Dj Friday and AF due same day so if no BFP at least I'll be able to have a couple drinks and not be so bummed . FX for the next group of us testing!

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hi everyone - we had an interesting evening last night with the progesterone suppositories (crinone gel)  this may be TMI, but my wife experience a major build up and wasn't able to use the application last night.... has anyone experienced this? looks like it's common, but we had no idea this may happen.

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hey everyone!

WOW, congratulations Outdoorsy!! biggrinbounce.gif

I was just going back and reading some posts and saw that you said you had cramps for awhile and thought it was af on its way... Just goes to show we don't ever know! 

So many pregnancies in this group, it makes me feel really grateful and excited for my next try which will be...


Probably on the 28th and 29th!

We just ordered sperm today. A new donor, using a new bank, too. Just for good mojo! I am feeling pretty positive about this.

Anyone else on here doing ICI inseminations at home? 


Ready to go! Chart has been consistent and we learned a LOT last month looking at my cervix and actually seeing the fertile stages over the days. 

Last month was sort of disaster in the too-early timing and anxiety, our first try. 


Thanks for all your updates, everyone. This is such an uplifting group!

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scorpioma - Good luck!  I know Tandy used frozen sperm and at-home ICIs (or IVIs, not sure).  And she's now happily pregnant (after I think only two tries)!  So glad to here you are getting in the groove of things and see last month as a learning experience.

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