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Scorpioma, I worked with a clinic this time, but when I got pregnant with my daughter I did at-home IUIs and ICIs with frozen sperm from TSBC. I got pregnant twice out of six tries (one miscarriage). The two things that seemed to make a difference were good timing (I think with my IUIs I aimed for 18 and 36 hours after a positive OPK), and high sperm count. Both times I got pregnant, it was with donors with counts over 45 million (one was 69 mil!), and all of my non-pregnant tries were counts around 20-25 million. My first pregnancy happened with just one vial (20 hours post OPK, maybe?), but for the second I used two.

For most of these tries, we were attempting IUIs, but I don't think the catheter always made it all the way in, so I'm pretty sure that some of them (including the first pregnancy, which was also our first try!) were actually ICIs.

Hope this is helpful! Good luck!
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E2W, Sphinxy, Jenny, Invitin, Well...Lots of Red this morning :( followed by a breakdown into tears on the bathroom floor. Didnt even get a chance to test before AF came into town. Havent stopped bleeding nor cramping all day which leads meeh to believe there's no hope left for this cycle. ......Feeling pretty low, nd it sucks bc mye eyes are STILL swollen!


AFM, Strike 2....im outWhat a great way to end the TWW greensad.gif

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one of my friends on facebook posted this quote today. good timing for me and fmorris:


‎"One's best success comes after their greatest disappointments.”  -Henry Ward Beecher

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Sphinxy, Awwwh!! Thanks!! It will just make our victories all the more sweeter. Quite inspired. Thank you.


AFM, still feeling pretty crappy..drowning mye sorrow with a mcdonalds chocolate shake with lots of whipped cream nd the cherry, chocolate chip cookies, nd 2 holiday pies.

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Scorpio--I agree with Knitting on the importance of high sperm count with at home IUIs! The only time I got pregnant (m/c) when doing it that route was from a donor with a high count. Not that it wouldn't work without (I mean, it only takes one!) but I definitely think it is helpful! Also, most banks will tell you the count before shipping out the sperm to you...just something to keep in mind. (And if they don't, I would be a little suspicious!)
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morris: I'm sorry that evil witch AF showed up today.  hug2.gifI'm keeping you in my thoughts. 


scorpioma:  Much luck to you!  I hope your BFP comes quickly!


sandiego:  I haven't used that before, but I did some googling and, as you said, it seems to be pretty common.  Sounds really uncomfortable. :-(  Poor DP.


AFM: 11dpo, didn't test this morning, but tested tonight and still negative.  I'm not really feeling too hopeful.  Sorta cramp-y and pressure-y still on and off.  I've never felt more not pregnant.

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Knitting & Lisedea:


Thanks for the advice!

Did you both use fresh or frozen? We are using frozen (but we are talking to a friend actively about being our donor. We are calling our midwife to schedule an IUI this time, just because we want to increase the chances (so we are ordering one vile of ICI and one vile of IUI sperm this month). 

Also: thank GOD for queer midwives!  wink1.gif


So this month: 

One IUI insemination at midwife's office (or home with her)- IF the sperm bank can change our order from two ICI vials

One ICI insem. at home (really an IVI)


It's really amazing so many of our group have gotten pregnant! So awesome.


fmorris and Sphinxy: you are in my thoughts and heart! glad we have this group for support. hug2.gif


I have a question: how much are people exercising during the insemination process? What have you heard is allowable/good?


xo to all!


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this might be a stupid question, but how do you get the little info section on your posts at the end?

mine won't show up.


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Scorpio-Scroll all the way to the top and click on your screenname in the right hand corner. When on your page, scroll down to the end of the page until you get to "edit signature" (or something like that).
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Need some advise from you wonderful ladies! This is my first month with any kind of med help. My RE put me on 100 mg of Clomid. I took it CD 3-7 which was Oct 9-13, so I took my last dose one week ago today. The last 3 or 4 days I have been having some crazy off and on cramping. Is this normal?! I got my pos opk and well be inseming today after work. I do believe the meds have helped a LOT for the simple fact that my CM is way more EWy then it has ever been and my cervix is *really* open. Its just the cramps are *killing* me! HELP!

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scorpio - thanks for the thoughts and great question about the exercise! this month was my first insem and i was too nervous to exercise for the first few days. i went back to some light cardio for about 30 min at a time starting 4 dpiui. this is based on absolutely no research, just not wanting to "shake things up" too much - ha! i plan to ask my midwife that question when as we plan for our next attempt - i'll let you know what i hear!

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Amt--Are the cramps near your ovaries? If so, it is probably just the fact that they are extra active (and sensitive!) due to the clomid--I wouldn't worry about it. Also, you could be ovulating now...I found when I was on meds (injectables) my ovulation was more painful. Good luck with your insem! Also, how has your wife been feeling these days?
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Sphinxy, I'm sorry about the BFN... and to both you and Pokey, I'm jealous of your option to have IUIs at home by a traveling midwife! That sounds like it would be so much nicer than fitting in a trip to the clinic... I like my clinic fine, but it's still a very medicalized experience of conception.


SunandEr, I've got a great mental image of you DJing and waving around a test revealing a BFP to the beat of the music. FX for you!


Glad you're full of positive energy, scorpioma! I think it's powerful stuff (and that's why I live in the hippy-rific Pacific Northwest). smile.gif


As for your question about exercise, it's one that's been on my mind too: I work in construction and while some days are pretty low-key, others see me carrying around 12' ladders and hauling a lot of heavy tools and equipment. So while I don't "exercise" often (aside from the occasional jogging kick!), my daily life can be rather hard on my body! However, it's my norm and doesn't stress me, which I believe is the most important thing to making a happy womb for my future babe. My thoughts are that if exercising is already part of your routine and makes you feel good, it shouldn't interfere with the success of your inseminations.


I'm so sorry, fmorris28... AF when you're hoping for a BFP is bad enough, but the cramping is adding insult to injury... Hugs to you.


JustAnotherJenny, my fingers are still crossed for you!


I'm with lisedea, Amt1015: From what I've read/been told, cramps before O'ing but after taking clomiphene are likely to be your ovaries reacting to the drugs. I had a little bit of cramping myself, though I only took 50mg (and it looks like it didn't work after all, since I've yet to drop an egg this cycle!)


AFM: Still in limbo-land, waiting to O... I was talking with a friend about this last night (while cuddling her 3 week old son! Bliss!), and she reminded me of how I've mentioned many times in the past months of planning this first cycle that we're going to try anyway even though the birth timing of a baby conceived now would be extremely inconvenient: Next June, my partner will be working round the clock on a massive conference, and would have a hard time getting away to be with me/us. SO, my friend says, regardless of how excited I am to make a baby, she thinks my body listened and is delaying O on purpose! Hilarious... And maybe true?


Also, for those keeping score on the great vitex vs. clomid debate, my naturapath says NO, they don't interfere with each other... But also that like with most fertility stuff, there's so little research it's hard to know for sure.

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sassy -- clomid made my ovaries feel like massive steel balls for several days before i ovulated.  it actually hurt to laugh, and i was walking doubled over because of the pain.  (the pain was even worse when i did injectables and a trigger.) i bet your girls are just responding well.   you know i've got my fingers and (super swollen) toes crossed hard for you this month.  you need to get your butt over to QP&P ASAP.


granite -- i've heard completely the opposite about agnus-castus (Vitex) and Clomid interacting.  i was also advised not to take the two at the same time.  given how strong both are and given the lack of consensus about possible interactions, i'd be really careful about mixing them.  i took Vitex for several months to try to give myself a natural fertility boost, but it really screwed up my cycles, and i think there are other women on here who have had the same experience. ( i have a deep, personal hatred for Clomid, as well.  it made me super depressed, dried up what little CM i had and thinned my lining to the point where implantation would have been impossible.  Clomid also made me O really late.....)  i don't know what cd you're at now, but if this month ends up being a bust for you, i'd consider just taking the Clomid next time around and seeing if that makes any difference.  when you have your ultrasounds, what's going on with your follicles and lining?  it's still early in the ttc game for you, and if you have known issues, it might take awhile for your docs to work out the right protocol for you.  hang in there and keep the faith!  

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Jenny, Thanks. Those sure are needed! FX for your cycle!


Scorpio, Most appreciated and I sure am glad we've got it!


Granite, Thank you. And you sure are right, sometimes that AF makes meeh want to just slam her up against the wall nd man handle her!!


AFM, just trying to regroup and figure out what is next.


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LOLOLOLOL I literally loved out loud picturing that ! Thanks for the laugh!

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jenny - thanks for researching... we also spoke to our fertility center and they said that is very common complaint of the progesterone gel. we're very close in our cycles.. today we are 10dpo, i'm wishing you lots of luck in the next few days for that BFP


fmorris - sorry to hear about AF and wishing you lots of luck for the next attempt!


amt - my wife had horrible side effects from clomid - cramps, hot flashes and more...hope you feel better!


afm - we are 10dpo, and tested today, BFN ;( I know we still have a chance... but we're both feeling a little down, all signs highly pointed to yes this month - started injectables, great lining, good # follies...good count for the sperm,  please wish us luck.

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Thanks Sandiego!

AFM, well I stopped bleeding yesterday....WTF. Mye cycles are 4 days flat nd have been every month. So AF shows the 19. Nd then goes the 20th....I'm so confused!
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Implantation bleeding, fmorris28?!!!

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Fmmorris. Get a test! Get a test already! Was it light or heavy bleeding? Like spotting or soak a pad?
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