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Scorpio, it's all yours! I was new, too. All you have to do is keep the front page up to date, just copy the October one over to a new thread near the end of the month! There's also been some thread keeper's luck going around, hope you catch it! Your insem plan sounds perfect.
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Hi Outdoorsy !

Sorry I didnt see your message earlier I'm new to this forum stuff and a little bit of a slacker lol ! No I've never heard of the group before. I'll check it on on FB what's the group name?
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So who's ending their 2ww with me this week?

Sandiego and Jenny right? Anyone else?

AF due friday for me. CD26 12DPO 2 test so far both BFN
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Scorpio, DP - Dear Partner, DH - Dear Husband, DW - Dear wife. Its ok lol...i didnt know either when I joined!

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sunander  -  our tww ends this week too, we're actually on the same exact cycle as you.. we're 12dpo today and my wife expects AF on Friday, hopefully that b*tch does not show up!

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Hi Everyone!


I'm sorry I'm too exhausted to do personals tonight, but welcome to lizbian!


AF is giving me quite a wallop this time around.  I just feel grosssssss.  I'm fine, honestly I know 3 mos is really nothing to be worried about. More than anything, I'm upset about all of the money spent with no results.  SO MUCH MONEY!!! LOL!  Anyway, I'm out until the New Year, which both seems a world away and yet right around the corner.  My FSA funds will fill back up and hopefully so, too, will my sperm situation.  :-) I just need to figure out what route I want to go and whether I need to be looking into banks again, or pursuing my 2 known donor options to see if I want to do that instead. 


SanDiego/Sunander, I'll try to detain the bitch here in RI until long after Friday.  Don't worry, she's prettty busy right now.  LOL!

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Oh, could I please be moved to Taking a Break?  Thanks!!

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Not even a squinter for me...looks like I'll be able to have a few beverages later lol
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Sunander: That might be the cutest and gentlest way to put a BFN!  Sorry to hear it. :-(

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SunandEr - The group is "MA South Shore Area LGBT Parents," but for privacy it is a "secret" group on Facebook (I had never previously heard of such a thing), which means that non-members should not be able to find it in search results. The only way to get on, or even see it, is to be added by a member. That's so people feel comfortable using their real identities, photos, etc. And everyone who joins is supposed to read the confidentiality/terms of use agreement and type "I agree" in the comment area. If you like, you can private message me with how to find you on Facebook and I can add you. I'm not one of the leaders and have never added anyone before, but I think I can add someone. The main thing the group does is plan outings, and there are currently 61 members from the whole area south of Boston. I've actually never been to one of their events because I wasn't pregnant yet, but if this bean sticks, I'm planning to go to some in the future.

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Thanks, easttowest, I will start a new page in a few days, then! Sheepish.gif

can you remind me what your insem. plan was? did you do IUI, twice? I forgot and I want that thread keeper's luck you speak of!! 


JustAnotherJenny: I can relate SO much to the anxiety about money, holy wow. It's wild. this month I was urging my partner to just "buy a third f----ing vial so we don't ever have to do this again" but he (my partner uses male pronouns) reminded me that the price doesn't change- haha- although we got a discount this month on vials through Fairfax (a BIG discount) just because of the month, I guess. But even with a discount, it's like, omg, if this doesn't take... so much MONEY! Anyways. I'll be thinking of you and "Taking a Break" can be a really good thing for many reasons! It sounds like you can refresh and figure out the next step. 


thanks, fmorris. Really. haha! Does AFM mean something too? LOL!


SunandEr! Was this last test on 13DPO? I really hope you just have to wait until 14DPO for the BFP... to you and to SanDiego: I am sending baby to your fam! dust.gif


I had a dream last night that I found a baby floating in the ocean, in the basket or car seat, and I held her and rocked her. The rest of the dream, no matter what I was doing, I was holding her in my arms. I could REALLY feel that baby! She was about 2 months old and I remember she was from China (random?)

It was such an intense dream. I woke up just devastated it wasn't real and also amazed at my body/mind- the week before insem. was intense with dreams last month as well. 

I came downstairs and my partner had written out all of the possibilities of insem. timing based on my + OPK timing. so cute. we are ready!

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scorpio - We used fresh sperm from a known donor, so a whole different ballgame!  The time it worked, we insemed (by chance) on the day DW got her first positive OPK.  We weren't expecting it for a few more days, but because it was a Saturday, we had to insem or wait until Tuesday (since you can't ship or receive on Sundays).  I think she ovulated on that Sunday.  You can plan and plan all you want, but nature sometimes throws you a curve ball (I guess I have baseball on my mind today?), and you just go with it.  From all the stories on here, it can often seem like the month that goes crazy is the month that takes.  Sending so much luck your way!  (Also, AFM/AFU stands for "as for me/as for us".)


Jenny - I hope your waiting period is peaceful and restorative.  So sorry it didn't work out, but I'm sure 2013 will be kind to you.


SunandEr and SanDiego - I'm really hoping you just needed another day to get those positives.  Keep us updated, and good luck.  Sucks to keep seeing the negatives.  :(

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thanks everyone... we may test again tomorrow am, or just wait for AF to show up.  my wife feels like AF is coming, but maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised w/ a bfp, thanks for all the well wishes!


question for the group - as i'm thinking about our iui process over the past few months -

has anyone done back to back iuis? if so, at what time intervals?

for those getting a trigger shot, doing one iui, and using frozen sperm - was your iui done 24 hrs post trigger, or later? i'm interested to hear

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SanDiego - With trigger, we insemmed 36 hours post trigger, give or take an hour.

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Outdoorsy: Congrats!!!! So excited and happy for you and DP 


Jenny, Sphinxy Fmorris:, SunandEr and SanDiego Sorry about the BFN's. Wishing you all the best of luck on your next try.  


Hallerm: Hello and welcome! I know nothing about insurance other than that our insurance that will start in a couple of weeks (yay!) doesn't cover anything


Scorpio: We will be doing ICI at home. Good luck with the new donor and new bank


Lizbian: Hello and welcome! Hoping you get good news from the specialist in a couple weeks


AFM: Nothing new....just waiting for test results from KD. Went to my first acupuncture appointment today to try to rid myself of these migraines. Also started my new painting series I'm pretty excited about it, here's to hoping folks want to buy them

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regarding OPKs, i have heard once a day around noon as the typical timing & frequency. is anyone else doing something different?

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Sphinxy - I wasn't a believer before we tried it, but doing the tests twice a day (the cheap line ones, not the digital ones) - once in the morning and once in the evening - was so helpful in pinpointing ovulation.  DW has a long surge, but some people have a short surge and may never get a + if only testing once a day.  Plus we got a fade-in, which was awesome for predicting when it was coming.  Not everyone gets a fade-in, but I think it's fairly common.  Others might have different experiences, but I can't recommend the way we did it enough.  It really made us confident about when ovulation occurred (together with a few other signs that lined up well).

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Jenny, hope you get to feeling better. I do understand about the finances. We try very hard and you want to see results when you invest money into anything..even TTC. Its easy to get discouraged but we've gotta try and keep positive. Take some time to regroup and figure things out. A good plan of action helps.


SunandEr, I felt like that the other day, i was trying to squint but i couldnt even make it appear. Sorry to hear...enjoy your beverages.


Scorpio, I had some crazy dreams just like you...and i mean crazy like super powers and flying type lol. And oh yes, AFM means As for Meeh or AFU is As for Us :)


2justice, thanks so much. I'm trying to keep positive!


AFM, still figuring out the plan with DP and how to proceed.

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I think twice a day is good for OPK's.  As e2w said, you wouldn't want to miss it.  I have read recently that your surge starts in the morning and isn't detectable in your urine for a few hours after.  That's why they say don't use FMU, but to do it later.  Around noon would be fine. I would also test later in the day.  How late depends on what kind of arrangements you need to make in a hurry.  You would want to do it so you have time to get the sperm and set up any inseminations you might need. 

I did 2 IUI's every cycle, usually about 12 hours apart.  The 2 times I got pregnant, the timing was a little different.  They were farther apart.  I have already forgotten exactly what I did last time, but I know I tried to get the second closer to 36 hours after because I tend to feel O more than 36 hours after trigger.  If you're only doing 1 IUI after a trigger I would aim for closer to 36 hours.  I believe Cananny did about 30 hours after as a compromise, and it worked great. 


Welcome.gif lizbian!  That's a great username.  I hope you enjoy your time here, and I hope it's short.


To everyone who's gotten BFN's I just want to say how sorry I am.  I know how much they suck.  Hang in there!  grouphug.gif

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I am testing w OPKs twice a day, and three times a day closer to the expected O date. Just started testing today, actually.

10am, 3pm. Then on the couple of days prior to expected O, 10am, 3pm and 7pm. I bought cheap cheap strips from savontests.com!

they are awesome and like easttowest said they allow for fade-in!

3 times might be a lot but I feel nuts sometimes and it helps that... Plus, like I said, we bought them in bulk. 


midwife said not with first morning's urine. just after that is fine, and before 8pm is best. 


I know everyone has diff. info/methods but that's what we're doing winky.gif

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