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thank you Scorpio!


Pokey - no worries! Yes, she's feel pretty ok..thanks. ROTFLMAO.gif

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Congratulations to San Diego and your DW!



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Thanks Outdoorsy!  How are you feeling? We're pretty close in schedule, our first u/s appt is 11/28 winky.gif

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Yay Sandiego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry havent been around in a few its been a hectic week. AF showed so next at home insem somehwere around nov9-14. Could you please move me to waiting to O ? Who will be around the same time as me?
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congrats San Diego, that's great news for you guys, hope it all goes OK from now on ROTFLMAO.gif

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SanDiego - My symptoms so far are that I'm urinating more often (especially the moment I wake up), tender breasts, and a general feeling of bloating. I have no nausea. How about DW?


SunandEr - Sorry about AF. Best of luck next cycle!


AFM - Doing well over here as far as I know. I'm anxious about the u/s because, on the same day I got my BFP, a good friend of mine told me she was having a miscarriage detected at the first u/s. There was nothing in the sac.

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sorry outdoorsy meant to say good luck for your U/S too smile.gif

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thank you SunandEr and Lizbian! SunandEr - good luck w/ the next cycle.


Outdoorsy - glad to hear you're feeling well, & I completely understand being anxious about the first u/s.  We only had the pregnancy officially confirmed yesterday and I'm already anxious fot the u/s on 11/28.  DW is feeling pretty OK, but she has been having headaches over the past few days, and she's more tired than usual.

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Just a quick update on my phone, I couldn't resist! Pokey- that is so awesome that you got to hear the heartbeat! It feels so fast... Also, Congrats to SanDiego and better luck next time to SunandEr. November is our month! AFM, we have weathered the storm OK. We are farther inland than all the devastation you are seeing on TV. No electric service or Internet probably for a few days but my dad drove 3 hours to bring us a generator so we could plug in our fridge and a space heater. Already notified by the sperm bank that our FedEx of swimmers will be at least one day late, but they just announce that Newark airport will be open tomorrow so FX that we get it on Thurs. I ordered a little early just in case so we should still be good. But not sure if roads will be passable to get to the midwife's office so I think we might be doing both insems at home! Best wishes to everyone waiting!
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Originally Posted by SunandEr View Post

Who will be around the same time as me?

I think I will, SunandEr! At least I hope so... Because these delays are driving me nuts!

Congrats, Sandiego!
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SunandEr - fingers crossed we'll be about a week behind you.


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oh, cycles...my egg is playing trick or treat!

we are inseminating this morning! Now! wish us luck. no OPK yet, which is so frustrating, and we were waiting for that- so a temp. spike this morning- might not be THE spike, but we thought I was ovulating late... anyways- here we go!  cervix is open & ready. ICI will catch if ovulation is happening shortly (or worst case, just happened).

Might have a + OPK today and the Brill book says we are on point if that is the case. Consulting with midwife today to see when to do the IUI. Probably tonight.

I feel like no matter how hard we "plan" it always turns out that we are fumbling in the dark.

Wish us luck! Positive, calm, fertile vibes for me please!





PS. I made a Queer Conceptions November page!




Inseminated this morning at 7am and with midwife later today! No + OPK this morning but our midwife thinks I am in the middle of ovulating. Eep!

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scorpioma - best of luck for you, hope you have a halloween surprise

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FX for you, scorpioma! And here's a link to the new thread, just for convenience's sake... Thanks for making it!

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