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Hazel's Birth Story

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Isn't it amazing how quickly things can change? On Monday, I was so, so frustrated to not know if my body would know how to start labor without breaking water, all I wanted to do was eat and sleep and the normal kid schedule had me worn out, and reading everyone's birth stories (usually my favorite part of this DDC!) was making me cry because i finally was beginning to feel left out. Then, I woke up in the early stages of labor Tuesday morning.

Similarly, I remember sitting in the birth pool thinking we had another couple of hours to go, and why didn't I feel any pressure yet? Then, I changed positions by going to my knees in the pool and leaning on the opposite wall. My water immediately broke, Baby came down fast and hard, and I had a loooong contraction where my body was immediately pushing and there was nothing I could do to stop it or slow anything down. Very scary for me!!

Back to the beginning, though: I should have known that the mood swings I was experiencing that were so out of character (even for a pregnant me) we a sign of things to come. I woke up once or twice late Monday night thinking the extra contraction pressure was just me needing to pee. By 2a on Tuesday, I realized the contractions were just getting that strong, and I could no longer sleep through them. It wasn't time to wake anyone up at home, so I eventually decided to take a bath and see if that would allow me to get any more rest before life gets far more complicated. As I was about to get in the bath, I realized that the contractions were 3-4 minutes apart, so a call to the midwife was in order, but I REALLY wanted in the bath first. Had to wake up DH so he could call the midwife since I have a habit of dropping things in the bath even under normal circumstances.

By then, I was concentrating through contractions, and MW is an hour away, so she suggested heading our way (it was 3:30a). I'm so glad she suggested it, because I wasn't quite ready to mention it, but I jumped on the chance. While we waited for her to arrive, I got out of the bath and DH took a walk around our neighborhood. It was the most beautiful, clear night, with crisp air and a sky full of stars. It was much easier to walk through contractions than try to deal with them indoors.

Shortly after we got home, the midwives arrived (4:30ish), and things slowed down for a bit while they got settled in. We all moved to the basement where we had the birthing pool next to the extra bed, as well as lots of space to move around.

My contractions were never solidly predictable, but they were all much stronger than the early and mid-stage contractions of my previous labors. To get through them, I belly danced, bounced on my feet and birth ball, wiggled, made deep sounds and funny sounds, just about anything I could do to release the energy building up. I finally decided to have a cervix check, though I don't remember what time that was. I was 5-6cm, and incredibly stretchy. The baby was just still too high to put much pressure there.

Another while later, close to 9a, after 3 contractions super close together, I decided it was time to get in the pool. I remember reading different stories about how much changing positions can help move things along, so i spent a couple of contractions sitting on the birth pool's seat, then moving to my knees and leaning on the opposite wall of the pool. I was very nauseated at this point, and any vocalizing made it worse. While I have read that vomiting helps move things along, and most women feel better afterwards, I had never vomited during labor, and I wasn't getting the urge to do so now. So, instead of vocalizing, I found that rhythmically drumming on the pool walls helped almost as much.

So, a couple of contractions sitting, a couple more kneeling, back and forth a few times while assuming I had another hour or two of this to go. Then, as I move forward to kneel, a number of things happened instantly: I immediately felt the baby move all the way down and press on my bottom, I was told that my water broke at this time, and my body starts pushing and pushing and won't stop for an entire contraction (1 minute? maybe more?). I was so incredibly unprepared for getting to this point so suddenly that I was quite frightened. I thought for certain I would get huge tears (it sure felt like it!). When the contraction was over, I was so uncomfortable that I kept pushing for some relief. That is when I heard, "Baby's head is out!!" I was still completely shocked that we were at this point. I had a moment of rest before the next contraction, but she didn't budge for that contraction. I wanted it to all be over, so I kept pushing on my own, and by the time the next contraction hit, the shoulders were out, and everything else passed quickly.

After a bit of maneuvering, I went from hands and knees to sitting with baby on my chest in the water. How amazing was that?! Talk about taken by surprise! Baby latched on quickly- so precious! After all that waiting, it took some time for me to integrate everything together into our family's new reality. DS2 was at preschool, but once I was finished vocalizing during pushing, DS1 and Nana came downstairs. He was so excited to see the new baby so soon after birth- he had wanted to be there for the actual birth, but the sounds were too much for him, so he and Nana waited outside where everything was calm. Once everyone had a chance to say hello, I looked under the towel, and saw we had a girl! By the end of this pregnancy, I would have bet money that we would only ever have boys! DS1 was thrilled- he had wanted a sister all along =) I got out of the water as soon as the placenta was out.

Hazel nursed for nearly an hour once we were settled on the bed. Once her exam started, she decided it was time to have a bowel movement that lasted for 10 minutes. Once that was finished, she weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz, and that was after loosing a significant amount of meconium! She measured 21" even, and it was the most relaxed legs I've seen in a newborn- just settled right into things while being measured. I was shocked to learn that I did not need stitches- just two skid marks that haven't caused much trouble. 4 days on, though, and my tailbone is still sore from the rapid decent!

Hazel is strong and pretty calm for a newborn. We are all in love! Even DS2, who keeps talking at school about our new baby parasaurolophus =P I'm having the same trouble bringing in a milk supply as after previous births, but taking drugs with the herbs this time- we'll have an idea what is possible for my body by next week. I'll try to write about it later.
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Wonderful story! I also found it nice to manage contractions outdoors smile.gif

Best of luck with the milk supply, but it sounds like you're off to a great start!

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Congratulations!!! I adore the name Hazel (as it's my dd4!!)! Enjoynyour babymoon, mama!

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Congratz! She is adorable, and that is such a pretty name. 

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Lovely little girl. Welcome Hazel!

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She is gorgeous and I love the name!! Congratulations!

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