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upcoming holidays

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I know its a bit early but I was wondering what everyone's plans are for the holidays? Starting on October 1st I start doing festive things and I think I have made a few to many plans this year. But being pregnant I also feel like my hormones are causing me to want to recreate a 3 month period of fun that I remember from my childhood (even though I am sure I am remembering it wrong lol) so tomorrow we are going pumpkin picking at a local farm and this will be the first year I let my DS go trick or treating so I am trying to figure out what he wants to be so I can make him a costume. What is everyone else doing to celebrate the fall season?
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I am really looking forward to going to a pumpkin patch this year, DD is 19 months now and loves being outside, climbing, animals...everything a pumpkin patch/fall festival is good for! I don't want her to go trick or treating (ever really, but DH disagrees), but we might dress her up as a cat just for fun smile.gif Other than that, I can't wait until thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday of the year!
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Halloween and Christmas are my favorites, if they made thanksgiving lights it would be better than Christmas. I really really love lights. I completely understand about the trick or treating. I hate how much candy kids get, but I have already told DS that he gets to have a few treats and the rest is going away. We took him last year to boo at the zoo and he had fun, he only got maybe 4 or 5 pieces of candy the rest was pencils and packs of crayons and stuff. He really liked it so I figure we can let him actually go door to door this year with my best friends kids. We live so far out in the county that it would be a waste of time to try and go in our neighborhood as my closest neighbor is about a half mile away. This is the first year he can pick his own costume, last year he was a zombie, before that a cave baby and before that a mummy. I think it would be so much fun to dress up a little girl as a cat! That is so cute!
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Thanksgiving is my favorite because it is my birthday.  I am sad to say this year will be the first one I've missed with my family in many years.  But we'll have just moved and I'll be 7 months pregnant.  So maybe we'll make new traditions this year.

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I would be sad without my family being close. I hope to make this thanksgiving special because our friend Ed just quit drinking, and his birthday is Thanksgiving, so hopefully he will come to our house and celebrate it with us, everyone else he knows drinks so I hope I can make this a good year for him even without booze. I dont know what traditions I can do for thanksgiving. Sounds silly I know but I just don't know what we could do. Honestly I am not really able to come up with traditions for any of the holidays.


I hope you have a wonderful birthday in your new house!

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I bought $2 worth of fuzzy black fabric and some face paint crayon thingies for $2.50 at Joanne Fabrics...and the rest we already have!  Easiest baby costume ever, and she'll be adorable :)  I don't have any idea what we'll do, there are things going on at the zoo, and maybe there's something at the Children's Museum (we have a membership there). 


We haven't been with family for Thanksgiving for 5 years, it's just too expensive to fly at that time!  We'd rather go back for Christmas, so when we do travel at the holidays it's for Christmas instead.  We do a full Thanksgiving feast with our close friends, who moved here about 2 years ago, so at least we're not all alone.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (no marshmallows...eew), green bean casserole (with crispy onions from scratch!), pumpkin pie (gluten free for us girls, "regular" for the boys), homemade whipped cream...all made from scratch with lots of love!  And then we make turkey soup and turkey casserole and all kinds of things with the leftovers!  Oh ya, and we usually do full Thanksgiving on Thursday, put all the leftovers in the fridge, and then Thansgiving 2.0 on Friday night :)  Then we divide up whatevers left.  It makes for a fun weekend!


I'll be about to pop this year at Christmas, so we're definitely not flying back to AZ.  We haven't been back for Christmas in a few years, but to be honest I don't mind the quiet celebration.  We have at least 3 families to include (my parents are divorced) every time we're back, so holidays are tough with that much moving around.  We'll have a fun day with just DD, I'm sure she'll actually have fun with the presents this year at almost two, rather than not care at all like last year when she was 10 months old :)

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I'll be closer to all the family and will likely have some of them popping through on the way to and from the main events.  It'll just be different this year.  I can't really plan what to do yet because I am barely holding it together with the here and now part.  I'm excited to start exploring a home birth though. 

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We just celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend at the ILs. They live about 4 hours away, so it was a nice visit as it will probably be the last until after this baby is born. Now that holiday is out of the way, I cannot wait for Christmas! I started my shopping last night; I just happened to find a bunch of great Curious George books at the grocery store for a great price, so I bought the whole series (about 10 total). Both boys love Curious George, so these books will be a hit :)

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I love finding great deals on things! We just found the most awesome poster of the solar system on sale and its looking like we are going to redo my sons room for Christmas so we bought the poster for a Christmas gift. Yay one gift down! I am wondering how we are going to do the holidays with traveling this year. My family is about an hour away in one direction, and my in laws are 2 1/2 to 3 hours away in another direction. We go see each of them once a month but its getting harder to make the almost 3 hour drive to go to the in laws. I can't imagine how horrible it will be come December.

Anilia- at least you will get to see your family a little bit. My husband would love to move far far away from both our familys so he only would have to see them once or twice a heat but I don't want to leave. It's a huge issue for us right now.
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Aw- Pogo!  I know just how both of you feel.  I love my folks and his- well...  I guess they are growing on me after ten years :)

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