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Cameron is here!

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Cameron was born on September 19 at 8:08 pm after 3 hours of active labor and 8 minutes of pushing. He was 7lb 15.5 oz and 20.5 inches long.

We went to Seattle at the end of August to await his birth, knowing that we had to be home by the 24th so that DH could start school. A few days before my "due week" (my due date was calculated anywhere between the 11th and the 15th) I started trying natural labor prep methods, including homeopathics, herbs, acupuncture, and lots of walking. By the 17th, we were ready to try breaking my water (I would have loved to be zen and just waited for things to happen naturally, but we were facing a deadline of DH either missing the birth or postponing his last quarter of nursing school.) The midwife checked me and I was only dilated to 1.5, so she wasn't able to break my water. We dropped DD off for a sleepover with her auntie and went back to DH's grandma's house to try a more intensive regiment of homeopathics, herbs, acupressure, and walking, with some sex and nipple stimulation thrown in for god measure. I also tried to rest a lot that day, and felt that overall, it was a pretty relaxing day. That evening, I decided to get castor oil to try the next day. It didn't work...well, it worked, but not to put me into labor :/

On Wednesday the 19th, we went to see the midwife again. The plan was to either break my water or to put in a Foley catheter, depending on what she thought would work. She didn't think at first that she would be able to break my water, but when she tried to put the catheter in, my cervix was too soft to hold it. She "aggressively stripped" my membranes, then broke my water at 1:00pm and told us to walk around for a while and see what happened. I also made plans to see the acupuncturist later that afternoon. I started having strong contractions around 3:30, and started my acupuncture session at 3:40. By the time I finished acupuncture at 5:10, I was having contractions a few minutes minutes apart. We decided to go have dinner, and on the way I called my midwife to let her know what was going on. By the time we got to the restaurant (10 minutes away), I knew that I couldn't sit in a restaurant to eat. DH went in to order food to go and my contractions started to pick up in intensity. We were we parked along the street and I was bent over the passenger seat with my butt hanging over the sidewalk, swaying with contractions...and someone walked by and whistled at me, lol.

I called the midwife again and asked her to hurry back to the birth center. She did, but by the time she arrived, I was throwing up and very anxious to get into the tub. It was a huge tub that would take a while to fill, but I got in when the water was few inches deep and used the handheld shower head to run the warm water over my belly. My doula arrived shortly after, and she was behind me on one side of the tub, putting pressure on my back during my contractions, while DH was by my head, chanting "oooopen, ooooopen" with me. The contractions were coming about 2 minutes apart, very intense, and when I started to think that I couldn't do this anymore, I knew that I must be in transition. Just before 8pm, I had a contraction that I thought felt a little pushy...and immediately after, DH announced that he had never gotten a chance to eat and he was going to grab some food. I wasn't quite ready to commit to the fact that it was time to push yet, so I asked him to get one of my sisters from the waiting room (they were hanging out with DD there) and to have her sit through a contraction with him so that she would know what to do. The next contraction was definitely pushy! There was no way I could have stopped it if I'd wanted to...baby was coming! DH quickly forgot about eating and stayed right where he was. smile.gif

After 8 minutes of pushing, Cameron was born into the water at 8:08pm with the cord wrapped around his neck three times. Daddy caught him and handed him to me. He looked around for a bit and seemed to be adjusting to his new environment before he cried a tiny little mew. We sat in the tub for a bit and my midwife gave me a shot of pitocin in my arm, since I had retained the placenta when DD was born and we wanted to make sure that I didn't stop contracting this time. After a while she suggested that we move to the bed and try to deliver the placenta there. I got Cameron to latch on and pushed with each contraction....then suddenly had to cough and out popped the placenta...which was a completely different (and much more pleasant) experience than when DD's had to be manually removed.

After hanging out at the birth center for a few hours, we went back to DH's grandma's house and stayed for a few days, then saw the midwife on our way out of Seattle to come home. Cameron only lost 1 oz In those first 3 days, and had gained at least a pound over his birth weight by the time we saw our family doctor on day 8. (They weighed him with clothes on and he was 9lb 14 oz)

We are getting settled back to our routine at home after being gone for almost a month, and DH has been amazing with juggling school and helping out as much as possible. Cameron has been an easy baby so far, a great nurser and a good sleeper. He wants to be held almost all the time, but that's why we have a Moby. smile.gif Katie is in love with her little brother and thinks that being a big sister is the coolest thing ever!
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Great job!
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What a great birth story. Congratulations @ilovejeff and family.
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Congrats mama. Welcome sweet boy!

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Congratulations, mama!!! Welcome Cameron. :)

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