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non dairy yogurt

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Im not actually a vegan, BUT i thought this might be the best place to post this question.  Has anyone made non-dairy in the crockpot?  I have tried twice once with coconut milk and coconut yogurt starter and last night with hemp milk and a probiotic capsule....both were miserable fails!  they didnt thicken at all - eventually id like to make my own yogurt to use in salad dressing.  I followed this recipe:  3 hours heating up in crock pot, 2.5 hours cooling in crockpot, mix in 'starter' and wait 8 hours wrapped in heavy towel - strain in fridge.

any ideas on what im doing wrong?  TIA

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My mother used to make her own yogurt (cow's milk). She heated the mixture after adding the starter. Also, there has to be enough sugar for the bacteria to eat while being warmed, otherwise they die and spoil the yogurt. If the problem is just that it doesn't thicken, that seems to be the way it is for coconut milk. Here's a link that might help. I'd suggest Googling coconut yogurt if you need more info.

Good luck! Keep us posted on your results.

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