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9/30 Weekly Chat Thread

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Holy cow mamas bigeyes.gif Where did September go??!! I hope that all of you vibrant, amazing, gorgeous mamas are doing well! Happy Sunday! 

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I am amazed at how different this pregnancy feels. Not only physically, with more movement, more heartburn, and more pelvic/hip pain, but also emotionally/mentally. I feel so much more prepared for this pregnancy, and I think because of that I'm in severe nesting mode as opposed to being in denial and not getting things done. We just moved out washer from our kitchen (who puts a washer in a kitchen?) to the bathroom and I'm super excited about it! I've been painting furniture, and rearranging our room to accommodate a twin bed for the Kraken (so we'll have twin bed/king bed/sidecarred crib all next to each other, along with 3 dressers and the room just isn't quite big enough, so we may be doing a little more furniture moving in the next few days. 

I'm having a hard time with not being able to do the things that I want to do (move furniture myself, work with chemicals to clean/strip furniture to paint, etc) but my body has been doing a good job of telling me when I'm doing too much.  

I am apparently having a baby shower next month, but I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it. The only things we need are higher priced items (car seat, new monitor, boba, some new cloth diapers) and some clothes (although we will be gifted all small sizes and are expecting a big baby) so I'm worried I will end up getting a bunch of stuff we don't need. 


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After scouring several Amazon reviews, and measuring myself probably half a dozen times with as many different measuring methods, I have ordered a couple of nursing bras, a Hotmilk one and a Medela one. And if the Hotmilk one works out, then I have two more of the same size "waiting" for me that someone is selling b/c she got the wrong size for her. I'm excited for my mail this week. Oh and I also scored a nursing dress for $5, including shipping. orngbiggrin.gif

Today, I am super sore in the hips. DH is off on Wednesday and I have my three-hour test in the AM, but he and I are both going to the chiro in the afternoon. I can't even walk today without pain, and one of my left back ribs has felt like it's been "off" for a couple of weeks now. Gotta get fixed.
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I've got Christmas on my mind again today!  I mean, really= two months left to get everything done/made/wrapped/ & shipped out to everyone. We are keeping it low key, but it just all seems like a ton to do before hand.  Who has a leg up on Christmas making already? 


Esp- thank you for your kind words on babe's positioning. He's just got a ton of room still and is wiggling all over. He's head down today and I've got so much more breathing room! I need to snap a picture, too, because it's just such a different belly with him this way! 


I've got some sewing to do today - make a few mei tais, a pocket sling, and some gowns- all for friends so I can be done with sewing for others and get started on other big projects! Just bought some PUL and am going to attempt to make a few pocket diapers out of that. 


Hope everyone has a great week!! 

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Hi Mummas!


Gah! A new thread?!?!?!?! Dark Blue I think you are speeding up time!! Starting each thread weeks earlier lol! Where has the time gone?!?!?


Things here are good :) re Cancer scare: Doc explained that due to my history and my symptoms its just something that we are going to have to check out every now and again. Apparently he "phrased his words wrong" at the other appt, making it sound like he thought I had two types of rare cancer... COULD KILL HIM! Who does that to a pregnant lady? My MIL and DH nearly ripped his face off when we got the results... Anyway!


Purposeful- Yeah Christmas has been on my mind a lot the past few weeks! We are really short on money at the moment, and our family sucks at giving gifts so I rang them all up and explained that we are going to be really busy this Christmas (one way or the other) so how about we only give gifts to the kids? They all enthusiatstically said yes, so that has let me off the hook! PHEWF! But I would have been making hampers if we had done the normal thing. Barbecue/Coffee/Chocolate/Gardening hampers for the adults and couples. What have you got planned??


Harmony- You lucky thing! I cant believe you got a nursing dress for sooo cheap! Jealous!!! I hope the bras fit! Hot Milk is a bit of a favorite around here :) Good stuff and great prices :) Let us know how it goes! Also, my hips have been horrible the past month, and I have found sleeping on the couch to help it immensely! Not sure if thats something you can/want to do but it was the first time I slept and woke up without crying in pain. Worth a shot??


Mothership- Sounds like you have been BUSY!!! Can I have some of your nesting energy pretty please?!?!? How is your daughter feeling about a new addition? Is she loving the belly ??


AFM- we are just plodding along :) my sis is throwing me a baby shower and a good friend is hosting a Mother Blessing for me :))))) Exciting!

We went to target yesterday and stocked up on a whole lot of essentials etc. Other than a materess protector for the basinette I think we are set!! Woooooo and Ahhhhh!


Has anyone else copped the "Oh you look wayyyy too big to have 3 months left!" Comments? Its driving me up the wall. And its starting to get into my head :(  As much as I try and stay logical about it, its starting to grate on me! I think I am going to have to start using a few comebacks I came up with

1- "Really? And when did you get your midwifery degree to make such an educated statement?"

2- "Oh, way to make a hormonal pregnant lady feel good...." Said in REALLY hurt voice.

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OH- by the way- When do you THINK you will give birth?

I had a dream the other night that my midwives asked me this question and I said "27th, 28th and 29th of December".. I am "due' on the 21st but feeling a late baby, but just worried that I am gonna be left alone as the only pregnant one on this board lol while the rest of you run around in the snow with your bubs, and i am stuck being a whale in the Australian heat lol

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tavelmumma, ah. I'm not even due until the 27th and with my term babies, I was 4 days early and 5 days late, so I'll surely be bringing up the rear with you. Last year when I was first looking at Hotmilk, we had somewhere local that carried that brand, but they're not showing up on Hotmilk's site anymore. Bummed about that, but still hopeful they'll work out for me. smile.gif My poor prior nursing bras have about 4.5 years of use and were the wrong size anyway, lol.
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Travelmumma, I don't remember if I mentioned it here or not, but with DS1, I went into labor on my EDD, and DS2 was just 1 day before his EDD. Both boys' EDDs were calculated based on LMP, but with this one, I know exactly the day of ovulation, so my EDD is based on that--which was CD17 (and I typically O even later than that, usually around CD20). In short, I'm beginning to think that my EDD could be moved up by at least 3 days, to the 12th (from the 15th). I realize it probably means nothing, but since my labors were so punctual before, maybe it does? I don't want to psych myself out and end up miserably post-dates just because I think I may go a teeny bit early, though. 


Since I had what I thought was a blood sugar scare a week and a half ago, I've been testing my urine daily with strips from my mw...and also because I keep showing "slight" leukocytes--not zero, not trace, but also not increasing. But no nitrites, so not likely a real UTI, just weird. Anyway, I had a crazy day today and showed some slight protein, some dehydration, and ketones--meaning I didn't have enough to eat and drink, and what I had wasn't high enough in protein. So DH makes me some leftover chicken stir-fry while I'm putting the boys to bed so I get some more REAL food in me before bedtime. I went to switch the laundry out, come back to the room, and my dog has eaten ALL of the chicken out of my food. (He hasn't stolen food in about 7 years!!!) I'm still feeling crappy, and I'm just SO PISSED at him. He has a full, fresh bowl of food and water. He's been annoying as hell all day, too. And of course the only other source of easy protein right now is yogurt, and I've already had more dairy than I should have today. I know it's a ridiculous reason to cry, but that's what I feel like doing. Freaking asshole dog. 

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Stegan, have you seen this yet?  Hope it makes you laugh! smile.gif

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Ugh, Rae, so sorry the dog ate your chicken. greensad.gif

Natalie, that site is hilarious!
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Happy October!


Originally Posted by themothership View Post

I feel so much more prepared for this pregnancy, and I think because of that I'm in severe nesting mode as opposed to being in denial and not getting things done. We just moved out washer from our kitchen (who puts a washer in a kitchen?)


Me too! It feels like I have so much more energetic space for nesting this time. Last time I was researching things and making choices at every turn and just trying to orient myself to babyland. This time I'm able to sit back and enjoy the soft and fuzzy a lot more. Is that an adequate transiition into talking about diapers? I for one do miss having a washer in the kitchen. That's the norm in Europe but oddly ours is in the garage here but we had one in the kitchen when we lived in the states. I used it like a wet pail, super convenient.


Mothership and Harmony, my hips ache too. Hope we all can get some relief soon. A good stretching session feels so nice.


Purposeful, I'm way behind on Christmas, which is to say I haven't even started. Even not pregnant I'd usually be further along in my preparations. I'd better make a list this week and get to it. How was the sewing session?


Travelmumma, I hope you told that doctor off! Sorry you had to go though even 1 minute of worry. And yes, I've gotten a few of the "so any day now" comments. I'm short and short waisted so there's nowhere for baby to go but EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I do look like I could be full-term. I'm just glad it's October now so that at least sounds a little closer to December. I think a lot of people don't know, or forget, just how big a belly can get. And like Purposeful said, bellies change shape from day to day. Wish I had a good comeback for those comments. Usually I just manage a stiff smile.


Stegenrae, sorry about your chicken. The Dog Shaming website's great. This one's my little food snatcher: http://dog-shaming.com/post/32100308800/i-took-a-local-organic-apple-out-of-the-fruit Wouldn't it be cool if your prediction for a 12/12/12 baby came true? Someone in here, or maybe more than one someone, will probably have a 12/12/12 baby.


AFM, turning the page to October feels like a really big deal. December is that much closer. I'm feeling a little beat-the-clock panic. DH and I set a goal to get all the baby stuff ready by the end of next month, which feels do-able. But it really hit me this weekend when we took a long daytrip with DS that our lifestyle is going to change in a big way when baby arrives, and she's going to be here very soon. I hope we can squeeze in at least a couple more family excursions while the fall weather is so nice and I'm able to get out. I mean, those baby days go quickly and we'll take her out even when she's tiny -- heck, we took DS on a roadtrip when he was a week old -- but DS is almost 6 now so he's pretty self-sufficient and up for anything. I'm feeling anxious about going back to life with a baby; naps and feedings and diaper bags and all that. Nice to know she'll be a winter baby so I can look forward to snuglging with her on the couch with a cup of tea. At least it's a good season to be housebound.

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nhklh, sorry to hear you're feeling blue. (((hugs))) Hope you'll be able to do something today to nurture yourself and ground some of those feelings. That was an interesting read about EDDs. Thanks for posting it. My LMP was 1 day after the full moon in March. (Got a BFP on the full moon in April, oddly enough). December's full moon is on the 28th. My EDD is the 14th. In the US we get a tax break if baby arrives before January 1st. We'd never induce to guarantee that outcome but I do sort of hope she arrives in December, lol. Here's a link to moon phases in case anyone else is wants to peek at their cycle dates: http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/moonphases.html

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Hello mamas!! I am up early before the rest of my crew today so hopefully I can get in a full post here! I am fighting a good old-fashioned cold and made myself some hot water with ACV and honey to enjoy while I catch up with everyone! (Oh, and on the topic of consuming things you enjoy, can I just say you HAVE to try Noosa yogurt....oh my gosh, so yummy. I just had one this morning and thought I could seriously have this instead of ice cream for the rest of my life)! orngtongue.gif


Mothership, I have the same feelings about a shower. I am hoping MIL does not plan anything. I really think I will end up having an awkward afternoon and getting stuff I really don't need. Maybe they will surprise you and get you bigger sizes. thumb.gif I would so like to refinish some furniture right now too. Are you having someone else strip paint for you or just skipping it?


Harmony, I hope you have speedy mail delivery this week!! I love anticipating packages! You guys are all way ahead of me on the bra thing. I have one nursing bra from my last pregnancy but honestly I felt like I most often just went bra-less unless I needed to leave the house in which case I used one of my regular older stretched out ones that I could just lift up. Eh, we'll see how things go this time around. I have never had a winter baby so maybe that will make a difference in what I wear?


Rae, I think I would have cried if my dog ate my dinner. greensad.gif I get upset if something that I had my heart set on has been eaten by someone else by the time I make it to the refrigerator. Hope you are feeling better now.


Oh nesting, yes! MIL IS coming to stay with us (starting on the 24th)! Soooo, I have been moving things around to accommodate her. She wanted to share a room with oldest DD so that's what we are doing. Emptying drawers, moving dressers. The really, really great part about her wanting to sleep down there is that she will be on the first floor and I will be up on the 3rd floor so when it comes time for labor hopefully she will not hear us and wake up!! We keep joking that she will come into the kitchen in the morning to get her coffee and will meet the baby. Ah, if only it could happen like that! winky.gif


Christmas? Well, I started my homemade vanilla extract about a month ago. I have to check on it but I think it should be good to go in November and ready for some cute jars/labels. As for the kids, I have started a little list for each of them. Nothing purchased yet though. Have you seen this? http://pinterest.com/pin/10907224068665872/  We usually do really simple Christmas but I thought this was a cute list to work off of.



I am 30 weeks today...3/4 of the way there!  joy.gifjoy.gif  Well, in my case more likely to be closer to 12 more weeks but exciting none the less!

On the topic of due dates, did any of you check out the September DDC when they were all having their babies the last couple weeks?? It was amazing to see how many of them went to 41-42 weeks. When left alone those babies stay in there and cook! I think I saw 2 that came before 40 weeks on their own, just like that link that NHKLH shared!


We had a really fun family day yesterday. We took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania. Super cute movie. Movies are so expensive that we don't take our crew very often (especially because DS is just getting to where he will sit through a whole movie) but I was so glad we got a movie in before LO arrives. I think this may be our last movie as a family for some time! smile.gif

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Tropicana- I'm right there with you! I'm about 31 weeks today, though I've still got 11 weeks left. nhklh- thanks for the link! I love everything about that!  With a "due date" of 12/3-5, I'm just hoping to not be pregnant by Christmas! Hope your day turns around, mama! 

cielo- That is pretty awesome that you put your dog on dog-shaming! Love it! 

Travelmumma- I'm getting mixed vibes from babe about when he will be here. Part of me is feeling super early December, which is when he is due, but the other part of me that has had two "late" babies, says that it will most likely be the week of the 16th. I'm just hoping before Christmas! 


AFM- I didn't get any sewing done at all yesterday, as I decided I'd rather deep clean the entire upstairs than start in a messy space. I almost got finished before braxton hicks set in and made me tired!  Cleaning up there also included finishing up going through all of the girls clothes and cycle through what fits, what to donate, and what to pass on to friends. We've got three more rounds of friends who are passing clothes on to us soon, so I'm sure I'll have to do that again. I'm hoping to by done sewing those other projects by the end of the week though. Not planning on getting a whole lot done today, other than finishing up DD1's fleece pea coat for an outside concert we are going to tonight. I'm taking her to go see Florence + the Machine tonight in KC! We are going to wear lipstick and are so excited!! 


On the Christmas topic- I think we are going to make magnets & necklaces out of floral rocks, snow globes with mason jars, and probably some play dough for friends. Have any of you read The Artful Parent? She's got so many great ideas for crafty kid giving.  I've also got a few projects on the needles that I need to finish up, then I'll start some Christmas knitting, too.  I was talking to DH about Christmas gifts in general for our girls just the other day. I was telling him how I love making them everything and how it just feels good to do that, but also how I remember getting a new barbie or some other plastic crap when I was little and how awesome that was for me.  We are thinking this year will be a mix of plastic crap, (my girls are so into my little pony and fairies right now- anyone else?) and handmade/thrifted goodness. I feel like with today being October 1st, the countdown has begun! 

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Natalie, where do you live? I'm in KC and several friends are going to Florence + the Machine tonight, too. SOO jealous. :D Have a wonderful time with DD!


I started a list on Evernote for gift ideas for the boys. Mostly things relatives wouldn't get or think of, so now if they ask, I can tell them "tickets or money toward tickets to see our professional soccer team" or "Amtrak day trip train tickets" or other random, expensive things they want but aren't *things,* yk? When DS1 was 4, I think, I asked for lessons/leagues for his birthday & that was great--I don't know why I didn't think of that before. Our solstice gift to them is going to be nice bikes and the traditional (for us) new pajamas. Just have to figure out a gift for my nephew and niece. Our gifts for everyone else will just be a freaking photo of babe (I HOPE!!). 


We've already had to take our extra deduction (multiple household things broke/flooded/fell apart at the same time, ugh!), so baby girl had better be somewhat punctual like her big brothers. 

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Travelmumma-I am SO happy that it was just a poor choice of words from your doctor, but you poor mama, what a nightmare that must have been! I too have been getting comments on how I look like I could "give birth any day now" nono.gif And yeah, I have not been thrilled, lol. Congrats on getting all of your baby stuff together for Albi, Sandy! That is awesome!!! As for when I think Gabe will arrive, I have this strong feeling that Christmas Eve is going to be the big day!!


Harmony-Congrats on your awesome score with nursing gear, I hope everything fits you like a dream! 


Mothership-I am sooo glad that the energy of this pregnancy is different in a good way for you! And way to go on being so awesomely productive!


Stegen-Arrgh about your dog nom-ing all of your chicken mama...that is a good way to incur the wrath of the mama bear eat.gif I hope you are able to slow down and take care of yourself!


nhklh- *hugs* mama!!! I am sorry that you were having a blue day...on that note, I have a silly little book that cheers me up every time I'm feeling down http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Day-Book-Cheering-Yourself/dp/0740791877/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1349103011&sr=1-1&keywords=the+blue+day+book I always give it as a gift when I know someone is having a tough time hug2.gif I will be sending lots of happy soothing energy your way!


Cieloazul-lol about wanting your babe to make an appearance before the new year!! 


Tropicana- Way to go on the nesting!! And the vanilla extract sounds amazing! It's so neat that we are getting so close to labor time-and so neat that your MIL will be there!


Purposeful-I am SOOOOOOO jealous of you getting to see Florence + The Machine!!!! I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!


AFM I have been sewing a lot, but lately it has mostly been for the girls...they seem to have grown a ton in the last few months so I have been pulling together some new fall/winter outfits for them...on a side note, patchwork circle skirts are gorgeous, but 250 squares later (for two skirts) I think they may become an annual thing, lol. Remember when I scored that great carseat/stroller for 15$ this spring? Well i have decided I want to get the carseat and the stroller recovered before Gabe gets here...annnnnd since I can't lay my hands on my Bundleme (and am starting to half-remember giving it away) I need to make a new one. I ordered some new PUL and am excited to start stitching AIOs and regular little covers as even though DH loves the convenience of AIOs, they are not always the most absorbent. I found a deal on some wool sweaters which I have been upcycling into longies, and I had found this gorgeous cream wool sweater that I was going to make a cocoon for Gabe out of but Penelope has apparently 'imprinted' on it and wants it to become a rabbit, so since her b-day is right around the corner I am going to secretly make her wish come true. Christmas gifts are slowly coming together here...DH and I have been making extras of the beeswax candles and salves and have been branching out with soapmaking so I think we are just going to be gifting baskets of that stuff this year. As for the babes, I *think/hope/pray* (lol) that it can all get done before Gabe gets here! Hope all is well!

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Wow! Happy October everyone!


It sounds like we are all so busy - sewing, nesting, making holiday gifts, being mamas, etc! I have half a mind to cancel Christmas/Solstice this year... seriously, at the beginning of this pregnancy I was just thinking "Oh, I'll get everything done early!" and now I want to do NOTHING. On Saturday night/Sunday early, I felt like I was going to go into labor! No real contractions or anything (some BH, but that's it), but just this tired, ready to have the baby feeling that I am used to getting around 39 weeks, just before labor sets in. It was scary, to say the least. I have a bit more energy today, but those 2 days were tough - I fell asleep on the couch 4-5 times; yesterday I woke up from my nap & could NOT wake up. Argh.


I've been making some diapers, too - DS2 saw them and said, "Wow mom, that looks like something you'd buy from a store." Good compliment from a 10 year old ;). I think I am going to make 2 more smalls, and as many mediums as I can from the rest of the PUL I have. Speaking of, if anyone has a Joanne's Fabrics near you, they have a whole section of SUPER cute PUL & diaper making supplies - with their coupons (40 or 50% off) they can be pretty affordable. Without a coupon, it's ridiculous.


I'm going to do my best to enjoy the quiet house today and not push myself too hard. It's 10am & I feel ready to go back to bed!

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Can't do personals right now really but . . .


I think baby will be here early - mostly because all my other babies have been early (38, 39, 36 weeks.)  I will be REALLY pissed if for once I go super late and don't get a 2012 baby.  But my goal is get past Thanksgiving!


I got nothin' for Christmas.  I don't usually do a lot of crafting (although I have the skills, WOH I don't have the time) and we don't do adult gifts on the larger side of my family. I do have a cute idea for the cousins, but we'll see if I can get to it.  It's fun reading about what you're all doing, though!

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travelmumma - Ugh! I hate when medical people don't take extra care with their words, especially when they are speaking about something as serious as cancer! I am thrilled to hear that you are in the clear, though!  As for when I think I will give birth...I think somewhere between the 17th and the 21st, but that could just be wishful thinking because we are really hoping for a Sagittarius! I am also hoping for her sake that she will not be born on Christmas eve or Christmas Day! And of course I am hoping for the tax break like everyone else!


rae Is your dog related to my dog? He is also an asshole! He once stole an entire sausage off of my plate when I wasn't looking (he weighs about 15 pounds, so this was no small feat for him). Hope everything gets resolved with the weird urine stuff!


themothership I share your concern about getting a bunch of stuff we don't need. Our karaoke party/shower is this weekend and, so far, no one has touched anything on the registry. And while I am obviously not insistent that everyone buy off the registry, I am a little worried because most of our friends tend toward the childless/clueless side. I am so worried that I am going to end up with a lot of stuffed animals and fancy newborn clothes! I have a lot of baby showers to go to over the next couple of months and have become the queen of the diaper/breast feeding gear gifts. There isn't going to be a lot of oohing and ahhing when my gifts get opened, but I am pretty damn sure they will be the most appreciated!


harmony hope you are getting some relief from the pain!


I am seriously impressed by any of you who are even thinking about christmas! I will probably have more time for that when I get past this wedding! The only people I really have to worry about gifts for are my niece and nephew. I usually donate money to one of my parent's favorite charities for the holidays every year because they don't need anything! My best friend's birthday is December 19th, so I will have to worry about that, too. I am really really looking forward to finding a stocking for the baby, though!

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