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Originally Posted by chicajones View Post

My midwife will be able to do my delivery, although now it's looking like we will have to opt for the birth center, since it's hard to do a homebirth when you don't have a home (Or when you're a guest in someone else's house)! I am glad we have options, but I've cried a lot over the past few days just processing everything. I feel a bit pathetic. 


I would love some advice on two things -- one, what are the essentials for the first month and a half? We will probably be flying to the UK once the baby is around 6-8 weeks, if both of us are healthy. So we still cannot take much, although I know we will need to have some things for him. Clothing, diapers, changing pad, carrier (we will wait on a stroller till we get over there)...what else felt invaluable to you in those first few weeks?


Second, any advice on what I can do with all of my "nesting" instincts? It's likely he'll be born and then a week or two later we'll be staying at a different spot, then be travelling a month or so after that. I plan to knit a lot, but if anyone has had to set up a "temporary" nursery/spot for their babe, I would love to hear about anything you did to make it feel special, even if it was just for a short time.



Oh Chica! hug2.gif
I feel your pain. Maybe not quite the same as your situation but we are currently living in my in-laws home. This was supposed to be a totally temporary situation and we have found ourselves here much longer. greensad.gif While my in-laws don't live here, it is still not our home. Most everything that we own is sitting in storage as this was/is a fully furnished home. So, we have just had to squeeze our family of 5 in around their things (in a small house). I so get the not having a home and place for baby!

I did move a dresser out of our room over the weekend just so there would at least be a corner that was for the baby. I am going to put a co-sleeper there next to my side of the bed. Next to that there is a decorative book shelf that my MIL had there (that I just took all the decorations off of) that I am going to use for diapers and baby clothes. That is the extent of what the baby will have at this house. I figure I will need to change diapers in the co-sleeper or on our bed in the middle of the night. The shelves will consist of diapers, wipes, onesies (for layering), newborn gowns (these are great/easy for diaper changes at night - no snaps!), one piece footie pajamas and a few blankets for swaddling and burp clothes for sure. That's about all I can think of that baby will need in those first couple months. If I remember you live in a warmer climate so you don't need all the extra things like a carseat cozy, heavy snow suit, fleece/wool layers etc.

I agree with the post above that you won't need much for nursing but you may want to consider a small breast pump. I would never have made it through without one. My milk comes in very fast and a LOT of it. There is just way too much for the baby to consume and pumping was absolutely necessary! Maybe you would want to wait and see if you need it but keep it in mind because engorgement is horrible.

I am going to hope and pray for you to not have to wait 4 months!! Maybe your application will somehow make it to the top of the pile and things will move quickly! 

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Sego Congrats! I am so excited for you! I am so glad that you are getting some support for your work.


Rae Awesome news about the diapers! You are one lucky mama. And yay for head down babies!


Chica -  I am so sorry that you are experiencing this bureaucratic delay! It must be so stressful to have so much uncertainty right now. I have no advice, but I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers and hoping that things get moving and you are on that plane asap!


AFM - We are experiencing a heat wave here and it has been over 90 degrees the last couple of days. DP and I both have colds, which, combined with the heat is making me miserable. We are not getting any sleep because it is so freakin' hot and we can't breathe. The sleep I am getting has been really fitful and involving a lot of nightmares. Two nights ago I dreamed that my boobs turned into sprinklers (like the round metal kind you put in your garden) and I was showering everyone with milk. Hahaha!


Is anyone else experiencing a weight gain slow down? I have been hovering around the same weight for the past few weeks after a pretty steady climb over the 1st and 2nd trimesters and am wondering if I should be concerned about it

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Originally Posted by kateadelle View Post

Is anyone else experiencing a weight gain slow down? I have been hovering around the same weight for the past few weeks after a pretty steady climb over the 1st and 2nd trimesters and am wondering if I should be concerned about it


I just had my 28wk appointment today and was asking my midwife the same thing (I've stayed around the same weight for the past few weeks as well). She said not to worry at all as long as my belly (fundal height) is still increasing, and my diet has been consistent. She said it's common for the weight to slow down at points, and then pick up more towards the end (or vice versa). So I wouldn't worry about it at all!

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Originally Posted by kateadelle View Post

 Two nights ago I dreamed that my boobs turned into sprinklers (like the round metal kind you put in your garden) and I was showering everyone with milk. Hahaha!


Is anyone else experiencing a weight gain slow down? I have been hovering around the same weight for the past few weeks after a pretty steady climb over the 1st and 2nd trimesters and am wondering if I should be concerned about it

Wowza, now that is a crazy pregnancy dream!! lol.gif


I had my weight gain plateau for about 3-4 weeks then in a 10 day period it shot up 4-5 pounds! It hasn't changed again for the last couple weeks. My weight gain rate has been all over the board with all my pregnancies....first time I didn't gain anything for the first 1/2 of my pregnancy then made up for it (even gained almost 10 pounds in the last month).Second time I gained nothing in the first trimester and like clockwork gained a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy. This time it has been very stop and go. But no matter what the rate was I still gained 28 pounds with my first two and look like I am on track to gain that this time too! I say they are all in the realm of "normal". thumb.gif

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I had my three-hour glucose test today. The one-hour test was just 50g of glucose, but the three-hour one was 100g (but with the same volume of fluid, so it felt and tasted like syrup, whereas the other stuff more resembled Kool-aid). The blood draws went fine. So you know how the blood draws are, there's the needle, then a little tube, then the little cup at the end where they attach the vials? With my first draw this morning, we were chilling out and waiting for the vial to fill up, and then all of a sudden, then little tube "stood up" and then laid back down on the other side, all by itself, lol. The phlebotomist and I laughed. I was able to get a little walking in, in between each draw. If my results are posted online, then I'll be able to see them this weekend sometime, but otherwise, I'll have to just wait for the nurse to call me on Monday or Tuesday with my results (would have been Monday last time but she was off. But I felt decent throughout the test, only a tiny and brief bout of mild nausea at one point.
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kate - love the sprinkler boobs dream, but sorry to hear you are sick & hot, of course!


Harmony - hope your results are good. if not, it's just a matter of diet & exercise :)


I have no idea about the weight thing (I'm one of those who hasn't really been on the scale much).


I have had the chance to tell the school's staff, and a couple of other close people, about the grant. I cry EVERY time. I know I would be crying even if I wasn't a hormonal pregnant mama though, this has been so long in the making, and is such a miracle! The staff & I all cried today... lots of hugs & everyone was so thrilled, relieved, and excited!


Baby has been kicking me like crazy :/ Oh, and last night, was having sex & had to stop, it got too painful. Woke up about an hour later with HORRIBLE pains right about where my placenta is - like a sharp, hot, someone is sticking a knife in me pain. Kind of freaked me out, but it went away after about 15 minutes & I was able to sleep. Definitely going to ask my MW about it tomorrow at our appt, my initial thought was my placenta was detaching & I was going to start bleeding... but nothing happened. Quite scary :/ I think I am on 'high alert' at the moment, because my friend who had the bad preclampsia had her baby at exactly this point (29 weeks) - we are so similar, part of me has expected to develop the same symptoms & have baby early. I think I will breathe easier when I hit 30 weeks. BTW, her baby is 9.5 pounds, 3 months old now (adjusted age about 3 weeks?), he is super healthy & wonderful - other than a hernia operation, he has been basically fine (had to be weaned off oxygen, but that's about it).

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Okay, mamas, I have a whopper of a story to tell of pregnancy brain and horrible dogs tonight! I made pancakes for dinner before taking DS1 to his D&D game, which is about a 20 minute drive each way (will pick him up later). The last, pan-filling pancake wasn't done yet so I said, at least twice, to myself and out loud to the kids, "I am going to put DD in the car and come back for my keys and wallet and then turn the stove off so the pancake can cook as long as possible." Then I walked out the door - without turning off the stove. I realized this about 10 minutes away from home ON THE WAY BACK - so had been gone for a half an hour at that point. I primed the younger kids to stay in the car and out of my way when we got home and raced there as much as traffic would allow. As we drove into the driveway, we marked the good signs of no fire trucks or billows of smoke, and I rushed in. Indeed, I had left the stove on. Fortunately, it was such a huge quantity of pancake batter in a really solid cast iron pan that just the bottom 1/8" or so was thoroughly carbonized and there wasn't even any smoke. Whew! BUUUUT . . . I left a plate with a little bacon on the table, and right next to it, a plate with a dishtowel over about 6 - 8 normal sized pancakes - for the kids and DH to eat later. The bacon was still there - but NOT THE PANCAKES. The d*($ dog ate them all. And I didn't notice until AFTER I gave him his food. I have NO idea what he was thinking - why'd he leave the bacon? Why the heck did he eat the pancakes in the first place? He won't even eat them when they fall on the floor. I am SO mad at the dog. Harmony, glad you think the test went well! Sego, wow wow wow about the grant! Great news. Weight gain - I don't really weigh myself often, so I don't have a week by week track on it, but I do think I kind of go in spurts. I also don't really look that much bigger in my clothes to myself than I did at 15 weeks or so - I definitely measure bigger, but it's as if I popped early on and haven't really enlarged that much since.
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Sorry about the lack of spacing and paragraphs above - MDC seems to have eaten them!
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Mamabeakley - hahaha! Our kitchen ceiling still has a piece of egg shell lodged in it (we left it there on purpose, to remind us of this story) from the time about 6 weeks post-partum, when I left the eggs boiling so long the water evaporated, the eggs burned and then completely exploded all over the kitchen. My dd is still traumatized, as she was in the kitchen when they exploded. Poor thing.


Re: weight plateau - I hadn't gained much, then gained 5 pounds in the last three weeks. Yikes!

Sego - Congratulations again and again!


Chica - to add the newborn list, I have found a Boppy or other nursing pillow to be a necessity for me.


Saw my doctor on Monday, 27 weeks, all looks good. We were talking about the VBAC, and she said they like to have an epidural placed "just in case", because in the event of a c-section, they want to avoid general anesthesia. I said I would prefer not to have it placed unless things were not moving along well. She was kind of okay with that. What do you all think? I still think things will move quickly, so I guess I'm not too worried.


I got my king size bed today smile.gif Our weather is just cooling down to autumn-temperatures again. We're hoping to get to the orchard this weekend and get apples and pumpkins. And I can't think about anything other than baked goods.

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Chica-Your situation sounds stressful, I'm sorry you're having to experience this right now!  I second what other mamas say is needed for the first few weeks.  Most importantly, being surrounded by supportive, understanding people who are willing to run out to grab anything you may need is important.  People who can bring you water, tea, and home cooked meals and who essentially understand that for the first few weeks you hold baby, and they hold you.  It sounds like you have a great DH and friends so I'm sure you'll have the support you need.  It's an incredibly hormonal and emotional time, so having a conversation with whomever you're staying with, unless they have kids, may be necessary.  I hope you get good news soon!


Mamabeakley-ahhh!  What a story!  We don't have a dog, but I sure get a kick of being mad at everyone else's dogs.  I grew up with a really naughty dog who was always stealing food, but having one eat my food while pregnant would seriously push me over the edge.  As for the preggers brain, I can completely relate.  I think I'm going to have to start leaving post it notes for myself to remember things.  I'm terrified I'm going to run out the door and forget my toddler!

Harmony-Hope to hear good news on your test!  Sending low blood glucose thoughts your way :)


Sego-we had a very similar experience in the boudoir a couple of weeks ago.  It just plain hurt in our usual good position, and I was totally frustrated and miserable.  We ended stopping and going to sleep and I felt awful although DH was very sweet.  The next time we tried, everything was fine.  I guess it's just a matter of getting back on the proverbial horse (hehe).


Sunseeker-I'm planning a VBAC as well, and we will not be placing an epidural just in case.  I understand the resistance on the doc's part to knocking you out if surgery is needed, but I also believe there is time to place an epidural if need be.  Personally, I think having an epidural placed would undermine my beliefs and efforts for a natural vaginal delivery.  I'm sure they'll be continuously monitoring you already.  That sounds like enough to me.  What makes you the most comfortable?


Nhklh-I'm with ya on the feeling old thing.  This time around (21, 34, now 36) does feel like my body is ready to be done being pregnant.  But, it may just be evolutionary hormonal memory suppression from the past to keep me getting pregnant :).  I do have distant memories of laying in bed all day when I was pregnant the first time out of exhaustion, I just didn't have other kids and many obligations at the time.  I can tell you for certain that I feel MUCH better in cooler weather.  This summer was very difficult.  I know you're approaching summer in AUS, so there is no way around it, but staying cool really helps.  I'm sorry that you're facing so many obstacles in getting disability assistance, I can't imagine the frustration you must be feeling.  I'll be thinking of you!


My weight gain seems to have slowed down too.  Thank goodness, cause I was on a roll!  It seems as soon as I let go of my fears regarding weight gain then it dropped off, hmm...


In other news, my 14 year old DD has decided that she wants me to meet the 17 almost 18 year old boy that she's interested in, and who is also interested in her.  Is she trying to give me a heart attack?  Seriously kid, bad timing.

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I'm feeling very curious again about baby's sex.  I'm also pleased that I've not had any u/s, the avoidance of that stress has been good.

I'm ridiculously grateful to be pregnant, but wow it's just been so hard on my body.  Maybe I'll be one of those women who don't do pg well but birth easily?  I can hope, right?



I know what you mean about babes sex!! I started this pregnancy super sure it was a girl.. and have become less and less sure over time! Normally I go back and forth between calling baby "she" and "he" but lately its just He.. Then last night DH was cuddling me and I thought "Oh I love my boys!", meaning DH and baby?!?!?!?! What?!?!?!?!?!!?

I really dont know anymore!! Anyone care to take a guess?


Hoping that shocking pregnancy = amazing birth!! Hoping hoping hoping! Morning sickness til 22 weeks. Not sleeping from23 weeks ... yeah I feel entitled to a nice labour LOL!!!!

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Nhklh, (((hugs))). My challenges are somewhat different from yours, but I really feel emotionally the way you say you do most of time. This (being pregnant) just feels really hard this time and I want to be done and although I might later feel sad about never having another *baby* to hold after this one grows up, I am pretty sure I am going to be 100%, totally happy never to be pregnant again. And with my first two, I would NEVER have said that. Maybe with my third. But I kind of thought that one was a fluke (no, this time is even worse!) And I feel physically awful one way or another probably 90% of the time. Even though there is nothing medically wrong with me. Esp - yikes! In many states any kind of physical relationship between kids those ages would be statutory rape! OTOH, once you're an adult that kind of age spread is totally normal - hard to know what to think. Sunseeker - I think docs wanting an epi in place just in case is almost 100% of the time pure fear/anxiety/cya on their part. I can understand why they want to do it - but it's to deal with a worst case scenario - and there are other solutions to that scenario (general anaesthesia.) I think I'd rather take the chance of being put under in the very unlikely event of a rupture than the chance of the many common side effects/cascade of interventions that come with an epidural. But I am not in your situation - I know you'll find the solution that is best for you. I've been having a lot of fearful thoughts about the baby - loss, something really wrong with him/her. But in the past couple of days I've also figured out some things about where I think those thoughts may be coming from in me (unconnected to the actual health of the baby) which is reassuring. And trying to do some positive thoughts and connection with the baby regardless, whenever I get the chance. Feeling physically awful makes it hard to make that effort, I find, but I'm trying.
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WE AL HAVE BELLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WEHRE DID THEY COME FROM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


EEEEEEEE!!!!!!! joy.gif

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Persies momentarily, but today got really cold all of a sudden...and OUCH my nipples are not going to like winter. It's not the vasoconstriction problem I've known others to have (esp while bf'ing), thankfully, but yowza--goosebumps have a whole new meaning!


Also--last night baby was moving around a LOT, and I could actually feel (from the outside) a lower leg/foot scrape across the front of my uterus. At first, I thought it was an arm, but realized her arm isn't anywhere near that big just yet (plus, she's still head-down, and it was way too high for an arm). I don't remember feeling anything LIKE that this soon with DS1 or DS2...and honestly, it was a bit creepy. :P (It would still have been, but probably less so had we not been watching The Walking Dead, lol.) 


I'm sorry you're having such a tough time, nhklh and mamabeakley (and others if it applies to you). ((hugs)) We don't have too much longer--and just keep the payoff in mind if you can. I was on bedrest the last 5 weeks with DS1 and had horrible SPD with DS2 that was debilitating. It was emotionally draining. :( And nhklh, I hope your partner gets the care coordination needed and you get some respite, too.


chica, I'm sending lots of thoughts of FAST resolution for your move! I can't imagine your frustration about it. ((hugs))


I can't remember any of the other zillion comments I wanted to make before...sorry I'm missing so many of you!


EEK--in about 43 minutes, I'll be officially 30 weeks. bigeyes.gif


ETA...I forgot. My effing dog has decided it is perfectly reasonable to get his paws up on the counter to steal the boys' (turkey) bacon in the mornings. W.T.F?!!! He's a tall, lanky (65 lb) shepherd mix, so his reach is really high without much effort. He's dangerously close to making me consider shipping him off to a friend's in Portland....

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(((hugs))) to the mamas who have struggled this week.

I'm putting all these mischievous DDC dogs on notice. In my pregnancy brain fog, I put my two dogs up in their crate before I took DS to school on Thursday...but didn't lock the door. Four days a week I come right home after the school run, and then there's Thursday all day errand day. They had 7 hours to destroy the entire house. Bless them, they only did dog like things like pee/poop by the door because they couldn't get outside and get into the trash. It could have been worse I suppose. I probably would have done the same if I were a dog home alone. But geez, I just wanted to come home, put away the groceries, have cereal for dinner, and go to bed. Instead I had to clean the whole house and shampoo carpets. At least next week's chores are pretty limited to toilets as that's about the only surface left to clean.
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