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Which is best?  Ive heard that hospitals only accept lamaze or icea, but i am drawn to the ALACE curriculum.  experiences are appreciated:)

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also, what is the lamaze programs website?  i cant seem to find one

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thank you!  that chart is amazing!

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Hello there.

I am dual cert'd with ALACE/IBWP and CAPPA.  Everything about ALACE is awesome, except that it is, sadly, pretty much now defunct.  About three years back ALACE split into two arms:  International Birth and Wellness Project which has seemingly folded as there is no communication with IWBP since shortly after that time, and the other arm is toLabor, which, happily is thriving and awesome as a doula cert'ing org.


So, if you're torn between ICEA and ALACE, your choice has been made for you.  I felt very comfortable going from the midwifery model of care taught via ALACE to CAPPA in terms of philosophy, but gotta be honest with you, neither have given me the referrals that would make my work promoting myself so much less.  


I know ICEA is awesome, but it is not a name around here that any parents would go searching for.  Here it is Bradley.  I do not agree with so much of Bradley, but the brand name recognition should be a consideration when you are looking into your financial future.  Lamaze may be a really solid option for you, it is a recognized name, their resources are exceptional (I use a ton of Lamaze stuff), and they have a pretty rigorous procedure for certification, as I understand it.  Something to be proud of, you know?


That said, I do like CAPPA... good luck with you decisions! 

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