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I am trying to not spend too much so I start every week with a pot of brown rice, a pot of beans, & a pot of soup. That way I can come up with a quick lunch or addition to a meal. This week for dinner-


Smokey Butternut Squash soup & rice

same soup & veggie sandwiches

Bean tacos (w/homemade corn tortillas) 

Salad w/garbanzo beans & avocado

homemade mac n' cheese (w/rice pasta)& salad (kids request for xmas)

beans, rice, cheese & sauteed veggies

Tofu, chard & rice w/peanut sauce


I'm trying to get back to menu planning, it's been hard since having baby #3!

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notes.gif I'm going back to being a veg. I'm starting right now. I hope I can hang with you ladies. It has been a while...need to go shopping to really get started.

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Christmas day we had brunch at my mils and for dinner the kids had cereal and dh and I had thai after they went to bed. So nice and relaxing

Boxing day we went to my Aunt's and had a feast. She's awesome and makes all sides veg friendly. I don't even know where we'd have room for meat on our plates


This week is a whole lot of no cooking happening. Ds has a bug and he's not eating. Dh isn't usually around for dinnertime and Dd's are fine w cereal so it's a grab what we have few days.

I am planning a big New Year's Day dinner w the inlaws. Black eyed peas,sauteed collard greens,lemon kale,coleslaw,honey baked lentils,clementines and a money cake for dessert. May make a noodle salad for the kids

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It's cold today, so I made my favourite lentil soup with bruschetta. So good and hit all my pregnancy cravings at once!
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We had quorn patties (found a super deal on these) for the kids and portabella steaks for DH and I  with roasted potatoes, and shredded brussel sprouts sauteed with apples and onions


Next 2 days we will be at family functions for dinner so it will likely be beans and rice

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Brie fondue with dippers for friends baby shower at my house.
Lentil chard soup with letter pretzels.
Drunken noodles
Black bean and sweet potato enchiladas.
Veggie mousaka and salad
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We've had a lot of quick meals lately. Last night we had baked tofu w balsamic glaze,brown rice,roasted cauliflower,pom salad and sauteed kale

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Mondays are busy days so we have quick meals. Tonight we are having fried rice and sesame oil noodles (hoping I can manage to fry up some cabbage, carrot and onion to add in) with frozen spring rolls and edamame nuggets for DH and I.

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Last night was WW spaghetti with a roasted red pepper cream sauce.  I served it with baked zucchini with parmesan.  Not exactly low fat, but tasty!


I also roasted a ton of root veggies (carrots, parsnips, butternut squash, and sweet potato).  Will serve that tonight alongside the leftover pasta and make the rest into soup blended with veggie broth.  I feel so healthy when I eat that big bowl of orange-y goodness!

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This week we've had


Mexican perogi casserole in the slow cooker & salad

Cauliflower/chickpea/potato curry with brown rice & chopped raw veggies

Refried bean quesadillas w salad


Tonight is a pureed red lentil/sweet potato and coconut soup in the slow cooker. I'm leaving some chunky and going to form them into patties for dinner Friday

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Last night was roasted beets and WW couscous with chickpeas.  Served with a dollop of greek yogurt sauce (lime juice, S&P).  It was yummy, healthy, and easy.  yummy.gif

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We haven't been eating much lately. The kids have been sick so eating isn't happening.


We have had tacos,quesadiallas and a lot of grab and go stuff


Tonight I'm making a chickpea noodle soup w miso in it. A big boost of good stuff before Ds goes back to school tomorrow.


I'm REALLY hoping to start getting back into routine over the next few days. Dd's still sick and it's her b-day party Sat am with her little friends(we're doing pjs and pancakes) then Sun were going out with Aunts and Uncles for a buffet lunch...so she best get over the sick :(

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Tuesday it was vegetable curry stir fry over brown rice.

Yesterday: sweet potato & caramelized onion stuffed shells, green beans, and garlic bread

Tonight: homemade waffles, scrambled eggs, and fruit

Tomorrow: veggie reubens

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Last night I adapted a recipe from Fit Pregnancy.  Quinoa with tempeh, corn, red onion, avocado, and arugula.  Dressed with olive oil, dijon, lime juice.  It was good, but the flavors got a little 'meh' as we were eating it. 

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Last few meals I can remember are:

Hot and Soup tofu soup with spring rolls

Chili and cornbread

Refried beans and potato burritos with all the fixings

Big salads with tempeh bacon and herb pizza bread


Planned for next few days are:

Kale and sausage pasta (or maybe a skillet with potatoes instead of pasta, not sure)

Seitan, roasted sweet potatoes, and green beans with balsamic

Tofu, broc and mushroom stir fry with either fried rice or sesame oil noodles

Honey baked lentils with sweet potato, served over quinoa


I friend recently gave us a big bag of dried black beans. I love black beans but have never really cooked with them. Any tried and true recipes?

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I haven't been feeling like cooking but I've been eating a lot of chickpeas and spinach all warmed up in a pan with garlic and oil and tomatoes.
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I've fallen off the planning wagon again shy.gif.... I mostly try to use up what we have left in the freezer as well as in the pantry (lots of dried or frozen beans, grains like rice, quinoa..) since we're about to move back to the US in 6 weeks.

Due to the weather it's been a lot of bean & lentil dishes, mainly soups and stews combined with fresh bread, nothing overly exciting but still very tasty! winky.gif

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Originally Posted by maciascl View Post


I friend recently gave us a big bag of dried black beans. I love black beans but have never really cooked with them. Any tried and true recipes?


I love black beans.


I make a black bean soup recipe w masa dumplings. Like this...http://operabuffo.blogspot.ca/2009/01/blue-corn-masa-dumplings-not-vegan.html


She uses pintos and it's kinda bland. I use black beans and spice it up. I also add corn to the bottom of each bowl so when you pour the soup over it thaws the frozen corn. I top it with diced avocado,chili flakes,olives...whatever I have around. Also throw in bottom of the jars of pasta sauce/salsa ect. Never comes out the same but ALWAYS comes out awesome

I also make my refried beans out of black beans. Black bean/sweet potatoes/salsa over rice. Black bean and sweet potato burritoes.



Yest I FINALLY bought a food processor. I snagged one at 40% off and OMG what I was missing!!!


Last night I made falafel(a little bland),pickle salad,sauteed sweet potatoes and roasted cauliflower and a vegan tzaziki. All using the food processor. Amazing

Tonight is black bean/sweet potato quesadillas. Using up sweet potatoes from last night,some frozen refried beans ect. Were having it with leftover pickle salad and some veggie soup I made a friend

Tomorrow my husband and I have to go to a viewing for a friends daughter who passed away. I'm planning on making veggie burgers from left over veggie/red lentil curried soup but honestly I doubt my tummy will be up to eating before a 7 year olds viewing gloomy.gif

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I haven't been much for cooking because I'm lazy and pregnant, but the other night i made:

apple and sage seitan sausages, quinoa, mushrooms and brocolli with a miso/nutritional yeast/white wine cream sauce

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Yesterday: broccoli bean soup, veggie sandwiches, and cut up raw veggies. The soup is a vegan version of broccoli cheddar soup.

Tonight: zucchini, black bean & rice casserole

Tomorrow: homemade waffles, scrambled eggs, & fruit

Wed: Minestrone soup, sandwiches, & something else?

Thurs: barley mushroom stew in the crock pot


We are moving this weekend so I'm trying to keep it easy this week. 

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