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spots/itchy rash?

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the last week i started getting a bit spotty (which i never get) but then on top of that the last couple of days ive developed an extremely itchy/burny rash (altho not sure how much is visable from the scratching or how much is visable from the actual rash) all over my t-zone on my face, and also legs, back, bum etc.. any idea what this mite be? or anyone else had similar?

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Yes!!! Last week (when I was 7 weeks)! And it's awful!

I was going to post here about it, but then went out of town last weekend, and was mostly better by the time I got home Sunday night.

If you google "pregnancy hives" there's a ton of info out there. But take my advice and don't google "miscarriage hives" or you'll worry yourself. greensad.gif

Here's my story:
Last Thursday morning (Oct 20) I woke up around 3am with my scalp and neck super itchy. As I started scratching, I noticed my back, tummy, thighs, and arms were also itchy. I got up and went to the bathroom. In the mirror I saw I was covered in hives! I went and woke DH up- he googled it on his phone and told me it was normal in pregnancy and to go back to sleep. Well, I was WAY too itchy to sleep, so I took a benadryl, which helped knock me back out. When my alarm went off (6am) I was barely able to text my boss and let her know I was too sick to come in. I then fell back to sleep till about 10:30am. When I woke up, more hives, still itchy.

I called my OBGYN, who said to keep taking benadryl and call back if it wasn't gone the next day. Friday morning I woke up even worse, called OBGYN back, who said to call my family doctor. I called him and went in Friday afternoon, but he didn't have any good information for me. Said if I wasn't pregnant they could give me a steroid shot, but since I was, then just keep taking benadryl. He said i could use hydrocortisone cream in small amounts. He thought it might have been caused by a virus or was just a weird pregnancy thing, but he ruled out an allergy.

I suffered all day Friday and Saturday. I developed hives on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. It hurt so badly to walk. And they were sensitive to heat- it hurt to shower or bathe! Thankfully they started lessening Sunday afternoon, and were totally gone by this past Monday morning.
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Thanks lovely.. Do u know what antihistamines are safe during pregnancy? I have citirizine here but that's it and don't know if it's ok? I'm a bit on the paranoid side of miscarrying ATM so fingers crossed its not that one.. Everytime I feel less sick for 10seconda I convince myself I've miscarried.. Skin is so spotty tho aswell my hormones must be playing havoc so should ignore the fear!! Argh I want the itchiness to stop!!!! Damn those itches.. Losin my mind a bit
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Both my OBGYN and Family Doc said normal Benadryl was safe. I bought the Target brand.

Can you ask your midwife or doc?
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