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slings, wraps, carriers, etc!

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Hello fellow mamas... heading towards the third trimester and realizing that I need to get my (newborn) ducks in a row! DH and I wore DS quite a bit, and I'm planning/hoping that we'll do the same with this baby : ) We currently have an Ergo  (w/o newborn insert) and much-loved/used c. 2004-ish Bjorn, and if I can remember which friends I loaned it to, a Babyhawk. I imagine there have been some changes over the last 5 years - what're the best options for newborns now-a-days?!

* I do have a sensitive back/shoulder, due to a car accident a few years ago, so need something that will be "good" for my body : )

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I really love a good fitting pocket sling for those first few weeks, but am not sure how that would feel on your back. I have a friend who swears by the k'tan, so I'm going to make one of those this time around to try.  

A stretchy wrap is also really great for those first few months, & a woven wrap is great for both early use up to toddler age. You really would get a ton of use out of a woven wrap if you are able to get the hang of it and try a bunch of different positions.

Sounds like you are good to go after that new period with your babyhawk and ergo, though I'd stay away from the bjorn if it's the crotch dangler kind. 

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I second the stretchy wrap for the newborn period.  Unless you are expecting your baby to be a biggie.  I have littlish babies and I LOVED my Moby for DD.  It really does feel like wearing a piece of clothing so I think it would be great for anyone with sensitive areas of the body - no excessive force in any on location.

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With back/shoulder concerns, I also vote wrap. It seems like having the weight distributed evenly across your body would be more back-friendly. I didn't use a wrap with DS until he was about 4 months old but it was easy enough to manage even with an infant, especially if someone was around to help me at first. I'd used a ring sling up until that point and loved it, but again with the one-shoulder design that might not be the most comfortable. Do you have any friends you can borrow from, or a moms group that lends carriers out, or a second-hand baby store that sells them? It might be nice to test-drive a couple of options and then decide. I've heard mixed reviews on the Moby, mostly that it's too hot in warm climates and that babies get too heavy for them pretty quickly. That would lead me to want to pursue it on the cheap, if at all. A woven wrap will last longer, be more breathable, and will still fit both you and DH. If you look online, there's a bunch of DIY wrap-making (and wrap-wearing) tutorials. I might be inclined to DIY if you're planning to switch to the Ergo/Babyhawk in a few months anyway.

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I pretty much have one of every kind of sling/carrier. I find that as baby grows, and has different needs, different carriers work better. Pockets for newborns & toddlers in a hip carry; a front carrier for hikes; a Maya for 3-6 month olds, etc... lol... I'm kind of a collector ;) I like cielo's idea of borrowing some to see what you like!

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Great suggestions - thank you! I think I'll see if I can borrow a friend's wrap &/or ring sling and see what works well...

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I am an avid wrapper ; )

I LOVE wrapping and I still wrap my 30# 3yo DD for short periods in one of many woven wraps that we have.
I have a dear friend who happens to be a babywrapping professional and her website is a really great resource for tutorials and ideas and info.


s a professional bodyworker myself {I am a licensed massage therapist} I really believe that a woven wrap is the best choice for the most versitile fit for both wearer and wearee since it can be adjusted any way you chose ;)

The learning curve can be steep for some making it a challenge, but if you can find a local babywearing group of have a friend/DP help and practice, practice, practice once it clicks it will become second nature. 

Everyone is different and what works for you is what you should use! I would also second leaving the bjorn alone since it doesn't promote proper positioning for either party and isn't very comfortable. 

I can't wait to have a new squishy baby to wrap up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I LOVE my ring sling, BUT for those with back problems, I honestly think it doesn't distribute weight evenly enough and can exacerbate back problems. (same for pouch/pocket slings)


I also think a woven wrap would "bunch up" over time less than a stretchy wrap like a Moby, though YMMV. I've not worn either for super-long periods of time (trying out friends' for an hour or two rather than longer term), so couldn't say for sure, but the woven was easier to get on without bunching.


I LOVE my Ergo, but it's tough (for me?) to feel really comfortable with a newborn in it, even with the insert. As soon as my boys were big enough, I broke that thing out, though. I got a like-new Beco Butterfly given to me, and have yet to use it so can't compare the two. 

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I'd skip the Bjorn. Not great for your back or for wearing a baby for long periods of time. 


I have a Baby Ktan sling. It's similar to the Moby but w/o all the pesky wrapping. It was a lifesaver with DD1 and I'm glad I have it for this baby. I just bought an Ergo b/c it got rave reviews. 

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I never much liked the asymmetrical-ness of a sling and my babe didn't like being horizontal.  Both DH and I did a woven wrap for 4 months and then the Ergo from there on out.  Have fun testing out carriers!

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