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Looking for midwife in Phoenix

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 Any recs and experiences and preferably if you know one that takes Mercy Care insurance  .



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Welcome.gifI'm bumping your post up. bump.gif Anyone have a recommendation for a midwife in this area?

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Homebirth or hospital birth? What part of Phx?

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Not sure which yet  so info on either  would be great .As for location we traveled  an hour away for a midwife back east last time so  anywhere in Phoenix metro area is great.

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There are Midwives that work out of Phoenix Baptist and St Joes Hospital. 

Phoenix Baptist Midwives: 



St Joes Midwives: 


Donna Tash was the midwife for my last client, although she ended up having Tanya as her midwife during delivery and she was great. 


There is also a group of midwives that work with one OB called MomDoc Midwives, they are out of Gilbert and Emily is a Midwife that I know in that group. www.momdocmidwives.com 4808141910


Blossom Birth Center also takes insurance, you will have to call them and find out if they take yours, they are 5 min from the Childrens Hospital and Mary is the Midwife there. You might have to call a couple of times b/c they are pretty busy and don't really have an office manager. 


The other birth center is Babymoon. They also might take insurance


Both Birth centers are located in Central Phoenix 


Homebirth midwives don't normally take insurance, and there are a couple. Let me know if you would like a list of those :) 

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Shell walker at midwives rising is superb. And Marinah Ferrell at freedom and the seed
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My homebirth midwife was Pam White. azbirthathome.com

Pam was phenomenal and has 30 years experience. I ended up being transferred to St. Joe's and had Tanya deliver me. She was terrible. She cut the cord when I specifically asked to wait until it stopped pulsating. She also pulled the cord to pull my placenta out. I was shocked that she is a midwife. Too many years doing hospital deliveries I think. She also did a terrible job suturing my second degree tears. Avoid Tanya at St. Joe's.

Pam Qualls is also a good midwife. Blossom birth and baby moon inn and wonderful birth centers too.
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I  hired  Wendi Cleckner with Freedom and the Seed midwife practice and paid in full last week and was assured there were no surprises in billing and everything was 100% settled.   They cashed the check 2-days ago, and yesterday sent an email demanding an additional $500 because we are 1.2 miles further than they thought.  They had our info since May (its now the end of August), and nothing was mentioned at our apt. last week and when we paid and signed the contracts.   

When I disputed the $500 charge they dropped me from care and are keeping  a large portion of my money.     I have not even been allowed to talk to Wendi, she will not return or answer my calls.   I have been crying for two days over this.  I am 5 months pregnant and do not have healthcare now, nor the money to hire another provider because of this practice.

"i apologize for not mentioning this fee when you were signing the financial agreement - an in person conversation regarding finances is always preferential. There is a clause in there regarding long distance clients but as i am a bit new to the area, it did not occur to me that you fell into that category."

Below is the first email I received the day after they cashed the check paid in full, when I tried to make my second appointment.   Our home is 21.2 miles, not 23.   And we would have had no issue paying $500 more for the 1.2 miles if it was a part of agreement when we signed it, but it was not.   We were ASSURED that we were 100% paid in full.

"Upon reviewing your chart, i noticed that your house is 23 miles from the office. i'm not sure if Wendi discussed this with you but our policy for families greater than 20-29 miles from the office is an additional "travel fee" of $500. This is to cover fuel costs as we will be visiting you at your home several times not just for the birth but also for your postpartum care."

When I responded $500 for 1.2 miles for fuel costs?   This is the reply I received.  And just know I NEVER asked for a discount, their payment plan states if you pay on the first visit in full you get a certain price, and if you go with a student midwife another price.  They offered it to me.

"As you know, there is more to travel than just fuel costs: extra travel time, extra wear on the vehicle. i understand that you must be feeling frustrated by the fact that you fall into this category by just a couple miles. And while 25% of your discounted rate surely feels a bit steep, i'm sure $500 is based on our full rate of $4500."

This was my personal experience with Wendi Clecker and Dianah Damron De Luna with Freedom and the Seed.

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