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I have had chronic mastitis since about week after my daughters birth she is almost 5 months old. I have been taking antibiotics almost the entire time. Every time I go off the antibiotic I get sick. I have taken 3 different antibiotics but cannot seem to completely eradicate the infection. I cannot take antibiotic indefinitely.What else can I do?

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Welcome to MDC! I'm so sorry to hear about your chronic mastitis; I've had mastitis and it's very painful. A couple of thoughts:

--When you've stopped the antibiotics are you still having symptoms? if so, likely the mastitis isn't gone. It could be the same infection and, if so, it might be worth asking your health care provider about the possibility that the infection is becoming resistant to the antibiotics you've taken thus far.

--In addition to the antibiotics, are you massaging out the lumps? That might help clear out the infection.


Sending good wishes your way!

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