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SKJ - wow I read your post last night but I cannot see spoilers on my phone so I still have no idea what it says. However based on everyone else's reactions it looks like you deserve some congratulations!!!
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SKJ--Congrats! Spread some of your dust around, okay?  :)


Toothfairy-- Thanks for pointing me to krunchyk. Turns out I have her blog bookmarked; I think I found it through FF!  ;)  tiphat.gif Thanks krunchyk! 


My blurb for the front page could read: Haurelia (35) TTC #2 since July 2011 with newly diagnosed "borderline" PCOS.  DH (34) with 3% morph and awesome counts/motility, repeating SA this month.  Taking the "natural" route at this point with charting, weight loss, supplements, Preseed and lots of BD.  Fingers crossed for a 2013 baby!

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SKJ2010...   Hey! I totaly missed the spoiler! (I don't typically click links) Congratulations!!!!!!

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Congrats SKJ!

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Thanks everyone blowkiss.gif

Amber - So sorry the HSG was so painful greensad.gif Hopefully it means that it cleared out any minor blockages in your tubes and you are all set for a BFP! I hope you hear back from the doctor ASAP and you get your cycles sorted.

Stevi - Yay for a longer LP. that always makes me happy.

fierrbugg - welcome back! you poor thing. What an ordeal. I'm so happy they caught the cancer early. I hope you get a BFP asap. You certainly deserve it.

AFM - My first beta (13 dpo) was 53.4. Progesterone is LOW 8.43. I've been on twice a day crinone since I O'ed. Apparently it doesn't show up in b/w, so the nurse is telling me it's all good. I'm having trouble believing her. I took another HPT today (14 dpo). It's ever so slightly darker than the one I took on 12 dpo. Trying so hard to not obsess and failing miserably. I hate this time of waiting to see if this pg is going to go forward or if I'm just wasting time. I know it's awful to put it that way, but that's how I feel.
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SKJ2011...   Try to hang in there until you see the next beta number. Then you can worry or not. And, I completely understand the "wasting time." feelings.


AAM...   No insanity yet from the Clomid, but I've only taken two doses so far. lol


Have a Reproductive Weekend!

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Sila:  Not ovulating is our problem.  They are only monitoring my base line and mid cycle blood work and ultrasound this cycle to see if I can ovulate on my own with the help of the Femera growing my little eggies!!! If i don't then i guess he will either find a way to extend my cycle a little bit or he will make me wait until AF shows up and do injectables next go round.  I hope that there isn't a next go round but we will see.


Fierrbugg:  OMG!! I remember you!  I've often wondered how you are doing!!!!  I hate that they had misdiagnosed you for so many years!


Skj2011:  YAY!! CONGRATS!!!


EVERYONE ELSE:  I'm so behind this week...i tried to enjoy my 2 off days this week because yesterday I started my 8 days straight before my next off day!!! By the time i get another off day though I should be ovulating!! Welcome to all of our new faces! I look forward to getting to know each of you!  I hate that you are all having to come here but at least you have somewhere to go where people understand you!! :)


AFM:  I am on CD 8 and on day 4 of 5mg of Femera.  Tomorrow I will be done with taking the Femera and will be starting my every other day BDing sessions.  Does anyone remember how long it takes for sperm to "regenerate" to be able to have good numbers?  Is it 24 hours or more or less?  I'm trying to see if I can fit a couple of back to back sessions before my window closes.  I'm going to use my OPKs that I have at the house to see if maybe i'll be able to detect ovulation this month....I just know that I don't want to go thru too many different hormone treatments because of how my emotions were last time lol.

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Brichole1214...   The sperm thing was every other day, so I guess that would be more like 48 hours. Unless I'm misunderstanding your question.

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I'll be updating everyone later tonight but then I'm going away til next Sunday so please be patient with any requests! I'll be hoping to return to good news around here!
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Amber- I was asking more because being underweight can cause lack of ovulation, I am a big  believer that if you are healthy than your BMI doesn't mean a whole lot. Especially since it doesn't consider bodyshape at all. My DH is considered obese on the BMI but looking at him he looks a little overweight but he doesn't even have a gut, he is just more broad. So I totally understand! 


Colsie- Hope you are feeling better after the provera- ick! Hopefully you took it for enough days that you will still get a period and won't have to worry about it.


Welcome back fierrbug- I hope now that your health is sorted out you will get your take home baby.


haurelia- Glad you found her blog! 


Hi to everyone else, sila, sourire, stevi, brichole!


I'm off to the Caribbean- Expecting AF about halfway through the week and coming home to my CD3 bloodwork on Sunday!

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Sila: Any word on all that blood work? Do you know what they are even checking for? I hope you get your lap scheduled soon and get some freaking answers!


Haurelia: Welcome, I have no PCOS knowledge but there are many wise women here who will be able to offer some help and consolation.


Stevi: I hope clomid is continuing to treat you well. I took it at night which seemed to help but did notice that the crazies kicked in after I had stopped taking my last dose.


Tammy: Welcome! I hope the clomid does the trick!


SKJ: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! 


Amber: Sorry your HSG was so painful, I hope you have recovered and that you see some of that increased fertility that allegedly exists after that test.


Hi everyone else!


AFM: It has been a totally crazy week but we have decided to switch to IVF, for this cycle, which I am already in the middle of, which means I start my truck load of meds next weekend and am looking at retreival around the 10th of November...even typing that I can't almost believe it. I get 4 lifetime attempts at conception covered with my insurance. As they look at iui and ivf the same way my RE suggested jumping straight to ivf. We did one clomid/iui which was obviously unsuccessful so we are now down to 3 attempts. My dh and I are on board and we are going for it, its hard to say no to 50% success rates at this point:)

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Toothfairy2be- I'm with you on the BMI thing. According to that scale, I'm considered obese at 30 lbs. overweight, but it doesn't take into account frame or muscle mass (I work out regularly, so a good portion of my weight is muscle). AFM- My egg retrieval score came back at 13! That is solidly in the good range. Good is 10-15 I'm so excited! 16 or higher is considered excellent. http://reprosource.com/clinical-tests/ovarian-assessment-report/

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I feel bad that I have been nothing but AAM with my posts lately.  And I am about to do it again, just to update those of you who might be wondering.  Sorry about that.


I was still feeling like my recovery was "off" this time around, a lot of pain and bleeding/clots.  I rang the midwife Thursday and made an appt for Friday morning to have a scan.  However, the universe had other ideas, and I started hemorrhaging at home on Thursday night.  DP threw me in the car and drove me straight to emergency, where I bled through everything I was wearing, and then some.  I was in an incredible amount of pain, I think the worst I have ever felt.  They were preparing me for emergency surgery, but I ended up passing a whole bunch of retained products.  I had an ultrasound, and they found that I had passed everything, but the blood vessels in my uterus were going haywire.  The radiographer suspected a uterine AVM, but the doctor disagreed.  At any rate, they decided that surgery was not a good idea.  After a few hours and some fluids, the bleeding settled, and they let me go home.  I could have stayed for monitoring, but I just wanted my own bed. 


Mostly all I have done for the last couple of days is sleep.  I'm still having pain and bleeding, but it is more controlled.  I'm pretty terrified that it will happen again though.  I haven't wanted DP to leave me alone at all, in case it does.  I'm supposed to represent to emergency if I have the slightest amount of change in condition, and I feel very on edge about the whole thing. 

It's Monday tomorrow, and I have no idea what to do about work.  I've had so much time off, and my boss has been understanding, but I get the feeling that I'm reaching the end of his good nature, and honestly although he knows about the miscarriage, I feel like all this is entirely inappropriate to talk to him about about.  I don't want him to think that I'm just milking it to get more time off, but I feel equally that he doesn't want to think about the details of all this.  I know that I don't have to tell him anything, but that doesn't feel fair considering how good he has been to me so far. 


I just want it all to be over, so I can at least start the processing of moving on. 

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Milk - Even if your boss is reaching the end of his niceness, I feel like he should understand the serious potential emergency situation you are in. What a scary experience!!! Praying you can move on soon.


SKJ - Are you having a repeat beta? I don't understand the whole thing about the Crinone not showing up in the BW. Weird. But, I do understand the "waiting to go forward" bit unfortunately. One moment at a time, one day at a time. I have no other advice. Hang in there. 


AFM - Maybe I'll get called with my RPL results tomorrow? Probably not, they said it takes up to 2 weeks. I did my Progesterone shot on Thursday so AF should be here around next weekend. DH got a promotion and has training the beginning on Nov. and now it has messed up when I wanted to do my surgery. We'll figure it out...


I'll try to be back later to read through the rest of the posts. I just skimmed.


WELCOME to all of the new ladies!

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Hi ladies. Sorry I've been so MIA lately. I've been having a really hard time dealing with things and putting thoughts into words. I'm going in for blood/ultrasound on Tuesday and if all is well I will be starting Lupron injections. I've missed you all and am looking forward to re-connecting. I've been trying to follow what has been going on, but will post more personals later. Milk - I'm so, so sorry. Much love to you. Deborah - congrats on the great egg retrieval score.


I'm on the same page with everyone with the BMI thing. I studied Kinesiology and we learned that the BMI is the easiest measurement to use without more invasive tests, which is why it is still widely used even though it's out of date and not accurate. There used to be all sorts of height/weight tables that doctors used that would quickly become out of date and it stopped with BMI because nothing more accessible and easy has come around. Getting accurate measurements involves all kinds of measurements using calipers, tape measures, and also taking pulse rates, physical tests, and calculations. It took about an hour to complete the entire thing. We did the measurements in class and at the time my BMI had me borderline overweight and the more accurate measurements actually gave me a score right in the middle of the healthy range. I am an endomorph so I tend to run heavy, but I am quite physically fit. I agree with Cait that being healthy is much, much, much, much, much more important than a BMI score.

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Stevi:  Yes maam, you answered my question :)


Milk:  Sending you healing vibes! That is so scary!! I hope that your boss will understand because it sounds like you need as much rest and less stress as possible and word doesn't really sound like the best idea.  I hope that you are able to get better soon!


Shesaidboom: I hope that all goes well with your blood work and u/s! 


Deborah: YAY on the good egg retrieval score!! 


AFM:  I'm ready to get this week started!!!  I'm going to start our BDing sessions tomorrow night when i get home then we'll have one Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  I go in for my next round of blood work and Ultrasound a week from tomorrow and i'm REALLY hoping that my follicles are growing like they are supposed to, or that my body decides that it wants to ovulate on it's own!!!  Especially since we are only doing the Femara this month and nothing else!  Hoping everyone has a GREAT week and thinking FERTILE thoughts for everyone!!!

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Hello to all.  I am "darlawoods" and I am a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and almost 3 year old daughter.  We have been TTC #2 since Nov 2010. Miscarriage in March 2012.  Clomid from July 2012 to Sept 2012. Switched OB's due to lack of knowledge and rushed appointments.  Now seeing a Fertility specialist, and will be getting results and treatment plan on Friday.  Thought I would join for support and to give support.  I hope you all become mothers for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time :)

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Welcome darlawoods! Our journey's are similar. We have also been ttc# since Nov. 2010 (yeah, that 2yr mark is coming up huh). Our DS will also be 3 in three weeks. I'm so sorry for your loss (again, unfortunately I can relate).


AFM - The Progesterone shot worked. I wasn't expecting AF until at least Thursday but she arrived this morning. I DEFINITELY recommend it over Provera if you ever need to induce AF. DH's work training schedule, when my RE is able to do the surgery, and what the surgery center had available made it interesting to schedule the actual procedure! Pre-op is scheduled for Nov. 19th, and my laproscopy/hysteroscopy is scheduled for Nov. 21! 2 weeks later than I wanted to do it, but again, that didn't work out.


I'll be on BCPs until then. BOO! But it's really the only way to know where I am in my crazy cycle.

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Sila - Nice on getting AF! Glad you don't have to wait any longer for her. Sucks that the scheduling didn't work out sooner. And, I"m sorry the 2 yr mark is right around the corner. This IF business is just so unfair.

Darla - Hi and welcome. I'm also TTC #2. My DD is 2.5 and we've been trying since I got my PPAF. I hope you get more help from the specialist. Looking forward to what's in store for you this Friday.

Brichole - Thinking growing follicle thoughts for you. Enjoy the time with DH this week!

SSB - I wish I could give you an IRL hug. I'm so sorry you are having a rough time. I can totally relate. It's hard to be positive all the time. I've been doing the Circle+Bloom meditations and they've been really helpful with my moods. Something I read on their website is that journaling is more effective than one on one therapy in certain situations. I did have some success writing down what I was feeling. It really helped to get my thoughts off my chest, but without having to tell anyone what I was feeling.

Milk - Don't feel bad about the AAM posts. You have a lot going on and that's what we are here for. I'm just so sorry for all that you've been/are going through. That's really scary for you and DP. I hope you figured out what to do about work. I know the feeling of not wanting to "press you luck" with your boss' generosity and not wanting to tell him the details. It's a double-edged sword. I'm sending you lots of good thoughts and virtual hugs.

Bucket - what a whilrlwind! I'm very hopeful for IVF for you. Sorry you've had to readjust so quickly. Fingers crossed for you!!

AFM - I asked the nurse not to tell me the specific numbers of my beta today. She just said that things are looking great and to keep on with the crinone. Next beta is Wednesday. Please let me know if I shouldn't be updating here. I'm still very scared of how this will go, but I get it if you guys don't want to hear about these details.
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Hi all, I've been pretty busy and haven't had much time for the computer.  Hello to all the new faces!  


Darlawoods - you and I are pretty close to the same story.  DD #2 just turned 4 and we just passed the 2 yr mark of TTC.  


SKJ - Congrats and so glad for you that you're moving along nicely!  I'm still pretty new around here but I say keep posting here for awhile! 


Milk - I hope you can get some answers so you can begin to move on.  It's not easy. 


Sila - At least you were able to schedule in November!  Could have been an even longer wait. (Trying to look on the bright side here redface.gif)


Brichole - best of luck on the BD - remember this is supposed to be fun!  winky.gif


Amber - that's a crazy picture.  I don't think I even know what I'm looking at!  Cool that the tech let you take one though. I always like when the u/s ladies leave the screen on and I get to try to decipher what it all means. 


AFM - BFN.  Three of them.  Took awhile for AF to start.  Holy man is she here today though!  I haven't had this much flow in awhile so maybe it is true that my lining really is thickening.  This was our second failed try of Femara, injection, IUI, progesterone.  Also discovered timing-wise that we will have to take next month off because DH will be gone on a hunting trip on my CDs 10-16.  Prime time to be gone honey...  :(  Maybe it will be nice to relax for a month.  That's what I'm trying to tell myself anyway... 

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