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Tickletoes- fantastic number! I cant wait to hear the next one!


Deborah- I voted for Peachey- do you win anything good or just the glory of best costume?


Brichole- hopefully the menopur will help- how frustrating that it is so quiet (though I'd love to borrow some of your quiet).


Stevi- The suppositories work great, just the ewwie gooies it causes is gross.


Planegreen- I haven't experienced it myself but it sounds like it could be something he has that is being passed back. I'd think once you are treated it should go away unless you are getting re-exposed.


Sila- It is a mixed emotion of have no real answers. It is good to not have anything wrong but it also feels like a relief to hear something is fixable. Did they test your anti thyroid antibodies? Endometriosis is a huge cause of miscarriage but I learned that anti-tsh antibodies raise your m/c rate from ~5% to upwards of 25%. It is something that may not have been present when you had your son but have come into play now. I hope your LAP offers some answers. 


AFM- 19 cysts. I have 19 cysts. 2 of them are endometriomas, 17 are follicular cysts. The largest is 3.5 cm(endometrioma), the smallest is 1.2cm, most are between 1.5-2cm. Go away stupid cysts. GO AWAY.

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Tickletoes: Yay high numbers! Stick baby, stick!


SKJ: I'm so sorry for your loss.


Toothfairy: Oh I do hope your cysts go away and quickly.


AFM: I'm waiting for AF to come. I'm not anticipating any kind of BFP as we missed our window of opportunity as we were visiting my father during that time, and the walls are not thick.


I did, however, request a change in fertility doctors as the third time I came away from the clinic being upset, angry and sad was too much for me. I'm meeting the doctor on Friday. AND he specializes in PCOS (which I probably have) and not IVF (which I shouldn't need as I've conceived naturally once already.)

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Toothfairy - Holy cow, that's a lot.  I hope you can get them all taken care of!  Get.  Out.  <--That was to your cysts :) 


Devilish - you deserve to have a doctor that you are comfortable with.  I hope this next one understands you and meshes with your needs! 


AFM - I called the nurse yesterday and they got me in for an appointment today.  (When she spoke with the Dr apparently he said he doesn't understand why I haven't gotten pregnant since I am otherwise healthy. Ugh.  While it's nice to hear that he also is stumped, I wish he knew the answer!)


Anyway, the Dr. took two cultures and told me that I do not have the bacteria that is shared with DH (tricho- something) so that is good.  It's just me. (Of course.)  What I do have is a high pH level of just over 5 when it should be 4.5 or lower.  So my unhealthy microbes are overtaking the positive ones.  So I need more probiotics in my diet.  He said I can get a regular over the counter pill to take every morning.  Then I will also do a vaginal gel (metranid-soemthing) every night.  He said I might need to do it for a few weeks or a few months.  Holy crap!  The good thing is he said it does not affect fertility as with an IUI, you pass by all that stuff and go straight to the uterus.


So... now that's what I have to deal with.  He called the medication a regimine so that is discouraging but he was forthcoming that it could take months before this is resolved.  Wikipedia says 1 in 3 women get this so I guess not that uncommon?  Ugh...


Hope you all are having a happy Halloween if you celebrate!  

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So sorry for your loss. Have you tried going gluten free. I am a Holisitic Health Coach Specializing in hidden gluten intolerance and it seems that gluten could be the culprit in causing miscarriage. If you want further info. please contact me. Wish you the best!

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Toothfairy- I think we win a gift certificate to the training center or something.  Thanks for voting! Tickletoes- No, mine came from Party America and Peaches's came from Old Navy. SKJ- Sorry for your loss. Sila- I would get a 2nd opinion as to whether your miscarriages could be explained by MTHFR. It's still controversial, but since you have two copies of the mutation, it is more likely to present itself. Do you have any problems with gluten? They've started to find a connection with Celiac and MTHFR.  Going gluten-free will not prevent miscarriage, but the connection is interesting. Also, I was technically borderline on my anti-cardiolipin antibodies, but my RE is putting me on bloodthinners anyway. At the very least, baby aspirin until 36 weeks won't harm you and can only help. I will be on Lovenox in addition, but we know that my boys were lost to placental thrombosis.

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Milk: thinking of you...

Ski: I'm really, really sorry.

Sila: I did 1 month of bcp and although it was for a different purpose just being on them felt so weird given that we are all trying to actually get pregnant. Anyway, I hope it helps them to figure out what is going on, I don't know anything about mthfr but I wouldn't be so quick to write it off as An explanation to your losses. Being in the unexplained category myself I find it particularly frustrating when doctors write things off, I mean something is causing me not to get pregnant. My doc isn't even looking to find an answer anymore which is another huge source of frustration but that's another story...I'm glad though that they didn't find anything majorly wrong but no knowing sucks too...

Tickle toes: congratulations!!

Afm: 3 days into injectables for ivf cycle, so far so good...except for having to mix meds and give the shots in the dark because we have no power, and having to climb 4 flights to my doctors office in the pitch dark because they had no power either but still wanted to do blood work...oh the things we do:)
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So it is November 1st. Does anyone want to ake over the thread for November?
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Bucket - Thanks for checking in. Wow, what an ordeal with injections in the dark and walking up 4 flights of stairs. Crazy! When are you scheduled for ER? Thinking growing follie thoughts for you!

Deborah - Thanks. Cute costumes. Hope you had a great halloween.

PlaneGreen - Sucks about the infection. Two out of my three pregnancies, I was dealing with bacterial vaginosis, so I'm hopeful it's not affecting things fertility wise. I did have the best success with natural remedies. I used tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide and garlic. At least one of them worked b/c I haven't gotten the infection again since I used them months ago.

Delvish - Thanks. Good luck with the doc today. I hope it's finally the right one for you!

TF - Sorry about the cysts and the delay. Waiting sucks.

TT - Thinking of you. Can't wait to hear your next great beta!!!

KrunchyK - Thanks. I think we have similar loss stories. I had a missed m/c at 8.5 weeks and then this loss at about 5.5 weeks. I hope we both get our take home babies ASAP.

Stevi - Fingers crossed for you! Hoping the clomid was the golden ticket.

brichole - Hope the next u/s shows the perfect number of amazing follies and you won't need another cycle cause you'll get your BFP!

Sila - I'm glad you have some more info, even if it doesn't explain everything. I'm asking my RE to test me and waiting from the nurse to hear his response. I can't imagine why they would say no, unless insurance doesn't cover it. I'm thinking that everything will come back fine, but I'd like to know for sure.

AFM - The bleeding & cramping has started. It's not bad at all. I totally expected something more. Happy to get things started so we can try again ASAP. Hoping my body doesn't take forever to get back on track like last time.
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deborah - I'm so glad you are defying the odds! Woohoo for egg quality going up! I'm sorry for the sad news. Even if it does increase chances, it's still not fun. I hate the clinic closures. We missed a cycle last year because of it. Hopefully AF will arrive before the end of November and things work out for a before holidays cycle!
Those costumes are so cute! Thanks for sharing.


darla - I'm glad your results were great!


Sila - I'm sorry you're in so much pain from the endo. I hope the lap helps a lot!


Cait - I'm so sorry your cycle was cancelled. You're right that the process definitely is exhausting. I understand the feeling of wanting things to happen before the end of 2012 and I'm so sorry they're not. Big hugs to you. Are they going to do anything about the cysts?


tickletoes - WOOHOO! Congrats on the BFP.


SKJ - I'm so sorry.


devilish - I'm glad you're going to be a seeing a new doctor. DH and I felt so much better after switching from one we did not like at all. I hope your new doc is a much better fit.


bucketofrain - I hope that power is back on soon! That does not sound like fun. Good luck with your cycle!



AFM - Still just on the Lupron and so far so good. I apparently did a bad job of a shot two nights ago because it swelled up like crazy and I was a little nervous for a while there. I had this huge lump that was about 3 inches in diameter and stuck out an inch or so. I went in for my uterine biopsy yesterday, which was a little painful but not too bad. I had spotting/slight cramping the rest of the day. The hardest part was that I guess DH and I hadn't seen our RE for a while and normally when we do see her she's wearing a loose fitting white drs coat. Well, yesterday she greeted us with a nice big pregnant belly. I feel really weird about it because I'm happy for her and she will be an amazing mom, and I know that just because she works at a fertility clinic doesn't mean she can't have her own babies. It was just so unexpected and took me by surprise when I was already in a bad place with "omg why is everyone but me pregnant?!?!?!" thank you facebook and mid-day mall trips, but really, what kind of warning can they give? I don't expect her secretary to call everyone up to announce that she's pregnant so don't be surprised. So I feel weird. I guess having a male fertility specialist avoids this aspect! I really do like her though and I feel like such a jerk for feeling weird about it.


Anyway, next bloodwork/ultrasound is on Nov. 6th and I should be starting the Gonal-F on Nov. 7th. Our tentative retrieval date is Nov. 17th. I am feeling very positive about it and am reminding myself that even if it doesn't work, we will hopefully learn something new that will help us for next time.

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Thanks everyone. Peaches got 3rd place. She didn't win anything, but bragging rights work. I'm especially happy that so many people voted for her. She's a Pittie so it's nice no one discriminated against her for it. AFM- Feeling a bit overwhelmed with having two jobs (even though it's for a very short time) and school. Mostly I'm worried about how I'll get through the cycle. I've already started the crying over the boys.I'm so grateful for what it's given me, but wanted the pregnancy to give me my sons.

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SKJ:  I am so sorry.  Take it easy and be kind to yourself. 


PlaneGreen:  I also have had BV in the past - not sure if that's what you're dealing with or not.  It took me 2 rounds of antibiotics to be rid of it. But, SKJ's plan sounds so much healthier. 


Everyone else:  Sending out lots of love to you all.


I have been lurking and trying to keep up since we're not officially ttc until next cycle - if it will ever come!  irked.gif  af is 2 weeks late and I think she's just trying to make me go bonkers.  It's working.  I wish I had an hpt but I think the last one I pulled out of my stash expired in 2009.  hehehe.  In the mean time I have lost a ton of weight since going paleo.  That includes going gluten-free which I thought would be more difficult than it was.  And then I cheated a bit a few days ago because dh was craving Chinese food and everything hurts now.  That'll teach me. 

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No takers for November so I started a new thread. 

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