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Originally Posted by Lindz View Post

Sila...I'll never be over to IVF, unless I win the lottery!  LOL!   I have a friend that spent everything she had on IVF, it didn't work multiple times.  Then a year later a miracle.  On her own.  IVF scares me.  The price scares me.  

I'm with you there. The price for IVF is atrocious and we'd never be able to afford without help or winning the lottery either.


But these women are brave and will go to incredible lengths to get their take home baby and I can understand. If there was an article somewhere that said your chances of getting pregnant would improve by 1% if you held your torso upside down for 20 minutes after intercourse, I'd do it. I think we would all do it. We are determined and strong.

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Lindz and Devilish - Same here. I do know that the 2 ladies who just moved over to IVF from here are lucky enough to live in places where IVF is covered by insurance. I guess we just aren't that lucky. Then people say "just adopt" which is even MORE expensive! I do really want to do donor embryos (sometimes called embryo adoption) which is generally cheaper than IVF, but still thousands more than we have. Heck, I can't even afford the $3,000-4,000 injectable cycle to move forward with my treatment.

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America doesn't think it's citizens deserve medical care. If I could afford it, I would move.



By the way, you can adopt with almost no cost if you are willing to go through the Foster Care system. That is my fallback plan.


I'm trying not to be negative, but I know this cycle was a bust. Now I'm just waiting for AF. I'm planning to use Clomid and Progestone this next time. Clomid for the first time in around 6 years, and the first time ever for the progesterone suppositories. That 3 months of extra fertility from the HSG is running out fast! Hmph!


Think Fertile Thoughts!

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Stevi - You are right, though at this point I don't think foster adoption is for us. Good luck with the Clomid? Did it make you crazy last time around? What are your thoughts on using it since you seem to ovulate on your own? That it will boost your ovulation? Same here, that increased fertility after an HSG was BS...

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I agree with the thoughts on IVF cost. We are very fortunate to have insurance coverage for infertility. Honestly without it we would probably never have kids. I can't see my husband spending thousands on medicated cycles.

Sila- we aren't at a point where fostering would be an option either. I think embryo adoption is a good thing especially when you want to experience pregnancy & childbirth. Are the costs associated because of the transfer or does it actually cost so much to get the embryo? Is it cheaper if the embryo is just donated (like if you connected with someone who had extra embryos they aren't going to use?). I'm still really hopeful there are answers ahead for you and you will onceive naturally.

Develish- i think we all look for that elusive magic bullet for what may increase our potential for pregnancy even a fraction of a percent. There are many lengths I've gone to, herbs, massage, meditation, vacation, supplements, medications, sex positions, IUIs... It seems the list s endless but my hope remains that something will work & we will have our baby. Hopefully you won't need to consider IVF and the Clomid will be your magic bullet!

Stevi- the HSG fertility was BS for me too as well as the LAP, but hopefully the Clomid & progesterone are what you need. Did you like he clomid last time? It made me a crazy person but hey, it it works who cares about the crazies!

AFM- 5dpo. No excitement here.
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I don't know if the Clomid made me crazy or not... I quit smoking at the same time. So, my insanity could have been either the Clomid, the nicotine withdrawals, or both! But, yes, I was really unpredictable that entire summer! I do seem to be ovulating on my own, but Clomid is supposed to mature extra eggs. I'm hoping having more eggs at once raises the chances of one getting fertilized.


I agree that Foster Care isn't for everyone. I especially hate that other people have to give me permission to be a parent. But, all adoptions require similar licensing; they call it a homestudy.


I would jump at IVF, ICSI, etcetera if I had the money! I can't even get testing to see why I have been unable to conceive since 2008.


I'm all negative again... AF is expected any minute. lol

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Hi all.  It's funny that the convo has shifted to foster care.  I just read a blog yesterday about an infertile couple that ended up doing foster care and are in the midst of finalizing their second adoption.  Then I come here and there's talk about it too!  


I'm CD23 so nothing exciting here either.  Dreary weekend here too.  Loading groceries into the car in pouring rain was a real riot. 

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Plane green- resident of the northeast? Raining here too greensad.gif actually it has cleared for the moment but we are expecting more overnight! Are you CD3 and waiting to O or past O?

Stevi- yeah the idea of being approved to parent is jst sad. People do it accidently all the time with no permission but those who want to enough that they seek adoption have to jump through hoops... So backwards.
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Toothfairy - Midwest smile.gif Rained yesterday and today all day straight.  I'm 8dpo but I have a hard time converting to saying that.  So I'm on CD23 overall.  I can test next Saturday!  For now progesterone suppositories... ugh... 

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Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post

Just a quick update to let you all know that this little one did not make it.  I had the D&C on Wednesday.  Of course it is still early, and I have said it before, but I feel like this is probably it for us.  Whether we move onto adoption or surrogacy, I don't know but I'm pretty certain that I don't have the emotional fortitude to go through this again.  Six is enough.

Oh sweets... I'm so, so sorry. You are so brave and it just SUCKS that this has happened to you again. Thinking of you....
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It all just sucks, if you ask me.  Having to be approved to be a parent, or having to fork out thousands and thousands of dollar for the simple chance of being a parent is all kinds of wrong.

I hate the idea of the expense, whether it be IVF, adoption or surrogacy, and I hate the idea of ethics committees and in home assessments and all the rest.

It is funny that foster care has come up here though.  DP and I looked into it about two years ago, went to the info session, etc, and decided that we didn't have it in us.


To foster a child is to know that you have to give them back at some point, and that is one thing to come to terms with, but to know that you can have a child for years, even a decade or more, and still potentially have to give them back is just heart wrenching.  I swear the families that do this must be saints. 


Megan - blowkiss.gif


Everyone else, I'm always lurking, but seeing as TTC is not going to be on the cards, I guess I will not really be a relevant contributor to this thread anymore.

I was going to ask for my blurb to be updated, but I realised that I don't know what it would say.

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Milk8Shake...   Yes, I totally agree that doing straight Foster Care must be difficult, but people can also adopt children from the Foster Care system. Which means the same as adopting privately; you don't have to give them back. :)


Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure you will make it work for you.

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Sila: LOL, i included the $ spent on the internet cheapies and the $store ones too.  DH buys First Response and my mom seriously made me take a "pregnant /not pregnant" test when i found out i was pregnant with my last one lol.  I have an addiction to peeing on sticks...because i think "maybe, just maybe it will happen"  I saw when on 9DPO i didn't have anything on a test and by 10DPO I had a pretty little line and by 11DPO I had a "pregnant" on a digi test...so i know that i can change within one day....it's just hard to talk myself into not testing every month and I really should stop lol.


Plane:  Yes maam :)  Our kids are pretty close in ages!!! It's so hard some days where i think,am I crazy for wanting this again?  To have to go back thru oral medication and having to wake DH up each night when I get home from work just to have sex to try to have a baby instead of doing it when I'm in the mood....(which has been a lot more often lately...another reason I'm ill that I'm not pregnant yet lol).


Milk:  I'm so sorry that things have come to this for you guys sending big hugs and thinking about you!!!


AFM:  I went for my base line u/s and blood work today and the nurse actually remembered me from the last time we were there. LOL It's amazing that even with how many people come in and out of the office they still remember you and that's one reason i wasn't totally against going back to this RE!!! They are wonderful people and make me feel at home! ANYWAYS, as suspected I have TONES of follicles on each ovary so our diagnosis is PCOS again.  I knew that it would be that when we went in so i'm not too shocked.  She said that my lining is great for CD4 and went ahead and gave me my scrip for Femera.  She told me not to fill it until she calls me this afternoon though because the doctor MIGHT change his mind about what he wants me to do....so we will see.  I should know more sometime between 1 and 5.  She said that it might be a little later since they were doing IVFs today...so the Doctor would be pretty busy.  I am just ready to know what our next step is!!!



ETA:  I got a call from the nurse today at 1:50 this afternoon.  I start Femera (well the generic Letrozole) in the AM (like as soon as i can get to the pharmacy and get it filled).  5mg for 5 days BD every other day for the next 2 weeks and go back for bw and us on October 29th at 7AM to see if the meds helped any.  They also had me go ahead and call to see if I have injectable coverage for Menopur and Ovidrel and my insurance covers with $60 co-pay per so that's not TOO bad...it's only like $15 more than my last insurance was.  Here's hoping that this works...but if not we'll move on to the next idea he has...i just know that he doesn't play around with it lol

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Milkshake - I am so sorry. Sending a hug your way.


I admire anyone who fosters or adopts through the foster system. One of my coworkers has been trying to adopt through the system and had several children almost placed with her and then a family member stepped up at the last minute. She now has a little one that is staying with her and I hope she gets to keep him. Apparently, he's not on the "adoptable" list yet, but his family doesn't seem capable of regaining custody. So she might get to keep him... or she might not. I'm not sure I could handle that emotional rollercoaster.


AFM: I'm on cd 14 and just had my second IUI done today. The clomid was kinder to me this time around and my body decided to ovulate without an hcg injection. The IUI procedure itself was easier this time too - not as painful. DH had something over 110 million swimmers and I have two follicles measuring 25mm on my right ovary. I'm hoping this will be the month. If not, then the next cycle will include an HSG, clomid, and another IUI.


This month is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. Tonight I'll be lighting three candles in remembrance of my babies. I found this memorial night to be very healing last year. On Sunday, our city is hosting a Walk to Remember, and I think I will go to that too. Is anyone else doing something to honor their angels this month?

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Originally Posted by Stevi View Post

Milk8Shake...   Yes, I totally agree that doing straight Foster Care must be difficult, but people can also adopt children from the Foster Care system. Which means the same as adopting privately; you don't have to give them back. :)

It's great that there is access to a program like that.  It's a bit different here, I guess.  But then again, the adoption rate in Australia is much, much tinier than the US, so it does make sense in some ways.  Here, you can opt for longer or shorter term placements, but there is never any guarantee of the parents giving up their legal rights.  

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Milk8Shake...   Oh... Here it isn't usually that the parents voluntarily give up their rights, the parents have their rights taken away. I didn't realise how small the population there must be.

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Tickletoes- thought sounds like a beautiful way to remember & honor your babies.

Milk- still in disbelief that this happened again. Will the do testing again to look for a cause? I imagine it is a confusing place to be but know that we are always here for you even just for life things. Were you ever on the adoption list? I know you had said long ago they had some rules about TTC while waiting to be approved.

Brichole- hopefully the letrazole does the trick & you can keep that $60 in your pocket for sweet baby things!
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Toothfairy:  I hope so too!! $4 sounds better than $60 any day lol

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Hi guys. I'm Amber. New here. :c


Sorry to jump in on your convo. :s

Anyway, doc just told me on the 6th I'm infertile at 22. Ridiculous. I've gotten blood tests and ultrasounds, nothing wrong. I just don't ovulate, which to me is weird but, it makes sense since I haven't had a period in four years. Granted three were from birth control, but an entire year of no period without it? Come on. Great to not have the monthly curse but not so great bc no period equals no ovulation which is, of course, no baby and we've been trying for about 14 months.

Granted I already have one child. She was a BC baby, completely unplanned since I was 17 when she was conceived. I cannot imagine what some of you are going through with not having any children and facing infertility. I am truly sorry.

The hubsters still waiting to see if he's contributing anything to this party. But I have an HSG today. Has anyone else had this done? Experiences? I've read it's pretty painful. 


Also, I saw some of you were talking about adoption. I know the military has a program where they reimburse you $2,000 in adoption fees and such. I'm not sure if any of you are military but if you are it's worth a try. Also if no one is you could try looking up similar programs if you haven't already. I'm sure there HAS to be something out there if you're going that route. 

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Amber Bowman...   I had an HSG very recently. The pain was not that bad; similar to bad stomache cramps, and they go away immediately.

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