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We are lucky that DH has a job that pays well and that we have inheritance money from his mom that is paying for our treatments. We are also lucky that our RE codes as many things as possible as diagnostic so we don't have to pay OOP. My MIL would be glad that the inheritance money is going toward creating a child. AFM- Baseline ultrasound and bloodwork Thursday. This is a repeat because the lab screwed up last time. Hopefully they get it right this time.

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Hi Ladies!


Lots going on here and yet nothing going on. WTF, when is the tide going to change already...


Sourie and Toothfairy: I wish you both the best of luck on your new path!


Sila: I know nothing about endo/laps etc. but hope a closely monitored cycle will help you to figure out your hormonal stuff and will lead to some sort of an answer already!

Hi to everyone new or old but new, I hope you are here for a short time and that you brought lots of fairy dust with you!!


AFM: This was supposed to be a medicated cycle, the first in months due to work schedules/trips etc. My doc has me on Femcon(BCP) for two weeks, then I was supposed to start injectibles and planned to do iui and then crinone. But, things just never go as planned...I just found out that my insurance pays for 4 lifetime attempts at having a baby. I had interpreted this as doing whatever it took to get a baby 4 different times. In hindsight I realize how ridiculous my interpretation is but nonetheless thats what I thought. Insurance will actually cover 4 cycles in a lifetime, they don't care if they are 4 iui cycles, or 4 ivf cycles. It is 4 cycles no matter what. So, my RE suggests going straight to IVF as the success rate is so much better. This is all unraveling so I don't know if I can switch for this cycle or if the plan will be for next cycle...I don't know what to think really.

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my name is nicole and i am 30 years old and we have been trying to concieve since july 2011.  I haven't been officially diagoned with PCOS but that is what my OBGYN is thinking.  I am currently on provera trying to regulate my cycles but it is literally making me sick.  I just found out today i got the okay from my insurance for a ref to see an RE now just waiting for the approval from the RE now.  i got some advice from a friend today to try accupuncture and chiropractic instead of the provera since it is not making me feel good.  i look forward to having women to talk to about this.  i appreciate the honesty and help. 

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Cait - Yes, the majority of the fees for donor embryos are FET and agency/legal fees. Yes, it can be cheaper if you chose not to go through an adoption type agency, but there would still be legal fees as no matter what you should draw up a legal contract with the donor parents. Why? Do you want to donate any untransfered embryos to me?!?! Jk. Embryo adoption/donor is something I would love to do eventually no matter what - whether we conceive biologically again or not. Not only would we not be able to ever afford IVF, it's not something I'm sure I could ever do. For reasons similar to your struggles with the decision. We can get into that later ;)


Stevi - I hope AF arrived (or by chance not!) and you are back from negative-town :)


Brichole - Oh honey, you are one of those people. I've heard someone explain it as having "magic pee" that no matter what you feel like your pee is magic because it made at least one line appear on a test... Wait so you aren't being monitored this cycle? Or the 29th is when your first monitoring appt is? No IUI? Did I just make up that I thought you had male factor stuff too? Anyways, good luck! My Ins. will cover specific injectable meds as long as they are ordered from approved pharmacies. Which is fine with my RE. 


Hi Amber - How did the HSG go? I'm a "tough girl" lol, so I thought it was a breeze. The worst of it was that my cervix was WAY the heck up there and they had a rough time getting the catheter in and then even though I had been on antibiotics prior and after, I still got a UTI! FWIW I would get a second opinion and more testing to help figure out what is going on with you! Welcome!!!


TickleToes - Gad the Clomid was better this time! It can sure be a bitch! Great sperm count too! I have been pleasantly surprised with how many people I have noticed posting pregnancy and infant loss month things on facebook. I feel like the awareness is growing, or at least in my circles. I totally thought today was the day to light candles (I was thinking today was going to be the 15th)...I've been thinking about my babies a lot today. Especially since my last loss was so recent. I'm thankful to have you here. I feel like we are in similar situations.


Bucketofrain - Oh man, I hope you aren't beating yourself up too badly over your mistake. I hope your RE can shed some insight and you can make a decision you feel at peace about.


Welcome Nicole! I'm sorry you new ladies have to be here, but happy to have more ladies to go through this with. The Provera will induce a period so you can start a new cycle. You may be feeling sick because you progesterone is suddenly elevated. Similar to your luteal phase after you ovulate when your progesterone is elevated. An acupuncturist can induce a period for you. It never actually worked for me, I ended up ovulating instead! Which is fine too. How many days of Provera are you on? 7? Try to hang in there!


AFM - I practically gave blood yesterday when I got my RPL panel drawn. 12 vials of blood. At least a week until I get the results. CD26 today and I went in to my RE to try to figure out where I am in my cycle so we can get my laproscopy scheduled. Not much going on in there. No big follicles, but a nice thick lining. My estrogen was really low, so I'm not looking to ovulate any time soon and I'm not producing progesterone so I have not (as expected) ovulated. 1) If my estrogen was so low I'm wondering if I do have a hormonal problem, 2) I've been having a lot of pelvic pain/cramping which is obviously not associated with my being near ovulating (because I'm not), so endo is seeming more and more a possibility. I'm going in Thursday for a progesterone shot to induce AF. I actually feel a sense of relief about this. I think without thinking about it I was worried that we would some how miraculously conceive right away and I wouldn't have done the testing and that we would lose another baby. Now that won't be a possibility. I should get AF a week or so after the shot. Then we can either schedule the lap, or go on BCP until I'm ready to schedule it. I'll really just be waiting for my next doula baby, which is actually my best friend. I wouldn't miss her birth for the world! No pressure baby, but I'll be waiting on you to schedule my surgery. Plus it needs to be on a day DH is off so he can take me...

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Sila- I nearly fainted after only (ha, only) 5 vials of blood for my testing! I hope you fared better.

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Hi ladies...may I join you? 

After 15 cycles TTC #2, I've finally gotten in for some testing with an OB/GYN (there are no REs in our area, and the closest is 4 hours away). 

All of the lab values the OB/GYN had tested were normal (FSH, estradiol, prolactin, thyroid, progesterone). She didn't order LH, testosterone or any of the fancier endocrine labs. She said a PCOS diagnosis could be made based on physical evidence of androgenization coupled with abnormal appearing ovaries on ultrasound and/or wonky menstrual cycles. I had a normal fasting glucose and have not had a glucose tolerance test or insulin level. I have a fuzzy upper lip and tummy, struggle with weight and currently have a BMI 31-32.  My hair is thinning in the bangs area.  I have regular (though long 31-34 day) cycles, usually, and appear to ovulate in the late teens, usually.  

Well, I had a saline injected sonohysterogram this week, and it revealed a normal uterus, endometrium and R ovary but L ovary with 5 characteristic "string of pearls" small cysts. So, she's giving me kind of a "borderline" diagnosis of PCOS. She's being rather vague. She recommends Clomid as the preferred means to acheiving pregnancy. She said that Metformin isn't as effective at helping PCOS'ers to conceive. 

Anyway, I've considering myself as falling in the spectrum of PCOS and have been doing some research since she first brought up the possibility at my initial visit last month. I've started eliminating refined carbs/sugars from my diet, working on decreasing my considerable caffeine habit and lost almost 10 lbs. I've been exercising regularly for quite some time, but have had no success with weight loss until I started the low GI diet that I'm now (mostly) following. I'm going to add supplements as soon as they get here; B1, B6 and B12, inositol, and vit D.  So now with this "borderline" diagnosis, I'm committed to improving health and fertility. I want to avoid medications at this point, though haven't ruled this out for the future. 

Anybody here with experience with "going the natural" route in terms of minimizing the effects PCOS can have on TTC and on your health in general? What has helped you the most and what kind of PCOS symptoms do you experience? I'm interested in improving my general health and minimizing my risks for future health complications as a result of my screwed up metabolism/endocrine system, even if I'm "borderline" PCOS. 

Thanks to all who take time to read this novel and respond with your thoughts. Oh! DH's SA had awesome counts and motility, low morph; he's repeating his SA this month.  


I promise my posts are not always so long.  And I have no idea why it's showing up with a gray bar over the type. Sorry!!

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SilaMarila...   Yes, AF arrived. I had a 12 day lp, which is unusual for me. Anyway, this cycle I'm doing Clomid, baby aspirin (started about a month ago), morning coffee around ovulation, and progesterone suppositories (after O). All of that in addition to my regular supplements, though I did start taking Co-Q-10 again a couple days ago; I'm hoping it will raise my energy levels a bit. My COPD makes me feel listless and tired all of the time.


I also noticed a few of my relatives posting on FaceBook about October being infant/pregnancy loss awareness month. I lost my first pregnancy in October, so it is a difficult month for me. But, while I understand that it helps others, I cannot put up posts about my miscarriages. I guess I don't feel like they are something I want my entire family to know about. It's not exactly a secret, as I have told a few relatives, but I don't want to plaster it all over FaceBook either. Maybe I just don't like to share my babies in such an impersonal way? I have no trouble telling people in person about my losses. Maybe it feels like I lessen the importance of those tiny lives by tossing them in with so many others... I don't know... I do know that the posts about loss remind me of mine, and I do better when I don't think about them too much. It does that here as well, but I'm prepared to see it when I come here.


Day one of Clomid tonight! Wish me luck that I don't turn into a raving lunatic!!


Think Fertile Thoughts!!

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Hello, my name is Tammy and I'd love to join all of you if there's room for another. innocent.gif I'm 35, my DH is 32 and we've been TTC our first and likely only baby together since Oct 2011. I have two lovely little girls from my previous marriage that are 7 & 9 years old.


I've had the full battery of tests, minus AMH (I think that's the name of it? The one to test egg reserve/quality?). Everything came back normal except my progesterone was 8.2 on my 6-7DPO draw. DH's SA was way above average except for Morph but it was still considered in the normal range at 5% for Strict Kruger. I've had issues with TEBB (tail end brown bleeding, so my normal AF is 4-5 days, then spot brown basically until I get EWCM and ovulate), and a few other markers for Endo so my OBGYN suggested a lap/hysterscopy/d&c.


I had all of that done on Sept 14th and was unpleasantly surprised to find out that not only did I have Endo, I also have one non-functioning tube. He said that it's most likely always been like that though, and my right tube works great (they did the dye test as well while they were in there). Since I conceived twice before, he thought it was just going to take a little longer.  Right after the surgery, we had to move (it's been a crazy couple of months). So when my first post lap cycle failed, I headed to a new OBGYN in our new city.


My appt with her went VERY well. I took all of our lab results, photos from my procedure and all the charting info, etc. that I had to her. Thankfully, she is awesome and after talking with us, offered 3 monitored cycles of clomid. She thinks that my egg quality might be suffering a bit due to my age, and that more targets are a good idea since we want to conceive ASAP. Woohoo!


She has me taking 50mg per day from CD 3-7 and I've taken 2 doses so far. I'm nervous about side effects but so far all I've had is some crazy dreams...good dreams though! LOL I'm also worried about the risk of multiples but DH and I would rather have two babies and a crazy life than no babies at all. :)


I'm taking prenatals, folic acid, raspberry leaf, COQ10 and flax seed oil (I ran out of EPO, debating whether I should get more or not and I haven't read if it's okay to take w/Clomid yet). I'm considering adding baby aspirin to the regimen and possibly guaifenesin but I'm on the fence about it because I keep getting conflicting info re: if it's safe or not.


Phew, that's my long winded intro story. Sorry it was so long! I'm looking forward to being part of the group and cheering everyone on to their BFP's! orngbiggrin.gif

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Thread Starter 

Wow! It is nice to see some new faces here! I mean, I wish you all didn't need to be here but it had gotten quiet. Hopefully some new blood will increase our BFP chances. 


Tammy- The endo club really stinks and adding a bum tube on top of that just takes the cake. Your doctor is right though that having one good one and a history of pregnancy is really hopeful. Good luck with the clomid! I did 3 cycles and it made me crazy but with so much success it is worth the try. Sounds like you found a great doctor as well. Welcome!


haurelia- There are a few PCOSers on here and although I think all are medicated there is a lot you can do unmedicated to improve your chances. Sounds like you have taken the right first steps with diet change. The other supplement to research is NAC (n-acetyl cystine)- it has great potential in recent studies to increase success for women with PCOS. I know krunchyk (a participant on this board) has a list of PCOS supplements on her blog so that is a good place to start (she's an amazing blogess but I'm not sure she knows that!). 


colsie- sorry to hear the provera is making you sick! I think that happened to someone a while ago but I can't recall what they did to feel better or if they stopped taking it. I also tried acupuncture and see a chiropractor regularly but I'm not sure about inducing AF (although ovulation, like sila said, is good too!). I'd talk to your doctor. What kind of symptoms are you having, anything manageable or are you just terribly ill from it?


Amber- Hope your HSG was easy peasy. Sorry I couldn't give input yesterday but mine was uneventful as well. Crampy like a period for maybe 30 seconds but that is it. Do you have a medication plan for your next cycle? Also, how is your BMI because that can stop ovulation as well. Looking forward to learning more about you


Tammy, haurelia, colsie and amber---- if you look on the front page we each have little blurbs telling a little about ourselves/IF situation- let me know if you would like one added! 


Sila- There is nobody I would like better to take my leftover embryos, especially since I know you are such a great mom! It is the freezing process that totally freaks me out so we opt-ed out of freezing anything, I hope not to regret this in 2 months when I have my beta. Whoa, 12 vials of blood! I think I had about that much my first CD3 testing. When is the baby due? So many things make scheduling a nightmare...


Stevi- 12 day LP is really good. Combining that with the Clomid and Prometrium should give you great changes!


AFM- Not such good news at the RE today. Turns out I am positive for Anti-thyroid antibodies, DH morphology is down to <0.5% (normal is 4-6%)- crazy since all his other numbers were double the average. My AMH was 1.04 which is just slightly above normal but still not very high. So we are looking at IVF with ICSI, starting BCPs 10/28. 

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I forgot to add my little blurb too, thank you for doing this!


Tammy (35) Mild endo, left tube atrophy; DH (32) perfect SA. We're TTC#3 but our 1st together since Oct 2011. Lap/Hysterscopy/D&C/tube check 9/14/12, found left tube useless and mild endo. Started 1st round of 50mg clomid CD 3-7 mid October 2012, praying this does the trick!

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Ladies! Sorry I've been MIA. I jumped over to the Scenic Route thread and this one slowed down about the same time.

Tammy - Welcome and good luck with your first round of clomid. I have low AMH - never checked for endo. I'm taking a whole slew of supplements to help out with egg quality -> L-arginine, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, CoQ10, Myo-inositol. Sounds like you are well researched, which is awesome. It's great that you have a new RE that you love. That is so important.

TF - wave.gif Is the ICSI covered by insurance? It sucks to get this news, but better to have it before IVF so it can all be addressed.

Stevi - Is a 12 day LP short or long for you? Sounds good to me! Sorry for your losses. I did post the awareness thing on FB and only one person commented on it. I felt worse. Good luck with the clomid!!

haurelia - Welcome. Sorry you found yourself here, but glad you can get the support you need. I don't know much about PCOS, so I'm hoping some of the other women can chime in.

deborah - good luck with the testing! I hope the lab gets it right this time.

Sila - Thinking about you and your babies hug2.gif I hope the vials of blood shed some light on what is going on.

Nicole - Hi and welcome. Sorry you've landed here. I've been doing acupuncture for about a year now and really love it. I don't know what I'd do without it. I hope you can find an acupuncturist that can help you out so you don't feel sick from the provera.

Bucket - Grr! I'm so sorry about the stupid insurance. It's so not fair. Any news on what you will do this cycle?

everyone else wave.gif

AFM - I've been away for the last two weeks. I was in Brazil and Argentina visiting DH's family. We had an amazing time. II took the cycle off from meds (had done 3 failed clomid + iui cycles before), but did take crinone. Little factoid about crinone - it explodes on a plane when opened. smile.gif
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Turns out the trip is just what we needed:
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So HSG was really painful. The balloon wasn't bad it was when they started the dye that it really started to hurt. He didn't say anything about it, told me I should try to call my doc today which I did but had to leave a message. Gonna have to call again tomorrow. I did get a pretty cool picture out of it though. So that part was kinda cool.


Edit- Tooth- Just saw all your questions. The doc has a plan for if I'm not closed. Provera and Clomid for 6 months, after that idk. No call back from him today so I'm gonna try again tomorrow. As for my BMI I've never actually had it checked. I've done the online ones that always tell everyone their fat bc they don't actually take into account WHERE the weight is like a dr does. Any weight over like 100 lbs is considered obese for my height if you go by the online BMI calculators but I have gigantic boobs so i'm NOT 100 lbs and have never been even with working out everyday. I only actually weigh about 140 and i'm 5 feet flat, so not too big once you take the girls into consideration. Honestly, I've always had a problem with not having periods but since I had mirena and had it taken out it's gotten worse. I went from two periods a year to zero.  

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Tooth- the provera caused severe dry mouth, dizziness and headaches and nausea. The nurse said I should take it at night from now on. I took ten days of provera. Still waiting for the RE approval but insurance approved.
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SKJ2011... My lp is usually 11 days, and once in awhile less than that. So, I'm happy about it. :)


Amber Bowman...   Balloon? Picture? I didn't get either of those things. But, the person who performed the test did tell me my tubes were clear while I was lying there.

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Greetings all,


I am a super oldie returning to the officially ttc arena again although unofficially except for a few months here and there, we’ve never really stopped our entire marriage.  Some of you may know me (Rochelle love.gif), but haven’t posted since February when I thought my biggest problem was low growth hormone and I was belly-aching about not getting growth hormone injections.  Well since then we discovered hypothyroidism in conjunction with a thyroid nodule that was beginning to push on my trachea.  Since I am fond of breathing, we decided to do a total thyroidectomy in late May.  And that led to the discovery of thyroid cancer (a tumor smaller than this -->O).  So not getting growth hormone replacement therapy turns out to have been a huge blessing.  We opted not to do any radioactive treatments because well, it’s radioactive dizzy.gifand we would have had to put ttc on hold for 6-12 months.  Subsequent u/s and blood tests have shown that the cancer was limited to my removed thyroid and nodule – at least for now. 


Nowadays I am searching for the right Endo who can regulate my thyroid hormones and keep me on a dose of meds that keeps me healthy, but also helps me to feel like a functioning human being.  My current dr. is hesitant to put me on a bigger dose of thyroid meds that helps me to feel normal because of liability and insists that I take the smaller dose that gives me just enough energy to sleep until 1pm every day, gain 11lbs in a month and barely function.  She is insisting that I have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome instead of it being my dose of meds which is ridiculous – since I feel great on the higher dose and like a slug on the lower one.  I’m working around that however, so my biggest hindrance to ttc right now is losing some weight since my OB won’t move into aggressive treatment without it.  Dh and I have started a pseudo Paleo diet (pseudo because we are keeping limited dairy).  But we’re hoping the limited sugar, soy free and gluten free will make a huge difference. 


Pre-surgery my cycle was completely wonky as I’d been heavily bleeding for over 5 weeks, but my OB managed to get that under control by putting me on hyper doses of bcp’s for a few months and I have returned to my normal 32 day cycles.  Currently cd28 and not really expecting anything, will start doing the bbt thing next cycle. 


I guess this is my blurb?

Fierrbugg (35), DH (37) -  ttc#1 since 02/2001, 3 miscarriages (2000, 2004 & 2007), misdiagnosed as PCOS in 2002 and 2 failed Femara cycles at that time + lots of other misdiagnoses.  Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (2009).  Hypothyroid/Thyroidectomy (2012).   TTC through charting for now, but looking toward aggressive medical intervention in 2013. 

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SKJ - Woohoo! About time someone gets a BFP around here! Stick baby!

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Stevi - I took the picture myself. lol. The balloon was to keep my cervix open. I'm gonna go on ahead and post it. he only took three and they all looked the same so I took a picture of the last one. He didn't say much to me except that I needed to sit in the room for ten minutes while the nurses watched me so I didn't pass out while I was leaving. The nurse let me take the picture so I could send it to my mom since she's an NP. Thought it was pretty cool since most won't allow that sort of thing.

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SKJ!  Very sneaky, I almost missed that spoiler  (Okay, I may be guilty of a bit of skimming!)  But anyway


and sticky vibes






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privateeyes.gif fierbugg wave.gif I remember you! I'm glad they caught that cancer early, and boy you've been through the wringer. I'll be lurking and rooting for you, too!

SKJ woohoo! joy.gif
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SKJ, congrats on two pink lines!joy.gif

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