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Do those 5 day before your cycle tests really work?

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I took one today, and it was negitive. I am supposed to get my cycle on Wednesday (thought it was supposed to be Tuesday, which is why I took the test).


My last few cycles, save one, have all been 24 days, the other was 26. It says my average is 25, which would be Tuesday. Fertility friend is forecasting Wednesday though.


Anyways, do those tests really work 4+ days in advance? I never got a postitive one with both my kids until I was at least a day or two past my expected arrival of cycle. Is there an abreviation for that?


Oh, also, here is my chart ~ http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ttc/

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They DO work, but if you ovulate late in your cycle you could then conceive late in the cycle and the necessary hcg for the test may not be present in your system until later.  I had signs of ovulating on day 14 (egg white) and my cycle was 28-ish days, but son of a gun... I was actually conceiving at about day 24 or 25.  So my positives didn't show up until after my cycle start date until my hormones were balanced.  Once balanced, yeah--they totally worked at 5 days before.

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Oh, ok. If I am right, I think I 'concieved' about day 11, so 12 days ago... I felt something change, or at least I think I did :)

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I am posting this link for other women with my same question :)


Basically, you CAN test positive, but almost all women won't until after their period is supposed to have started.



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I have to disagree with the idea that almost all women wont test positive until after their period was supposed to have started. I'd  say it would be higher than that. There is a poll around here somewhere, but there are tons and tons of women here at MDC who get positive test around 10-12 days. Here is my scorecard:


1st pregnancy: 14 dpo (it was the first test I took)

2nd pregnancy: 12 dpo (second test, the first test, at 9 dpo was negative. Also, at 12 dpo the FRER still didnt show positive)

3rd pregnancy: 8 dpo (first test, I had to force myself to wait that long)

4th pregnancy: 7 dpo (5th test, I was obsessing quite a bit and had just found out that wal mart has 88 cent pregnancy tests. FRER gave me a positive at 9 dpo, wal mart test at 12 dpo. This is pretty early- its twins, but still only one day earlier than the previous pregnancy)


For reference, with the last three tests, it was an Answer Brand stick test that gave me a positive. I do know women who dont test positive until after their period starts, but for most women the early tests do pick up hcg before they are to start their period if they are right about the conception date. Also, I had implantation bleeding twice and both times it was after I had taken a positive test- cramping and spotting usually occurs around 10 dpo for me. 


Also, with DD (2nd pregnancy) I had three straight days of positive pregnancy tests with FRERs and went to the doctor for a confirmation test and tested negative with their crappy tests :) I had to go back and finally tested positive with them at 19 dpo. 


Here's this:



and this:









dpo: days post ovulation

FRER: First Response Early Result

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Woah, those are cool links. Can you actually use blood to test? It looked like a big 'no', but I do't get why... the hormones should still be there, right?

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