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I love the Boba for my 25 pounder as well :-)  I have a small frame and it only starts to bug my shoulders if I have worn him for hours and hours.  

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Kaypea, I have really big boobs too and a squishy tummy and the Boba works really well with those characteristics orngbiggrin.gif I read somewhere while I was doing research about which carrier to buy, that Boba works well with a larger chest nut.gif so that is the main reason I got it. 


As for the open house idea - I love it because we live in a 1 bedroom apartment and have limited seating available.  I also think it will be less overwhelming for Eli to not have too many people at once.  And for me it would be nice to have some coffee/tea with friends that I haven't seen in a while.  People can come when it is best for them and leave when they please.  For this birthday anyways, I think it is the way I am going to go.  This time of year is busy for us, our anniversary was yesterday, then thanksgiving is on Monday (I am from Canada), then Eli's birthday November 7th, then Christmas and then my hubby's birthday - all in quick succession.  So spending the little money we have wisely is key.


I was also wondering, for those who have done parties (Eli is our first babe) what kind of food/snacks/candy to put out?  

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I need some baby wearing advice.  Weight is NOT the issue.  I have an old shoulder injury that has flared up once since B was born, and took 3 months to go back to normal.  Up until that point I used my Moby EVERY day and B loved it.  Ive been using a ring sling since because it only rests on one shoulder, but its started to take a toll on one of my hips.  I have never tried anything else, but I'm wondering how other carriers do distributing the weight-  like, which carriers distribute some weight to the hips the best, or evenly on the shoulders and hips?  I just cant have all 15 pounds resting on my shoulders.  Im afraid to commit to anything I don't know a ton about because the prices for good carriers are so steep...

What if you did a back carry with a Woven Wrap? It might be difficult to try, since babies her age get distracted so easily and wiggle alot, but it might be worth a try.


You might also see if your area has a babywearing "guru" that has a lending library for carriers so you can try different carriers out.

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I'm very emotional about Sora turning 1 year old soon. The infant stage was so hard but I'm still nostalgiac over it and will miss her being so little! People would always tell me that time flies by fast when you have children, but until I lived it myself, I had no idea just how fast time does fly. It's insane. I love motherhood so much and am looking forward to more and more milestones. I was just thinking today about whether or not we should have a 1st birthday celebration, something small. I'm told I'm a great cook and hostess, so I'd have that going for me, but I've never planned a real party before! Nothing with decorations and a cake and all of that. Am I the only one who gets so anxious about party planning? lol. My mom was always good at that. I'll have to enlist her help.


Almost a year already... mecry.gif

Haha. If you ask me to throw a PARTY, I can do that. Good friends, lots of alcohol, that... I've got mastered.


Now a 1st birthday party. I'm stumped. I sent the invites out a few weeks ago, and his party is in 26 days... O_O (His actual birthday is on a Wed., so we're doing it the Sun. before)... I have no idea what I'm doing. We're going to do Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, because Conner's obsessed, but besides that, I've gotten nowhere. I haven't started buying anything, nothing. I don't know what kind of food we should do... Grilling's easy, but it might be cold... I might get a few of those HUGE lasagnas from Sam's Club and have that... Can't go wrong with lasagna, right? Cake, no idea. Now I'm overwhelmed... Back to not thinking about it, LOL.


I'm not sad about him turning one. I like him being more independent. I like being able to lay his toys on the ground, put the gate up, and read my book for an hour or so while he plays... Feed him, interact a bit, repeat. It's nice. Although his impending birthday has made my DH's baby fever CARAZAY. I ignore it the best I can because I'm not ready yet, but dang, if he isn't persistent. LOL I feel like, if I get pregnant before I'm ready, just for the sake of my DH, that I won't be as into it as I would be if I waited until I was ready. I'd obviously be excited, but I don't want to overwhelm myself...


Conner started saying "Cat" today... Although it's more like, "ticath". LOL But if I say cat, he looks RIGHT at the cat... Or he'll be touching the cat when he says it himself, so at least he knows what he's referring to.

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Sora started saying what sounded like "gabba gabba" the other day, and now all of a sudden it sounds like she's saying, "Gobble gobble gobble gobble!" which is humorous because she was a Thanksgiving baby... I need to figure out how to get her to say it on command. lol.gif

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J - I love your birthday creativity! The pictures are great. love.gif

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Great pics, J! 


I'm going to be super low key for Jasper's party. I just don't have the energy for anything else. We don't know a lot of people anyway. Dd2's 8th birthday is the day before Jasper's. 


Autumnshades, I used to do a meal-ish thing. I would make a giant pot of chili and put it out with some bowls and toppings. I'd also have veggies, fruit, and something like brownies. 

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As far as first birthday parties-  in my experience kids just get super overwhelmed at big parties and have no fun.  Not having the finances/space/whatever to have a big party is NOT a bad thing!  My ODD's party was a few weeks ago and we had 50 people here- and it was crowded and noisy.  B hated it.


Im totally teaching my turkey baby to say gobble gobble.  That is hilarious Joanie!

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This is so cool! Put this number in your phone! Every nursing mama needs this number in their phone in case they're harassed for breastfeeding in public.


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Becky, is there a lot of nursing harassment where you live? In my 6 years of nursing I have been asked to stop once. I said I didn't think it was necessary. He said he was going to need to talk to his supervisor. I agreed that that was a good idea. He apologized a lot. 


For the most part, the only comments I get are positive and from other nursing and former nursing moms.


We have a pair of snotty boys. Good times. Shay has learned to jump and he has put 2 signs together lately.

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Becky, I agree with Sara.  I've nursed for over 6 years as well and I've never been harassed or asked to leave.  I do think it's a great service though for someone new to breastfeeding that may still be uncomfortable.  It does happen (happened to my friend in Portland and she hosted a nurse-in at the mall), but it's not the norm I'd say.  

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Ive never had a word said to me about breastfeeding.  And I will nurse *anywhere*.  Literally anywhere.  I have attended nurse-ins and protests in response to others being harassed, but it has never happened to me.  I also tend to look mean and unapproachable, haha.

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Well after three days of nochy battling a terrible ear infection combined with getting FOUR molars in (making his total to 11, almost 12 teeth) this week alone, I woke up this morning to mastitis due to Enoch nursing ONCE in 24 hours. Blessedly, he feels much better this morning (yay no antibiotics!) so he's nursed three times already thank God. But I have a client ready to go into labor any minute, so I'm praying I can get over the mastitis before I'm needed to go doula!

So that's our week. Lovely.
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You guys might not have had anything happen, but truth be told, there have already been tons of calls to the hotline of negative experiences. We're pretty crunchy where I live, so I have only had dirty looks from teenagers that just have no clue, but the reality is that there is still discrimination in the workplace, within public places, laws that need to be made, laws that need to change to better suit nursing moms, etc.

I'm working with the moms that made the hotline at Best For Babes and I'm working on making an app where you can pull up the state laws with the touch of a button(really beats having to keep track of a piece of paper with state laws on it) so if anyone tries to say it's against the law, you have it right there.

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That's great Becky!  I know there have been some bad incidents in places that I've lived.  I've only been stared at, but nothing negative has been said directly to me and I nurse without a cover anywhere and everywhere.  I'm glad, though, that there are lactivists out there helping make the world a better places for moms and babes.

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It's really exciting. We're working on trying to get all major breastfeeding groups united (not under one name, but working as a team).

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I love the train party pics jbk! We also threw a train party for our son's 3rd birthday this summer. My husband and I actually built a train out of duct tape and cardboard (we live around the corner from an appliance store) and recycled paint (friend works for household hazardous waste collection and they are always collecting half used cans of paint). The kids loved playing in it and it was practically free! I decorated a batch of sugar cookies and small wooden train whistles (from Discount School Supplies) as favors, and baked the simplest train cake (mini-loaf pans with cookie wheels and candy or fruit freight. I love the idea of the "pin the smokestack" game, I wasn't sure if 3 year olds would be ready for that so we went for more open play (the train included a tunnel to climb through and we put our small trampoline in the "caboose"). My husband and I joked that we barely recognize ourselves going through all this effort for a toddler birthday party, but looking back at all the pictures and smiling faces, we loved it.


I have a "party box" with my reusable felt "happy birthday" banner, colorful oilcloth tablecloth, and washable plastic (Preserve brand) dishware. After the initial investment, this stuff will serve every party! Since the last party was train theme, it was easy to use all of my sons train stuff as decorations. I printed out some blank train outlines (just googled it) for a coloring table (which got way more use than I was expecting). It is easy to go overboard when googling and seeing some of the levels people go to for kids parties, we tried to remind ourselves that this is about kids having fun and not how the pictures will look.


As for food, I like the chili idea Amanda mentioned. Anything like that with lots of choices of "toppings" usually works well for parties (and something you can make ahead like that!). We did baked potatoes (there's a method for baking them really hot and fast in your oven and then throwing them all in an insulated cooler to finish baking worked GREAT!) with various toppings and a big side salad, everyone loved it. There's no way we had enough seating for everyone but we put a stack of blankets out and had a picnic in our yard.


I'm all for going low-key for 1st and 2nd birthdays, the kids barely know what's going on and can be easily overwhelmed. The 3rd birthday was so fun to go big on because he was so excited about it the whole time!  This year, Iris' first birthday will be Thanksgiving so I've got to get on teaching her to say "gobble, gobble," that's fantastic! Grandmas and other relatives tend to be excited about 1st birthdays so we usually encourage them to throw or host the party to keep it family-focused.

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Ooh yeah we have a felt birthday banner too!  LOVE IT.  We'll scale back the activities for the 1st birthday but I like having a few decorations and a nice dessert and a few types of food.  We invite quite a few people but our kiddos tend to love the excitement and all the people.  I like the chili or baked potato ideas.  Or a taco bar.  I tend to do apps and dessert but those are great meal ideas for future use ;-)

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Hey ladies, sorry I haven't been around much lately, we have been SO busy!


Greta turns one in less than 4 weeks! Ahhh! This is the time I spend a lot of time reminiscing... this time one year ago I was soooo tired and miserable. Every day of work felt like a week. At the end of each work day, I was convinced I could not do another. And my due date seemed like an eternity away. It's hard to believe that 4 weeks went soooo much slower than this next 4 weeks will go. Greta says "all done!" (only her sitter has heard this one, I can't get her to say it for me!). She really is calling me Mama now! I walked in the door to pick her up from the sitter recently and she took off crawling as fast as she could, yelling "Mama! Mama!" all the way there. Too cute! She is also working really hard on taking steps. She will take 4-5 at a time right now. Yesterday, we had a lazy day at home and all she did all. day. long. was stand up, take a few steps, sit down, stand back up, take a few steps, sit down. She did it over and over and over again! We have a table in the dining room with a short ledge on the bottom. She loves to sit down on that ledge, stand up from there, take a few steps, then start over again. But will she let me catch her on camera taking steps? Of course not! She sees the camera and needs to play with it instead! 


For her birthday, we plan to do a joint party for her. For DD1's first birthday, we ended up with 3 different parties and we were all way too exhausted. So, we're just doing one big one this year. We'll invite friends and family over to our house for cake and ice cream. We did spaghetti for DD1's birthday, I think we'll do soup and chili for Greta's. I'll make chili and I think I'll ask my mom to make her vegetable soup. Greta loves when we have a lot people around. She is just so used to it since I have a huge family and she sees them frequently. I probably won't go overboard with a theme. DD1 turned 3 last spring and that was the first year we did a real theme for her, since she asked for something specific. I will probably just choose a color to coordinate decorations. I'm leaning towards purple. In the past, we've done pink/green one year and rainbow another for DD1, so purple is one we haven't done yet.


What are you getting your littles for their first birthday? Greta is in dire need of new clothes, so we're going to be boring and get her some clothes for her birthday. I'm anxious to see what she gets from others. I feel like I can't start Christmas shopping for her until after her birthday. I'll have a better idea of what she needs then. She looooves DD1's Little People sets right now. Of course, DD1 is not interested in sharing them. "Santa" is bringing her a new big girl dollhouse with accessories for Christmas though, so I think we'll be able to pass down the Little People to Greta after Christmas. We've been throwing around some ideas for her big Christmas gift too. I found the dollhouse with everything included at a garage sale last spring for $20! It looks brand new! I've been sitting on that, but having trouble coming up with something for Greta. I was thinking a rocking horse, but DH doesn't like that idea. Maybe a rocking chair? What are you ladies thinking?


Oh man, birthdays then Christmas, it's all going too fast! DH's birthday is this week, Greta's is next, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday is right between Christmas and New Year's. We will be busy for the next couple of months!

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Greta sounds like she is growing up way fast!  Awesome find at the garage sale.


For B's birthday we are getting her some music making stuff- like a xylophone and a baby drum.  Since her birthday and Christmas are so close (and our families are BIG gift givers) I was thinking about making her a felt board for Christmas.  It will take up most of one of the lower walls in her room, and have flower and bug cut outs that she can stick on.


B hasn't grown out of any clothes yet really, so everything I have for her is spring/summer stuff and I have been slowly going to Goodwill and picking out the good condition long sleeved shirts.  BUT, I know that people will get her a ton of clothes for the holidays...and they will probably all be the wrong size.  Haha.

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