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Even though Oren is usually pretty laid back, he has always been really sensitive about redirection and having his toys taken away (like by another kid, or DD). Since he could play with toys, really, he would get really upset. And now he'll yell and cry and arch his back if he isn't able to go on with his usual curious exploration, and sometimes hit. And he gets a little upset now if he can't do something that he wants to, like fit a lid on a container. He's not a screamer, though, like my DD was, so I'm able to be calm about it all. And his upsets don't last long either, the way DD's did. He either just gets over it, or I am able to successfully distract him. And usually if he is repeatedly getting upset, I know he's either tired or hungry.


DD was really intense with her tantrums from about 12 months on (until about 3, though the lessened considerably just before she turned 2, when her imagination started developing and her language started to incorporate abstract concepts and longer sentences), and the ear-piercing, gut-wrenching screaming would go on for hours sometimes. She just couldn't get over it. And so I learned to do all I could to prevent tantrums: try to keep her fed (difficult, as she didn't eat much), try to keep her rested (difficult, as she was a cat-napper), go out all the time, and relax my standards. A lot. Like pretty much anything that wasn't going to harm person or property was fair game (oh the messes we made! oh, the 3-hour 4-block walks we took!). And when the tantrums started was when I started developing our daily rhythm, and that helped a lot too, eventually. That was the beauty of being a SAHM to my first child. I had the time to focus on her and her needs. 

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