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Lauri, our target has a baby yoda!  If you don't find anything else I can pick it up for you and send it to you!  That's super cute.


OMG.  So.  Of course.  I woke up at 3 am to the sound of Nora crying for me.  WTF?  This girl NEVER wakes up.  Finn was sound asleep like a freaking rock next to me -- he had slept since 9 in bed on his own (9-3?!?  UM, HELL YES baby!  Keep it up!) and Nora had me up for AN HOUR.  Whyyyyyy!?  Then Finn finally did wake up at 4 and didn't go right back to sleep with nursing.  THEN he woke for the day at 6!?  I didn't have to get up til 7.  Wah. Whine.  Bitch.  I finally just shoved him over to his side of the bed gave him his giraffe, and put the covers over him and firmly told him to go back to sleep.  I don't know if he did.  I did.  I need coffee!  I didn't need zombie status today -- I have so much to do!

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Annie ~ Have you searched online for those costumes? I've found cheap costumes that way.

I'm going to be a medieval zombie queen. It's the costume I bought last year before Ethan decided we should all be superheros. I like to be something scary so I'm going to try to do zombie make up. Ethan had initially said he wanted to be a zombie but has changed his mind and decided to be a Marine so we'll go to the Exchange and get him some real camis. Kellen said he wants to be Wolverine again. Easy since we have that costume from last year. smile.gif I dug out all the baby Halloween costumes Sunday to see what we have. Dylan will be either a devil or a lion, depending on what fits best.

We'll go around our neighborhood like we always do. Apparently, our neighborhood is very popular for trick-or-treating. Kids are bused in. lol.gif Not really but Ryan says families do drive over here from other neighborhoods and I see the cars stopping everything couple of houses to load and unload kids. It's funny but kind of dangerous, too, I think. I don't like the cars when so many kids are out walking and so excited about Halloween that they can't help but dart into the street. At least I've never seen anyone go fast. There are a couple of people in my neighborhood who do really fun, scary haunted house type decorations. The boys have a lot of fun with that. Ethan likes to prove he's not scared by starting the guys down. DH is working with one of them this year but I've never met him.

I know what you all mean about leaving your babies. I cried at the bus stop when Ryan went off to kindergarten. I don't mind leaving D at night. For one, we stay up late so it's very likely he'd still be up when we got back. If he does fall asleep, he'll do it pretty easily because he's truly tired. He has fallen asleep easily with dh, Ryan, his girlfriend and my mother by accident so I'm not worried about that, either. We'd only be gone for 2-3 hours, though, so we wouldn't miss much.

I read a bunch of stuff online about the phones yesterday and I played with Trish's (Ryan's GF) iPhone and Ryan's Galaxy SIII. I think it's really a draw between the iPhone and the Galaxy. It depends a lot on personal preference. The Galaxy is more customizable but the iPhone is easier if you want something you can just pick up and use without a lot of fiddling, at least that's what the reviewers said. The only thing I don't like about the Galaxy is how big it is for talking on the phone. It looks kind of silly. The iPhone is smaller. But part of the reason I want a smartphone is so the kids can play games and watch videos and such so a bigger screen is better. I don't talk on the phone much anymore, either. Mostly, I text. I walked around the house talking to dh on Ryan's phone and it wasn't so bad. lol.gif

I also got this new laptop with a larger screen and a dedicated fancy graphics card and CPU speed for game playing and video watching. DH is a little miffed that I spent a little more but it's worth it to me so that everyone can use it without the screen freezing up and going black.

Remember a while back we were talking about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and whether or not we pretend about those things with our kids. I think it was here. Ethan asked me last night if the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were real. I asked if he wanted them to be real. He said he just wanted the truth, so I told him. DH got all pissy with me for doing that. He thinks I ruined things. I'm not going to continue to blatantly lie to my child if he sincerely asks for the truth. Ethan even thanked me for being honest with him. love.gif DH can be such a dolt sometimes.

I think there was something else but it's gone now. Oh well. I'm up way too early this morning.
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next year maybe we can do darth vader (or luke skywalker), princess Leia, and baby yoda :) or we can be the incredibles.


I am torn. I really want the kids to be Ms. Piggy and Kermit the Frog, but the way I need to budget for costumes, it will be simpler if I can just pick something up from Target, so they might be garden gnomes instead. LOL


I don't ever really talk on the phone, as in hold it to my ear. I almost always use speaker. I really like the size of the iphone, and the iphone 5 isn't too big. Mostly just miffed that they changed the plug, but oh well.


Carrie - that's a bummer about the wake ups. How's Chris's job?


I think we might be close to being ready to leaving Norah for part of the night at least . . . we'll see.

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That reminds me, I meant to ask Annie (and anyone who does this, Kat) what you give your babies for a bedtime snack. I like the idea of a protein/fat snack but what? I guess cheese or peanut butter. D likes cheese sometimes. Not such a fan of peanut butter. Maybe a hard boiled egg but that's hit or miss with him. He doesn't seem to like the yolk. All my kids have gone through that. Ethan just got back to where he will eat some of the yolk if it's fried. Otherwise, it has to be scrambled. I guess I could do scrambled eggs but that would require actually cooking, which I seriously doubt will happen. bag.gif
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Have you tried any other nut-butters? sun butter or nutella? on a piece of toast, or really what I should do with Norah, as a roll up on a tortilla (less messy than bread) Norah doesn't turn down anything. Yogurt maybe? If it's already cooked, shredded chicken or hummus?


We do a fruit and veggie pouch, because it convienent and not messy, or a banana. I should do something with more protien, but all the bean pouches the kids have tried are disgusting.

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to me, none of those are high in protein except the chicken, although they do have the fat in them except the chicken, again. we have nutella. that's mainly sugar, i think. smile.gif i've been meaning to try sunbutter since i think dh can eat that for his paleo. keep forgetting to put it on the list. dh buys only what's on the list.
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Ok, quick google comparison:

Nutella is a ton of carbs - 23grams  with only 2 grams of protein. (I myself have never tried it, so had no clue)

Sunbutter classic has only 7 grams of carbs and a whole 7 grams of protein.

Hummus (traditional tribe brand hummus) has 4 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein.

Plain full fat yobaby yogurt has 6 grams of carbs and 4 grams of protein.


So, I would totally rule out Nutella, hehe, but all of the others seem like reasonable options.

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I usually just scramble up an egg really quick. I've gotten so used to it that it doesn't take long. Cheese melted on a piece of bread or a grilled cheese or sometimes I just take a piece of bread, slather it in butter and put a piece of cheese on it. Holdover from my six months in Norway! If all else fails, half a Z-bar, those chocolate things the boys were sharing with Ava the first night we were in Williamsburg.
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Ava just pointed to our bed and signed milk! Guess she's ready for a nap! :-)
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Go Ava!


things I am going to miss as Gabe gets older: having a cooperative diaper change baby. He's awesome. Lays still, comes when asked. Naps. he just gets his blankey (any fuzzy one will do) finds a comfy spot and goes to sleep.  Norah runs from diaper changes and fights naptime with a passion. Maybe that will change soon.

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Guess it's a holdover from my bodybuilding days but anything less than 20 grams of protein per serving is low to me. I really need to get it in my head that kids don't need that much. I still consider the yogurt low. I wouldn't even consider that a source of protein. Maybe the other ones that are 6-7 grams would be sufficient.

Wow, Ava, is so smart!

We had homeschool bowling today and I'm exhausted from it. It's really hard for me to handle all the noise and commotion that comes with 10+ kids indoors.
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20+ grams of protein is needed when lifting but not for your average kid or grownup. I aim for things with 7-10 grams of protein if I'm trying to push protein. The icelandic yogurt I ate in early pregnancy had 14 grams per serving.
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for example, the yogurt with 4 grams of protien says that's 29% of the daily value, for a bedtime snack to have nearly a 1/3 of your daily protein needs isn't bad. a piece of chicken would probably be all the protien he'd need for the whole day.


Not that I think you need to limit protein. You could have some chicken salad made up and that would add fat from the mayo or cream cheese or whatever you use as a binding/creamy factor.


I miss bowling. Gabe would probably have  blast.

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Yeah, I know 20+ grams is more than a kid needs at one meal or snack. I need to get over that. However, I do think the RDA is low. I think closer to 50% of daily calories is better.
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OMG, I was just on the Target site looking for the infant Yoda costume and I saw the garden gnome outfit...I love it! That may be Ava's costume! I need to check my local Target to see if they have it. If not, we're going to my sister's house in MD this weekend so I can check her's as well.


akind1, I never answered you about Ava and PT/OT. She hasn't been evaluated again since she was checked at 7/8 months and identified as 25% delayed. That was mostly in her gross motor skills though. She's always been very good with the fine motor skills and bringing her arms and hands to midline so OT has never been concerned. There's such a backlog in our local area because funding was cut so when they called me the last time, I said I was ok with where she is for now and took her name off the waiting list. I was watching her play today and she can lift her left leg and lead with that leg when climbing on to her toy car or something like that, she just prefers her right leg when climbing stairs. I think. I need to watch her when we go to the library again. Other than her small stature, she doesn't really strike me as being physically delayed any longer. She isn't walking yet but DSD 13 didn't start walking until she was 15 months so it's not outside of the realm of "normal" for this sibling group. 


I tried her size 3-9 month Bobux on her yesterday and they are actually almost the right size now. She loves them. As soon as she woke up this morning, she started pointing to go out of the bedroom and when I carried her out, she pointed to her shoes on the table. I thought she just wanted to hold them but when I put her down on the floor, she lifted up her foot and handed me one of the shoes. So she spent most of the morning in just her diaper and shoes. ROTFLMAO.gifThat kid cracks me up!

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Holy mackerel - 20 g in a sitting is a LOT.  I aim for more like 4-6 or so.  Hummus, builder bar, peanut butter, etc.  I avoid bananas before bed b/c they give bad dreams.  But I'll do pb or avocado, or hummus.  Nora often asks for a spoonful of pb before bed and a glass of soymilk.


Our protein shakes alone are only like 40 g for the whole thing - 1 c soymilk and a scoop of protein powder ( plus I add greens) -- so that's a lot.  I don't pay enough attn nowadays, but when I was pg I aimed for 100 g a day.  I rarely made it.


Nora had a great bday.  She loved her gifts and had a great day. I didn't stress at all so I had fun too!  Gma and Gpa and Uncle Ryan came over this evening with a few gifts and it was great.  I can't even get my head around the fact that I have now a 1 yr old and a 4 yr old!!  

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Busy day. Brain fried. Good, but fried. I had more I wanted to say, but now my mind just feels blank! lol



Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

I love my iPhone, and can't imagine switching to the droid platform. My parents just got the iPhone 5, but they also have a galaxy tablet, and I don't like the interface as much. I think the iphone is just so easy and intuitive to use. But that's me.

That's pretty much why I went with the iphone- I was used to the platform after using the ipod, and was comfortable with it. I didn't want to try to learn all the little idiosyncrises of a new phone. 



Tenley needs more protein and fats, but we can't seem to get her to eat enough. She'll dabble here and there, but not enough to really fill her belly. I know it's normal, but I can't wait for her to kind of work her way over that hump where she decides that yes! Food is good! Eats all the food! lol



Glad to hear there's been good sleeps lately!

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Soooo I gave Tenley like 1/3 of a calms forte tablet at bed because she was having trouble settling.... She been sleeping almost two hours now. That --never-- happens at the start of the night! I even went in to check if she was still breathing! I wonder how long she'll sleep for... Usually at the start of the night, for the first maybe 2 hours ish, she wakes every half hour or so. So for her not to wake at all in those two hours is crazzzzzy!
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Originally Posted by onetwoten View Post

Soooo I gave Tenley like 1/3 of a calms forte tablet at bed because she was having trouble settling.... She been sleeping almost two hours now. That --never-- happens at the start of the night! I even went in to check if she was still breathing! I wonder how long she'll sleep for... Usually at the start of the night, for the first maybe 2 hours ish, she wakes every half hour or so. So for her not to wake at all in those two hours is crazzzzzy!

That's awesome!

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Hooray for sleep! IDK if it's easier now that Norah is pretty much all on solids. I mean, with Gabe at this age, if he was hungry, I just pulled out a boob, and voila. No thinking. Now I gotta think, hmmm. how many bananas have you already eaten today? what else do I have to feed you? will that be enough? and packing snacks for when we will be out. On one hand, it's freeing. I can wear normal bras and clothes that are non-nursing friendly. OTOH, it's a struggle to remember all that stuff, and then off course, we have to buy it, where breast milk is free. It's crazy how much bananas we go through a week. I think the kids ate at least 6 bananas between them yesterday. *sigh* forgot to turn on my alarm last night, and Norah slept well, ergo, I overslept. Oh well.
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