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2 year old DS will ONLY wear....

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Plaid or camo shorts and t-shirts with a car on them with sandals. It is 40 degrees here! He wears this 24 hours a day. He won't wear pj's or socks....he has a closet full of Fall clothing, soft long sleeve tshirts, sweats, jeans, camo elastic pants, sweatshirts. Everything is soft and loose. I don't understand. I have 2 girls too and they never had this problem. He seems normal otherwise. The only other thing he HAS to have are his 2 pillows, 2 stuffed puppies, and his blanket whenever he lays down to drink a bottle and go to sleep. Is this normal? Do I get rid of the shorts? I know it's silly but it drives me crazy. You should see the looks I get from other women as we walk down the sidewalk and we are all bundled up in sweatshirts and jeans and he looks like he going to the beach on a 90 degree day! It's funny but I just need to know its not a precursor to something else like he's OCD or something at age 2....
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And dh went out and bought him soft long sleeve tshirts with cars on them and the elastic camo pants that are just like his tshirts and shorts, but nope, he throws them and screams....
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What about letting him pick out his own clothes at the store? I would imagine there won't be much in terms of shorts, etc. this time of year.

Or, pack some socks/shoes and warmer clothes when you go out.....if he gets cold you're all set smile.gif my DD is pretty choosy with clothes too. We mostly go with it...I believe it's just a "I can do it and make choices" thing. We pack "appropriate" clothing rather than turn it into a battle. She dresses herself and loves having that independence.
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How about putting away all of the inappropriate clothing so they aren't even an option anymore?  That way, his ONLY choices are ones that you actually want him to wear.

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I would also limit the fighting and carry more weather appropriate clothes. Hopefully as the weather gets colder he will come around.

Depending how much you go outside, it is manageable. My teen love flip flops and will wear them in the snow, but just to run into the store. For playing in the snow I would insist on weather appropriate clothing.
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Ha, we've had the opposite problem all summer long - 2.5 yo DD will only wear long sleeved PJs!  We've had a lot of funny looks and comments too.  The poor girl was sweating in the heat, but trying to get her to wear anything else resulted in major meltdowns.  And it did bug me too - my kid was definitely the only one at the beach wearing long PJs.  We kind of just went with it and tried not to make too much of a fuss, and after a couple of months, she didn't insist quite so strongly.  At that point, I started to tell her that she could wear her PJ shirt, but she had to wear "real" pants, shorts, or a skirt.  It caused some whining at first, but after a few days, she didn't complain.  It's been about 5 months since the PJ habit started and she will now wear real clothes without making a fuss.  Do you think that when it gets cold enough outside, he'll be disappointed because there are certain activities he won't be able to do wearing shorts and sandals?  That's how I finally got my DD to wear a bathing suit instead of PJs - we can't wear PJs into the swimming pool.  Good luck - it's just a phase that will pass.  Toddlers sure are funny little creatures;-)

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I thought of just packing them away but One night I didn't have tshirt with a car on it washed and then the one he put on after his bath had gotten wet and so of course he wanted a new one, well they were all wet in the washer so he had to go to bed shirtless bc he refused every other tshirt in his closet...so he woke up screaming every 20 minutes for 2 hours until the shirts were finally dry. So I put one on him and he rolled over and went to sleep for the rest of the night. So I guess my point is that I'm kind of afraid to take it all away. The kids not a great sleeper and also VERY stubborn. I'm afraid he'll scream for days. I am not good with screaming. It makes me very anxious and so I'll do whatever to stop it, which usually means giving in to his demands....not good I know. But once it gets a bit colder I will have to say that he can't go outside anymore until he dresses in warmer clothes. And I like the idea of taking him shopping to pick out his own stuff....hmmm, that may work! Thank you mamas for all your great advice! I feel better knowing it is normal and just a phase. I remember a boy in middle and high school who only wore neon colored shorts for 7 years. Every single day even in 0 degree weather. Needless to say, it was weird! So I pray that H's phase is short lived....pun intended!
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Will he wear the favorites OVER other things? Like could you put a long sleeved undershirt or onesie on underneath the t-shirt? And maybe pj pants or something else form fitting under the shorts?
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